Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Worst cake EVER!

Last night I made the ugliest cake ever - AND I got a freakin' certificate for it! Seriously, the cake design isn't that bad persay - but the colours I ended up with are hideous. I ended up with bright blue roses and green leaves on top, with white dots also on the top and pink swirl flowers on the sides. Ugh! I'll definately have to sharpen my skills for Miss KQ's cake on saturday - however the one that Heather wants to make don't really take decoration too well....I shall have to think on that one. In retrospect I should have made a Calgary Flames cake like Cam told me to - meh, next time.

In other news I have my final detox session tonight - since it has been a few weeks and I haven't been eating all that well I am expecting something very nasty. But, it's better in the water than in me, right? I should also really try a traditional detox - with herbs and stuff - probably something we should all do at some point in time - no?

Work has been interesting these last few days. I've forgotten to take my glasses out of my school bag and have thus not been wearing them on the computer - even now as I type this the words are blurring together, so please pardon any spelling errors. I am certain that this 2 computer screen thing is killing my eyes - hmmmmm. However, this afternoon I think I get to take a field trip to the second floor to decifer a nasty spanish voicemail that some randomn person who works in the same buildig as me received - weird, and scary - I hope that my decifering skills in spoken spanish are up to snuff....somehow I highly doubt it!

Well, tonight is Halloween, I am not dressing up - did that already, and I am not handing out candy - I've decided to be a Halloween grinch tonight and deprive the little kiddies of goodies - besides, who is going to come to an apartment? Plus, I have to move my bed tonight (my non - grown up twin bed that is in my storage room) and I'm sure I won't have any time to be answering the door.
In any case - HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all!


Anonymous said...

Dear Linda-pet,

Nothing could be as ugly as my cooking skills. Seriously, I burn nachos... and soup, every cookie I've ever baked, chicken, kraft dinner, grilled cheese sandwiches. You name it, I've burned it.

At least you can bake a cake! Woohoo! Thats something to be proud of!


Linda said...

Dear Katie-pet,

You are a dear, I heart you for your complimentary remarks.

Prometo hacer un esfuerzo muy especial para hacer la susodicha tarta muy linda!

Bonne chance demain pour l'examen de Dr. Brown - remember our good buddy Cochise - "los apaches son una gran raza, orgulloso y no hemos nacido para vivir esclavisado......."


Anonymous said...

I sooooooo rocked Cochise!

Linda said...

YEAH!!!!!!!! Hasta Lavista Cochise!!! BRAVO Chica!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what the hell Cochise is, but don't worry Katie, my cooking skillz are MUY mal. I turn KD into soup, I don't even manage to get it on a burner before I've wrecked it. Hope the party this weekend is rockin', I'll be thinking about you all while I freeze my ass off in Kananaskis!

Linda said...

Cochise is our Apache friend whom Mr. John Wayne has an unforgettable conversation with... Profesor Brown has as very special fondness for him as well!