Saturday, May 31, 2008


I scammed more internet!!! YEAH!!!!

Lots of fun stuff is going on here... I learned that I can shoot a rifle quite well and that it isn't much fun... I also learned that I can now get dressed in full combats including boots and full fighting order (rifle, helmet, webbing, ammo etc... ) in less than 3 minutes... good times for all!!!

I've also met a kazillion new friends. most people here are wonderful, and we hang out 24/7 so that's a really good thing. Like Eleni posted I go in the field next week and that should be somewhat interesting... we'll see how I survive. But I should run, I've gotta run some errands. No pics as of yet, we JUST got our cameras back... bastards!!! anyhoo, love you all, we'll chat soon!!!!

Friday, May 30, 2008


Hey everyone.. I've been busy lately... lots of things going on in my life... but I got an e-mail from Linda that I needed to share!!

I"M HERE!!!!! I scammed internet for 1 minute so here I am...... basic is going well..... it's tough... I carry a rifle everywhere I go - even to the loo!!!! And I've discovered that I can shoot things form far away quite well....Next week we have war games in the bush.. should be fun cause I hate camping... miss you all oodles... YEAH!!!!!!


I'll share again if I hear more news!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Hey guys.. I don't really have a Linda update. I'm not sure if anyone is even reading this...

Anyway.. I SUCK at blogging.. so, bear with me if you want to hear updates on Linda. I have lost her schedule... (or temporarily misplaced)... so I'm not really sure what she's been up to!! Yikes.. she's so going to kick me when she comes back.

If you want to send her mail at the base.. write a comment on here and I will e-mail you her mailing address.

Take care Linda fans!