Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Grand Entrance

I've been re-assured by my Doctor, the labour and delivery nurses who saw me through the 44 hour ordeal, the whole surgical team, and all the post delivery nurses that I have the worst delivery story they have experience in a long while....

Not quite the plan I had envisioned - but in any case, it is over, I am home at last, and our little one is here - he (along with Pete and I) is happy as a clam, and undeniably (to us anyways, but we are understandably biased) he is the cutest thing we have ever laid our eyes on.

Without further ado - our darling William

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A theory

I think I've figured it out, why our little once hasn't made his/her appearance.  Although my decided due date is tomorrow (after being changed from the 17th, to the 10th and then finally tomorrow) I was convinced that he/she was coming early - I even bet on the 29th in my baby pool, and my husband bet on the 1st - oops!

Anyways, as I sit about my apartment (on sick leave for the past 3 weeks - a blood pressure thing) I've come to have more positive feelings about where I live.  Originally, I was rather unhappy with my apartment - the location was awesome, the amount of space was also awesome, however the kitchen and bathroom left something to be desired.  But hey, when your husband has 2 days to find a place to live while your house is bring built, somethings are less important.  As I was saying, since I've been home, and Pete works from home 4 days a week, we've had a great time cooking, cleaning, getting things organized for our new arrival - it's become more of a home, I'm almost sad that we get to leave in 1 month and 11 days.  But my theory regarding why this little one won't come out is because he/she would rather live in the house and not our 1 bedroom apartment....

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Still nothing

Because Heather put it so eloquently  (she is due today, me on friday) - head over and read the post on being 40 weeks pregnant.

I've had my share of texts / facebook messages / bb messages / phone calls all inquiring about the status of Baby S - all well meaning and all nice, but no, nothing yet and yes, I will make sure to call everyone once he/she arrives.

Besides just wanting to hold / meet one wee one, I seriously cannot wait to

  • sleep on something other than my aching hips (ie: my back)
  • eat sushi, soft cheese and prosciutto
  • bend down to pick something up
  • have my hands back (swelling + carpel tunnel = useless appendages)
  • not have heartburn all the time
  • wearing all sorts of shoes - not just sandals
  • get back to running (my last run was at 6 months when Pete and I visited Calgary)