Saturday, October 21, 2006

Trading Spouses

I'm watching the latest edition of trading spouses - and it's a doozy! I first saw this show when I lived in France and thought it was an interesting concept. However, this episode features two families, one from Boston - orthodox Jews and one from Olympia Kentucky - good old southern bible thumpers - not that there is anything wrong with that. I personally like to think that I am quite tolerant of people's religious views - but this one women (from Kentucky) is ridiculous. She is sooooo ignorant of anything remotely different than good old christian values and tries to change the Jewish familes ways about everything! She complains about things being kosher, about the "arabic or hebrew whatever" on the packaging at the supermarket, she complains about that fact that the parents are against certain kinds of relationships between men and women - and dancing together. She was just plain rude - honestly - and it is making me quite angry.

Basically the show turned out to be a showcase of how ignorant and closed minded southern americans can be. What a gong show.

In other religious news - there is a new lady at work who does all of our "external" funding. She seems nice enough, talkative, but nice. In fact as I try to drown out the hideous ramblings of Don, Joanne and the Coach, of Lite 98 fame, with my aforeposted (did I just make up that word KQ?) french radio station she natters away at me about first I was trying to be quite nice and helpful because it was her first week - but after repeated attempts to explain to her that I don't know her job, or anything about funding she keeps at it. And then come the stories....about where she grew up, about where she has lived, about her grandchildren, about everything - including religion. As I said before I am very tolerant - in fact I couldn't care less what you believe in or don't - its YOUR belief and I support your faith in it, but a) the workplace is not an appropriate locale to just "bring it up" and b) I certainly did not solicit this piece of information.

Hmmmm, what a week - TGIF!

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