Thursday, May 31, 2007

Second Guess Thursday

I was on the verge of yet another meltdown at work - bad bad day... and then I received this ecard (ps, you'll have to click on the Second Guess Thursday card) from Crystal.. I laughed so hard I had tears running down my face.... not to mention a whole crowd of people killing themselves laughing... good one Crystal, good one....


oWell, what to say... I guess I should keep you oall up to date on the happenings on in my life... nothing to ground breaking for the beginning of the week....
Monday - worked, we were very busy as we had an absense in team HPLOC.... after work monday I realized that housesitting lady was actually home a day early - and home to my exploded suitcase all over her room with all my crap littering her bathroom vanity counter.... and dirty dishes in the kitchen... not good at all... after my initial shock of receiving the phone call I raced over to clean up my stuff, apologize profusely and run for the hills out of embarresment....

Tuesday was more or less ho-hum... work was work - oh, wait it was exciting... Cam and I had a lunchtime mortgage broker appointment... apparently we can afford more than I thought... nice, I guess.... mortgage debt is good debt right??? Nevertheless I am still scared out of my mind to own property and thus make mortgage payments...Welcome to Adulthood Linda!
After work I skipped class again... it really is completely useless that class....

Wednesday lunch was fun, Eleni and I drove off to pita pit for some yummy lunchtime snacks.... and then off to Chez Ronnalie for Linda & Ronnalie's day of fun... veggies galore and girl movies... awesome!!!

Now I sit here, trying to get up enough energy to clean up my room and perhaps get ready for bed... wish me luck!!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Weekend Update / I want one....

Me and Mom

What a weekend I had....

Friday after work was officially girls night.... we ate some super yummy Vietnamese (when is it not super yummy I ask you???) and meandered over to the theatre to catch the latest installment of the Pirates Saga.... it was - of course - fan-freakin' - tastic!!! Because really, who doesn't a love a good pirate romance / adventure??? Action was good, script was good, Johhny was very good and Orlando did better in my eyes than normally... Keira was, well, Keira, but she's essential to the story, so I go along with it....

Saturday brought more work, fun work though as I got to chill with Miss JM and of course tell her all sorts of stories (we haven't seen each other for almost 5 weeks)... good times had by all.... and then I got to do some much needed Baby clothes shopping... not for mine (as you may have noticed I myself do not have any babies.... and am of course not expecting one...) but rather it was to fulfill my role as Auntie Linda to the cutest baby ever.... my little sweet bundle of Joy Samantha who lives down yonder in the Hat. Whilst on the phone with Mr. Cameron and shoping I couldn't help but exclaim my delight in the cutest tiniest baby clothes and shoes.... soooo adorable..... After making my purchases, I zipped home to watch some fun Taxi 3 action (loved the sylvester stalone beginning) and to bed I went as I had a big day on sunday....

Sunday morning, woke up at 7:30, threw on some clothes, some makeup, brushed my hair a bit and jumped into the car for a lovely 3 hour drive to the Hat.....

As I made my way south I got a phone call from Miss Rupinder in London (she always calls when I'm outta town... first Montreal and now the Hat... silly girl!!!) and laughed as we tried to make plans to talk while I was in town.... then I noticed something.... as I looked out the window of my car and then back again at the spedometer I thought to myself... " Is it bad that 140 km an hour doens't seem fast???" hmmmm, interesting, perhaps I should slow down a wee bit lest I get a ticket for speeding..... nevertheless I made it door to door, stopping for gas and snacks, in 3 hours... Upon my arrival the aforementioned sweetie was wide awake and ready to snuggle with her Auntie Linda.... soooooo cute,. I am officially in love and think that I need to steal her away for myself...

We spent the afternoon chillin' talking, eating ice cream and cherries and watching our fav Tristan and Isolde.. (I'm such a sucker for a good romance...) Then it was time for me to head back... this time I left at 6:32 and made it back to my apartment at 9:10.. stopping again for gas and snacks... that darn lead foot of mine....
Note that the Ice Cream is bigger than the baby!

Today, I'm back at work, wondering if I can ever get rid of my Tunisian Friend that I've nicknamed George... I'm going for blood tests this week.....

K. that's all I got for now - adios!

Montreal Pics

Julie and Patrice in the Metro

Marie Reine Du Monde - Cathedral, Montreal
Tea time at the Queen Elizabeth

Tea time continued....

Pierre's arrival at Chez Martin...Watching Joanne's message - Chez MartinTunisia Photos - Chez Martin
Carlos and Me watching a Pig fly.... Chez Martin

Mt. Tremblant

Mt. Tremblant

Mt. Tremblant
Maple Sugar on a stick!!!!! MMMMMMM - I'm such a tourist

BFF club (minus Virginia) on Rue St. Denis

Julie and Patrice

Linda and Julie, boardwalk

Linda and Patrice - Ste. Catherines...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Montréal Part Deux

So now that I am home from my second Montreal trip in as many weeks I am definately feeling the withdrawl of travel.... It was so bad that I spent a good few minutes standing in front of Martin's house sobbing as I said good-bye to my fav Julie.... Normally I suck at saying goodbye, really I'm quite ridiculous, but lately I've been so good.... not monday night though... I totally lost my composure and thus ended up looking like a complete idiot.

The rest of the weekend though was great.... I arrived on saturday morning, totally exhausted, slept at Martin's house for a few hours then headed out with the BFF crew (minus Virginia) for some shopping and tea at the Queen Elixabeth Hotel.... Basically we dressed up in cute summer dresses, sat in a swanky tea lounge and laughed our way through afternoon tea.... afterwards we ran back to Martin's for the wine and cheese - said a quick hello, headed upstairs to change from tea time dress to party dress (aka jeans and a black tuxedo shirt), then back into the party.

I've never been to a wine and cheese, being that I am not such a fan of wine - so needless to say I wasn't sure what to expect..... What did happen though was Loc took over as host and decided that I was to have a full wine glass at every moment and proceeded to ply me with copious amounts of red wine... this coupled with the fact that my tea time meal wasn't very filling, and I didn't eat very much cheese lead me to feel quite happy throughout the night. End result - Linda realizes that wine tastes yummy.....

Sunday morning the new Mrs. Scorpio Husband (yes, that's right folks - I've been replaced...) woke up super early and thus as she moved about and talked downstairs I inevitably woke up and stumbled my way into the shower... Red Wine the next day isn't as nice as say - oh, I don't know, scotch perhaps..... Anyways - so showered and dressed I made my way down to the breakfast table, slid into place and croaked my good mornings. Being the lovely host that he is Martin brought me some coffee (thank god it was Starbucks and not - what I like to call hie regular Rocket Feul cleverly posing as coffee). The funny bit was that as he placed the steaming cup in front of me he happily and proudly proclaimed "Vive la Québec Libre!" and set down his most prized fleur de lis decorated mug.... gotta love those seperatists....

After my morning coffee, we jumped into the super car and drove off in search of Julie (j'adore Julie) and up north to St. Sauver and Mt. Tremblant... which PS was wicked fun, I even got to partake in a semi cabane au sucre with some maple syrup crystalized on a stick!!! I'm such a tourist! After this we drove back down to Laval, got dressed for dinner and sped off into the night to see his mom and wish her a Happy Birthday... I tried to class it up, wearing my majorica pearl earings, my bejeweled cross and some kiss ass heals with my black wrap dress... funny enough the restaurant wasn't as fancy as I thought but it all turned out alright as Jocelyne (Martin's mom) and I are now BFF... we laughed all night, discussed life and her son, drank more wine (white this time) and made plans for me to visit some again - his Dad and I have a date for a drink of scotch... the cutest part of the evening was however when his 8 year old niece presented me with a lovely scene of me riding a horse, she is just precious....

Monday came too early and we met up with Julie and Patrice for some yummy brunch on Rue St. Denis followed by a lovely walking tour of Ste. Catherine's and the the old town. Julie and I got sunburnt (I now have the image of a cross burned into my chest), but loved every minute of it as we basked in the sun, sipping our iced cappucinos and people watching in the old town.

Dinner was next and then I had to say my goodbyes as I jetted off to the airport... 4 hours later I was at home and sad that I had left Montreal again... this time not sure when I would make it back....

Upon arriving home in cowtown I was greeted at the airport with a smile, a hug, and a beautiful bouquet of flowers to celebrate my 10 1/2 year anniversary... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY CAM!!

So there we go, another trip, another tale.....

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Uh, I just logged onto my account to pay some bills and was not so impressed with my bank balance. Last week I had a meal commitment almost everyday - some days I even had 2! then I went shopping at H&M (I had to) - PS, I am also extremely unimpressed with our new H&M, it isn't big enough, the selection friggin' sucks and, and - anyways back to the bank story... plus I have bought several western canadian things to prove my western canadian pride (aka steak, wine, and cheese) on my upcoming trip to Montreal (in 3 days!!) - but yikes, thank god my last raise is retro-active to april.....

What else to tell you all about - oh yeah, currently I am skipping class - as per usual, but I am getting some stuff done around the house, but earlier I was watching the Gilmore Girls Series Finale - soooo sad, well I thought it was sad, I basically cried my way through it. I never really watched it religiously like some of my friends did, but it was a great show, very witty and clever, full of fantastic vocabulary - I think we all know that I love a good vocabulary, and basically it was just plain cute and entertaining! Sadly, their time was over, there was no sappy ending, no crying, no futuristic insight into the happenings throughout the rest of their lives (darn it all !!), but rather - a shot of Rory and Lorelei eating at Lukes before Rory hops her plane to her new job as a campaign reporter. Quite typical of the emotional atmosphere that we have all come to love and expect from our two favourite Gilmore Girls.

That being said, I am still sad, and I still look a bit of a freak - mascara running down my cheeks and all! However, it is time to buck up (that one's for you Cam !!) and get back to cleaning up my life, and my apartment and get going tonight!

So, for now I bid you all adieu - Adieu!

Monday, May 14, 2007

40 things

Forty Things About Yourself

1. Is that your natural hair color?
nope, the red isn't the blond isn't, the dark brown isn't, the other red isn't and even the other red isn't... naturally it is a medium brown

2. Where was your default pic taken?
At the Highland Games in Canmore last fall

3. What's your middle name?

4. Your current relationship status?
in a relationship

5. Honestly, does your crush like you back?
pretty sure

6. What is your current mood?

7.What color underwear are you wearing?

8.What makes you happy?
travelling, sleeping, laughing

9. How old do you want to be?
25 is perfect actually

10. If you could go back in time, and change something what would it be?
oh, lots of things, perhaps the whole tearing my achilles tendon thing really sucked, but honestly - no clue, eveything that has happened has lead to happier things in my life, so I'll leave things be.

11. If you MUST be an animal for ONE day- what would you be?
A bird is a very good idea

12. Ever had a near death experience?
no, not yet

13. Something you do a lot?

14. What's the name of the song stuck in your head right now?
lady sovereign - love me or hate me

15. Who did you copy and paste this from?

16. Name someone with the same b-day as you?
Leo Tolstoy, Hugh Grant, Rachel Hunter, Adam Sandler, Michelle Williams

17. When was the last time you cried?
Last month I think

18. Have you ever sung in front of a large audience?
no, thank god

19. If you could have one super power what would it be?
I enjoy flying

20. What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
their eyes

21. What do you usually order from Starbucks?
Grande sugar free vanilla, non fat latte....

22. Whats your biggest secret?
hmmm, I don't think I should tell you.

23. What's your favorite color?

24. When was the last time you lied?

25. Do you still watch kiddy movies or TV show?
who doesn't love a good Disney Movie?

27. What are you eating or drinking at the moment?
cheese from the cheese store with crackers.....mmmm and a perrier

28. Do you speak any other language?

29. What's your favorite smell?
bath and body works lotions, my famous scones baking, fragonard cologne (concierto)

30. If you could describe life in one word what would it be?

31. When was the last time you gave/received a hug?

32. Have you ever been kissed in the rain?
for sure

33. What are you thinking about right now?
that I feel sick and I want something warm to drink

34. What should you be doing?
cleaning my room

35. What was the last thing that made you upset?
oh, that's a secret

36. How often do you pray?

37. Do you like working in the yard?
not at all

38. If you could have any last name in the world, what would you want?
Spencer pretty much rules, but Windsor would be nice

39. Name 5 things in your closet.
clothes, purses, shoes, books, picture frames

40. Do you act different around your crush?
not at all, I'm my usual ridiculous self

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Today's post is of course dedicated to the Moms out there... you guys are fantastic..... and today is just for you!!!

So for you mom - here it is; Love ya lots, you - who are always there for me, always willing to get up at ridiculous times to drive me / pick me up from the airport and especially because you are always super excited for no matter what I decide to do with my life.... namely:

join the military, move to switzerland, change my major, move to montreal, move to france, surprise you by coming home for a week from france, fly to europe for a week, graduate, buy a car, get an apartment (that you found for me!), get a new job, take off to tunisia, take off to montreal, etc etc etc....

Well there we go, but I should mention that I am also wishing a great day to my friends who do double duty as moms...

PS - Cynthia, I hope you guys get to have a great day with little Sam, give her a kiss for me!

Friday, May 11, 2007


I know I'm late posting this, but I did wish the birthday girl a happy birthday much much earlier in the day - I swear!!!

But anyways - I know you're birthday was full of meetings and presentations, and we didn't even get a chance to stop by our new fav store H&M, but I hope your day was great - cuz you're great!!


Tuesday, May 8, 2007

HAHA 250 posts!!!! And a trip to Montreal

Well, well, well here we are 250 posts... not too bad in a little over a year.... but anyhoo, I have Montreal stuff to talk about.... here we go, let's give you the run down of the weekend...

Friday morning got up bright and early - 4 am to be exact - repacked a bit, got dressed, dropped by my local starbucks for a lovely coffee, got my butt to the airport, boarded my flight to super fabulous edmonton - yuck! Arrived in edmonton, found out that my connecting flight was 45 minutes delayed - stupid edmonton.... got back on a new flight to Montreal, arrived in Montreal, was picked up in the craziest, coolest, car ever.

No, seriously, it was fantastic - have you ever been in a car that everyone stared at when you drove by? Well, this is what I experienced everytime we went out. Anyways, as we drove home my fake Montreal husband demonstrated the engine capabilites of my new weekend car... so cool!

Upon arriving chez Martin, I took a quick nap as I was super tired, got up, ate a lovely dinner - barbque chicken souvlaki, rice, salad (super yummy vinegrette) - thank you Martin! got ready for our evening plans - said SALUT to super Julie when she arrived - j'adore Julie! Jumped into our sweet ride, and sped off to downtown Montreal. Now, this is the cool part of the weekend.... We went out to a club, I think it was called - electric avenue - but whatever, the name doesn't matter - the part that matters is that the music in this club was purely 80's and 90's... AWESOME!!!! We basically danced the night away, plus SUPER CARLOS came out and we danced just liek he promised... PS - Carlos, you are an awesome dancer!!!!

After dancing for hours, we made our way out of the club, deaf and tired, jumped back into the super car.... drove home, fell into bed around 3:30 / 4 am.... woke up the next day at noon, rolled out of bed, drank Toxic Rocket Fuel coffee.... seriously Martin - your coffee is crazy!! ate yummy eggs and bacon from the barbque - got dressed and headed back out for Linda and Martin's day of fun! (did we all get that reference???) Originally we decided to go to the Universite de Montreal, to check out the old stompin' ground... but we didn't quite back it, instead we stopped off at L'oratoire St. Joseph and then off to the Ile de Notre Dame and around Montreal.... but really, I just enjoyed the looks we got from everyone we passed by in the car.... a real head turner! I really did feel like quite the was freakin' awesome....

Anyhoo, back at home I had a shower, took a nap, said hello to Julie again - J'adore Julie!! Ate another delicious dinner, this time it was barbque salmon, rice, spinach and salad... quite gourmet I tell you!! watched a hilarious movie about a guy wanting to be an eskimo - what was the name of it again Martin? And headed out again for a party at Audrey's house.... apparently it was a costume party.. dress up like you childhood hero... we did not get that email... thus we were not dressed up, Carlos came as Clark Kent, quite awesome! So we danced, and drank, and danced, and drank and finally got home and into bed at 5 am! Ridiculous I tell you!!!

Woke up the next day at noon - again, not feeling so hot.... couldn't stomach the thought of cooking, so we decided to hit up Macdo - ate our big macs and fries and drove northwards.... arrived in a cute little town, and as Martin was showing me the sights I had a thought... why were we here? When I asked he informed me that we were going to visit his parents! Sweet - my fake inlaws.... me looking super beautiful, hung over, sans proper make-up, without a nice outfit... not that I should be worried about meeting my fake inlaws, but I did have a mini meltdown in my head. In the end it was great, they turned out to be fantastic people, suepr friendly, funny and so sweet, I love my new fake inlaws, and I get to see them again when I go back to Montreal in 2 weeks.... awesome!!!

So, after dinner (what Martin and I could stomach) we raced back to his house, I packed and we raced off to the airport..... and thus ends my weekend of fun! Short, but sweet and great fun! Thank god I'm going back in 2 weeks... can't wait!

PS - thanks for everything Martin!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

A post for the sake of posting

I've been commanded to write something.... I guess most of you are annoyed logging into the same old post - so here goes nothin'
I leave for Montreal at 7 am tomorrow (aka I am getting up at 4 am)... sucks I know, but it should be fun - I hope... although I do have a 1 hour layover in good ol' Edmonton - I might try to hold my breath for the hour... don't want to inhale the stench that is Edmonton.....

Once I arrive in Montreal I have a bit of time before I can be picked up at the airport. Not too bad, then at least we get to go party... the rest of the weekend follows suit, parties and whatnot....

Last night however, was a gong show, Eleni and I met up chez moi, exploded my wardrobe all over my bed and room.... had a fashion show, complete with shoes and jewelry and a drive down to Eleni's to find some more accesories.... good times, loads of laughs... apparently I am quite the comic... just kidding !

Today the gong show continued. As our boss is away on vacation we have free reign over the office to be as ridiculous as possible, and we take advantage... laughing and basically being idiots all day long... good times, good times.... we even made it out (Eleni, Crystal and I) to the Mall for a lunchtime shopping spree in the rain.... spent a bit too much, but what are ya goin' do?

After work was more errands and now I am trying to pack, watch tv and write this post all at the same time - boy am I amazing!!! hahaha

Ok, really I'm writing to appease my audience, but I have nothing to say.....

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Things I don't like about today

Today was not fun, I won't lie, in fact despite wearing my new cute jeans to work it was so not fun that I am currently at home, sitting in my PJs on the couch skipping class because I am no unimpressed with everything... let me list what led to this conclusion

  1. Too many files in the file queue when I got to work, too tired from yesterday's rush to work hard
  2. Eyeball feels weird so I had to rush off to Job #2 to have it checked out
  3. Got back from appointment at Job #2, spent entire lunch hour driving
  4. Had shouting match on the phone with evil CIBC lender.... and it was HIS mistake!
  5. Got the munchies too many times
  6. Started to drive home, got call from KQ, decided that didn't want to go to class if I had to sit alone
  7. Visited Condo office in Kensington, found out that condos are $500,000 - aka waaaay too much for Linda to purchase....
  8. Came home, put PJs on, got munchies again, watched crap re-run of JAG, decided that today officially sucks.....
  9. Thought to myself, my apartment is a friggin' mess... aaaand I have ironing to do, boo-urns!!!
This post isn't that interesting to read, but sadly it reflects quite accurately my current mood... sorry guys....

Oh, one nice thing about today Eleni made me a super yummy iced greek frappe coffee... thanks chica!