Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas at the In-laws

Just a quick update on the happenings in my life... Had a fake Christmas at home in Calgary in early December.  It was so quick (4 days) and I feel very much like I gypped everyone from a good long visit but that will have to wait for my next trip home, in april perhaps.  We did however get to visit the Zoo in preparation for the wedding next year.  The zoo itself was amazing, so lovely and fun.  We were set on it until we by chance drove by Heritage Park.  I know it's a bit corny but I love history, and I love traditional so we might have there instead.  When I inquired about which venue we could host the event, due to the number of guests our only option is Gunn's Dairy Barn - so yes, I will be having my wedding in a Barn, complete with a Barn dance..... Somehow I never dreamed of doing that, holding a barn dance, but to be honest - as long as my friends and family are there I don't care where it is.

I also introduced Pete to Peters' Drive - In, which you all know is a Calgary must - needless to say he gobbled up his hamburger and fries and of course the obligatory milkshake (we had egg-nog ).

Back in Ontario we just had 2 trips up to Ottawa - we can't seem to stay away from that place... here's hoping to a posting in Petawawa next year then maybe Ottawa... Friends were seen, wings were eaten at minglewood's, trees were viewed at the Chateau (thanks to K for the suggestion )and all in all we basked in the glory that is Ottawa.

I did have to do one quick week at work between the Alberta / Ontario christmases - it was really quick and easy - a lot of schmoozing, dinners, luncheons, a BMQ (basic training) grad to attend, all cumulating with my last day in green combats (working with recruits means wearing CADPAT combats, but as it is the Navy's Centennial Year I have been directed to wear my Navy combats instead).

Now back at the in-laws for my 2 week christmas break means visiting with my new family, pilates / yoga in the morning, going for evening runs with Pete to see the Christmas lights (yay!) and relaxing - lucky me!

So, Merry Christmas to all, I hope your holiday season is just what you wanted it to be.