Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I had to - just couldn't resist....

Worst cake EVER!

Last night I made the ugliest cake ever - AND I got a freakin' certificate for it! Seriously, the cake design isn't that bad persay - but the colours I ended up with are hideous. I ended up with bright blue roses and green leaves on top, with white dots also on the top and pink swirl flowers on the sides. Ugh! I'll definately have to sharpen my skills for Miss KQ's cake on saturday - however the one that Heather wants to make don't really take decoration too well....I shall have to think on that one. In retrospect I should have made a Calgary Flames cake like Cam told me to - meh, next time.

In other news I have my final detox session tonight - since it has been a few weeks and I haven't been eating all that well I am expecting something very nasty. But, it's better in the water than in me, right? I should also really try a traditional detox - with herbs and stuff - probably something we should all do at some point in time - no?

Work has been interesting these last few days. I've forgotten to take my glasses out of my school bag and have thus not been wearing them on the computer - even now as I type this the words are blurring together, so please pardon any spelling errors. I am certain that this 2 computer screen thing is killing my eyes - hmmmmm. However, this afternoon I think I get to take a field trip to the second floor to decifer a nasty spanish voicemail that some randomn person who works in the same buildig as me received - weird, and scary - I hope that my decifering skills in spoken spanish are up to snuff....somehow I highly doubt it!

Well, tonight is Halloween, I am not dressing up - did that already, and I am not handing out candy - I've decided to be a Halloween grinch tonight and deprive the little kiddies of goodies - besides, who is going to come to an apartment? Plus, I have to move my bed tonight (my non - grown up twin bed that is in my storage room) and I'm sure I won't have any time to be answering the door.
In any case - HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Toga Toga!

As I write this I am looking out the window with a look crossed between horror and glee - it is the first snowfall of the season afterall regardless of the fact that I do not yet own a snow brush for my car. Also, I was kindly reminded after I was woken up a few minutes ago that in fact I had forgotten to turn back my clocks - wicked! There is nothing else like the joy one feels when they realize it is not in fact 12: 30 in the afternoon on a sunday (thus shortening their weekend) but in reality it is actually 11:30 am! Ahh, so now I don't feel like a huge lazy person laying in bed contemplating if i should actually venture out and do my laundry. I think I should - it is important!

Anyhoo, weekend thus far has been quite fun. Friday night was really great. Denise and I went to see The Queen at the Globe theatre. It was a great movie, certain characters seemed a bit flawed (Cherie Blair for one, she couldn't seem to sit like a lady......tsk tsk) but all in all I think Denise and I were pleased. Although I did turn into a cry baby for most of the movie. Honestly it was like I was reliving all the emotions I had when Diana died. I know, I know, I am a loser, but I really liked her, she was a lovely person and as much as I love the Queen, she wasn't all that nice to Diana. Anyhoo, yes the movie was really good. In the end I think it gave whomever has seen it / will se it a better perspective to both HRH the Queen and Tony Blair, funny enough though both of their respective spouses didn't fair nearly as well - they came off as both ignorant and annoying.

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to pick up miss KQ and off to school we went. It was a day of learning about mud - and the importance of it to the drilling industry. Coincidently my grandfather was quite influencial in the world of mud so that made it a bit more fun. After all the mud talk we learned lots about how one actually searches, drills and then get the oil out of the ground and Miss KQ proved to be pleathora of information in the field of geology - hats off to KQ! Then we got a tour of the plant / rig at the SAIT campus - very interesting.

Saturday night was a bit of a blur as I raced across the city to pick up the toga cum bed sheet that Cam and I absconded with when we had our toga party in Corfu. Having picked it up I raced home to air it out, have a shower, curl my hair, have dinner, do my goddess makeup and attempt to put on the toga. Now, I know how to tie a toga, and I've done it before, but it is very difficult to make it lay flat and not all bulgy around the curvy bits. In the end I had to go to Rachel's to do it and after Mr. Rob Zombie was decked out with his makeup and fellow goddess Artemis Rachel was in her own toga and goddess makeup we were off. A bit late in the end but nevertheless we made it. The party was really quite fun - the costumes were great - a halloween bag lady (wearing a cape decorated with bags ful of candy!), Borat, a 50's dance girl, Charlie Chaplin (which for some reason I was certain was a mime?!?!), and Irish dude, a 70's coach in a plaid suit, a padded Superman, a rock climbing guy, a 1/2 pimp 1/2 hooker, a vampire girl, and mt fav - a guy in jeans and a t-shirt with a green hart hard on that had long pieces of orange streamer coming off of it. After much debate the 3 of us decided that he was in fact an octopus - he had suckers drawn on his streamers, eyes on his hart hat and a "tatoo" on his arm that read "I R Octopus" and later added a sign to his chest that read "I am a M F OCTOPUS" Priceless..... Oh, and I was hit on by a lawyer type from Prince George dressed as a very revealing caveman, who may be moving to calgary to work for a firm in town, and who coincidently is haivng a toga party in january which we are invited to - awesome, another event that I can attend in a bedsheet. In any case I spent the evening being plied with drink after drink offer which I declined (as I was driving), but instead accepted his offer of San Pelegrino water and had a very interesting conversation where he called he Spence all night - weird, very weird.

Friday, October 27, 2006


I have been waiting for this day all week. It started tusday, as I was walking into my office building I was certain it was thursday but suddenly realised that it was in fact tuesday and I almost started to cry - that is how dissapointed I felt. However, I perservered and voila it is friday! Today has been pretty good so far. I just translated my third mariage certifiacte from spanish into english and I am beginning to see that my degree wasn't in fact a waste of however many years at university.

Yesterday was fun, at lunch I zipped over to buy a beautiful three tiered glass cake stand. After work I got to rush over to the canada post outlet and pick up my much anticipated Pride and Prejudice 10th Anniversary Edition DVD set (wicked!) and then to KQ's to pick her up so that we could make our way to class - that's right I went back to school last night. Now, it isn't really that much of an accomplishment, the course is 3 weeks long and my mark consists of a take home test (seems to be quite straight forward) and attendance at an oil well tomorrow - nice huh?

Wednesday was good despite the fact that apparently scottish dancing was cancelled - boo-urns! But at least I did do some yoga to make up for the fact I was deprived of my cute little scottish dude, and of course visitng with Rachel is always a nice way to end my work day. On, one more thing - my french radio station was having another "discussion" and this time the question was What do you do after sex? The most popular answers? Sleep, shower, smoke (the are french afterall) and brag to their friends - very odd....

Tuesday was KQ"s birthday although she seemed (and still is) quite sick - not good. Cam and I, however, had a really delicious dinner. We made hands down the most delicious salmon I have ever tasted - and super yummy brie quesadillas. Quite the culinary accomplishment I believe. Hats off to Rachel Ray for creating the recipe!

Tonight I have to do a spot of shopping - this time for a pretty dress for the ball next month. Hopefully I can find something inexpensive but nice - and to go with the tartan sash I have ordered from Scotland. Followed by dinner and a movie (The Queen) with Denise - A lovely way to end the work week I think.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Feliz Cumpleaños Amiga!

Bon anniversaire ma très chere amie - Je t'aime beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup!!!!!

Joyeux anniversaire

Joyeux anniversaire

Joyeux anniversaire KQ!!!!!!!

Joyeux anniversaire

Cumpleaños Feliz

Cumpleaños Feliz

Cumpleaños Cumpleaños

Cumpleaños Feliz

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday dear Miss KQ

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

The weekend

Well its monday - hmmm. I can't quite believe that I am already sitting at my desk waiting for the clock to strike 8:30 but here I am. Onto the recap.... Friday was a relaxing evening...complete with PJs at 6:00 pm, vietnamese food and some fun tv (I forgot what TV was liek before 10pm), but oddly enoguh I didn't get to bed until midnight! Why? I have no clue, all the sudden it was 11:45 and I scrambled to wash my face, brush my teeth and jump into bed.

Saturday was also quite nice - not as relaxing, but really fun. It started out with work - (job#2) - and then a trip to my aunt's house for a very belated birthday dinner for my 2 sisters and I - it turned out to be quite the reunion, my grandma was there ( the coolest 92 year old I know!) and my cousin Kody (also very cool), my two sisters and their beaus, my uncle and my aunt's friend Bev. All in all we sat, ate and laughed until we almost died - I had forgotten just how hilarious my aunt is - plus the dialogue between my cousin and grandma was really quite priceless, there's nothing quite like a 92 year old grandma type zinging her 30 something grandson like someone half her age - no make that a quarter of her age! Back at home saturday night and I went to bed earlyish (for me) which means 11:00 pm!

Sunday was pretty great as well. I slept late - had a nice breakfast, went grocery shopping for cupcake supplies (cake class tonight) and baked some chicken for lunches this week. Then Mr. B (my favorite handyman) came over and I finally got my curtains hung for the living rom (after 4 months!) and they look wonderful! Bravo Mr. B on your handyman skills! Afterwards we celebrated hte birthday of the aforementioned handyman by going out for chinese food at the Imperial Garden restaurant - yummy! To wrap up the evening Desperate Housewives was new and I watched whilst icing my freshly baked cupcakes. This season seems better than last, but I still vehemently disliek Edie Britt - she is ruthless and horrible - I hope she meets with an unfortunate accident sometime soon in the show -she sucks!

One last thing to wra up this post - my beautiful yellow ribbon on my car was stolen last week and I am still mad about it. Tomorrow I shall have to go to the base and pick up a new one - this will be #3 for those of you who are keeping track!

Happy Monday to all - catch ya later!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Mon Essentiel

I am totally hooked on this song by Emmanuel Moire today- I have no idea why...I just am. It seems very nice and happy. I recommend it as a download if you can find it - I found it on limewire.

Je sais ton amour
Je sais l'eau versée sur mon corps
Sentir son cou jour après jour
J'ai remonté les tourments pour m'approcher encore
J'ai ton désir ancré sur le mien
J'ai ton désir ancré à mes chevilles
Viens, rien ne nous retient à rien
Tout ne tient qu'a nous

Je fais de toi mon essentiel
Tu me fais naître parmi les hommes
Je fais de toi mon essentiel
Celle que j'aimerais plus que personne
Si tu veux qu'on s'apprenne
Si tu veux qu'on s'apprenne

Tu sais mon amour
Tu sais les mots sous mes silences
Ceux qu'ils avouent, couvrent et découvrent
J'ai à t'offrir des croyances
Pour conjurer l'absence
J'ai l'avenir gravé dans ta main
J'ai l'avenir tracé comme tu l'écris
Tiens, rien ne nous emmènes plus loin
Qu'un geste qui revient

Je fais de toi mon essentiel
Tu me fais naître parmi les hommes
Je fais de toi mon essentiel
Celle que j'aimerais plus que personne
Si tu veux qu'on s'apprenne
Si tu veux qu'on s'apprenne
Si tu veux qu'on s'apprenne...

Je ferai de toi mon essentiel
Mon essentiel
Si tu veux qu'on s'apprenne
Qu'on s'appartienne

Trading Spouses

I'm watching the latest edition of trading spouses - and it's a doozy! I first saw this show when I lived in France and thought it was an interesting concept. However, this episode features two families, one from Boston - orthodox Jews and one from Olympia Kentucky - good old southern bible thumpers - not that there is anything wrong with that. I personally like to think that I am quite tolerant of people's religious views - but this one women (from Kentucky) is ridiculous. She is sooooo ignorant of anything remotely different than good old christian values and tries to change the Jewish familes ways about everything! She complains about things being kosher, about the "arabic or hebrew whatever" on the packaging at the supermarket, she complains about that fact that the parents are against certain kinds of relationships between men and women - and dancing together. She was just plain rude - honestly - and it is making me quite angry.

Basically the show turned out to be a showcase of how ignorant and closed minded southern americans can be. What a gong show.

In other religious news - there is a new lady at work who does all of our "external" funding. She seems nice enough, talkative, but nice. In fact as I try to drown out the hideous ramblings of Don, Joanne and the Coach, of Lite 98 fame, with my aforeposted (did I just make up that word KQ?) french radio station she natters away at me about everything...at first I was trying to be quite nice and helpful because it was her first week - but after repeated attempts to explain to her that I don't know her job, or anything about funding she keeps at it. And then come the stories....about where she grew up, about where she has lived, about her grandchildren, about everything - including religion. As I said before I am very tolerant - in fact I couldn't care less what you believe in or don't - its YOUR belief and I support your faith in it, but a) the workplace is not an appropriate locale to just "bring it up" and b) I certainly did not solicit this piece of information.

Hmmmm, what a week - TGIF!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Weird Radio

I'm listening to my radio station from France as I work this afternoon and the conversation that the DJs are haivng with a caller is very bizarre. First they are talking about some nutrition thing and they (the male DJs) - I swear - ask her a) how much she weighs b) what size pants she wears and c) what her bra size is. The then follow this up with an analysis of how many men she has slept with - honestly! By the way her answer was 25!

The station is basically a copy of Vibe 98.5 but in french and from France, but this is the most personal and bizarre conversation I have every heard broadcast on the radio - save for Sex with Sue of course.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sexy Back

The return of the sexy sexy hair. I am in love with my hair - well not really, it could be darker and more red but I am nonetheless pleased with the result. I always feel much sexier and happier with red hair - next time though I'll go brighter.

Work was crappy today - I just wasn't that into it - plus Heather left again this morning after just coming home on sunday night - so boo-urns at waking up at 5:30 am to say bye bye, but she'll be back thursday I think.

Ahhh, I almost forgot I never told you about my cake class. Every monday in October Jennifer and I (from job #2) attend cake decorating class at Michaels. We are shaping up to be fancy Martha types and our cakes looked how you say - jolie! Mine was pale blue with white stars all over it and jenn's was pale green with dots and stars. We collectively decided that we didn't want to make a juvenile rainbow cake. Next week we are trying our hand at cupcakes with all sorts of decorations on them...the trouble is that I have this cake and I can't eat it - so that begs the question - who wants cake?

Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday Monday

Well it's monday - back to work - back to the real world - and to top it all off it's snowing. I don't have anything against the snow - persay - however I now have to lug around a coat, a scarf, a pair of gloves and I must contend with snow in my hair. Speaking of hair - tomorrow is offical sexy sexy hair day. More red, more dark brow, much less blond -I think I will be quite happy with my new hair - most people seem to say they like the red hair - it suits my blue eyes and milk white skin.

The weekend was fun - I did a 2 hour yoga session yesterday - and boy am I paying for it now -hmmmm. Also as the internet wasn't fuuncitonal for the better part of the weekend I was suffering from "not being able to illegally download - itis" and NEEDED to hear a few Jusitn Timberlake songs. How to cure this problem? Go and buy the CD - it has been like 5 years (save for France) since I have purchased a CD - but it payed off, I got to hear the song I wanted to immediately and it was cheap - only $12.99 at BestBuy. In fact I love it so much I am listening to it right now on my iPod.

Also, Heather came home, which is always nice. I seem to get lonely sometimes when she leaves - but now I am leaving to go housesitting for almost 3 weeks - what the heck? At least I can blast my new song - cause Heather seems to have a small aversion to it.

Oh, almost forgot I had a fabulous shopping tip to Ikea - bought some new rugs and curtains and a grater. Oh, how I love Ikea. What else? Oh, Friday Night Feasts at Sunterra are uber yummy and I had a lovely time entertaining people friday night whilst eating the aforementioned (just for you KQ) feast.

Anyone to join me next friday?

Friday, October 13, 2006

Because I'm Bored

Is your hair up?: no, it'd down but full of lovely big curls
Is your phone right beside you?:yes, I'm at work, but my cell is also on my desk.
Do you have a bf/ gf?: ummm, maybe?
Do you wish you were somewhere else? yes and no
Do you have plans for tonight?: I thought I did, but now I am going shopping (at Ikea of course) and cleaning my mess of an apartment like a mad women
Are you wearing makeup?: of course
Are you wearing chapstick?: lipstick infact - clinique
Are you cold?: always
Are you tired?: always
Are you excited?: can't say that I am save for the Ikea shopping expedition
Are you watching t.v.?: no - I'm at work
Are you wearing pajamas?: no - work clothes, black pinstripped flannel pants (from H&M) and a teal t-shirt
Who's the last person you IMed?: KQ maybe
Who's the last person that called? Cam

Anything you regret? for sure - lots!
Ever lied?: yes
Ever stuck gum under a desk? no, I find that completely disgusting
Ever spit at someone? never
Ever kick something living? again - never
Ever had your nails done?: often
Ever thrown up because you cried so hard?: yes

Had any plans last weekend?: Butcher shop, movie, work, movie, Dim Sum, Thanksgiving
Who did you see most last weekend?: Ronnalie
Was last weekend interesting?: yes - quite fun infact.

Have you yelled at someone? no
Have you gotten mad at someone? yes - damn lenders
Have you cried? not yet
Have you called more than 3 people?: yes - liek I said, I'm at work
Have you IMed more than 3 people?: nope
Have you eaten anything gross? can't say that I have

Q. First thing you did this morning?: put my hair in curlers
Q. Last thing you ate?: Cottage cheese and peaches and an avocado
Q. What's something you look forward to most in the next 6 weeks? St. Andrew's Ball (I'm a sucker for a scottish accent and a man in a kilt), cake class, PETR211 w/ KQ, Housesitting
Q. What's annoying you right now? Waiting for 4:30 so I can go shopping, reformatting this darn post
Q. What's the last movie you saw? Legally Blonde 2 - W network
Q. Do you believe in long distance relationships?: I did
Q Where is the last place you went?: Blood Donor Clinic - see last night's post for a recap
Q: Who is the last person you called?: Cam - didn't I already answer this?
Q: Been cheated on?: I plead the 5th
Q: Do you think that someone is thinking about you right now? I hope
Q: Choose one to have (love, beauty, creativity): Love for sure
Q: Do you wish on stars?: yes
Q: Does it work?: I hope so
Q: Do you untie your shoes every time you take them of: A lady does, thus...
Q: When did you last cry? last night
Q: Do you like your handwriting? If I am not madly scribbling away taking notes, then yes I do
Q: Are you a friendly person? I try to be, although I am painfully shy
Q: Are you keeping a secret from the world?? Yes
Q: Who's bed did you sleep in last night? Mine
Q: What color shirt are you wearing? Teal
Q: Do you have any pets? Did have
Q: What is the color of your bedsheets? Cranberry and Ivory with black pillow cases
Q: What were you doing at 9 last night? Watching Grey's - what else?
Q: last person you talked to : My assistant
Q: When is the last time you saw your dad? more than a year ago
Q: Look to your left: cubicles
Q: Ever cried yourself to sleep? yes
Q: Ever cried on your friends shoulder? For sure
Q: Song that makes you cry? Many - E vanescence is particulary good
Q: Are you normally a happy person? yes, I think so.
Q: Is your self-esteem low? At times
Q: What color are your eyes? Blue, like marbles I've been told
Q: Long or Short Hair : long, getting longer
Q: Current Music: NRJ (radio station from France)

I challenge you now....

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Bloody Hell

Bloody Hell - quite the evening I've had - and it's not even 20:00 yet.

The end of the work day was nice, I got to take a small field trip to the bank and drop off a cheque and the deposit book which didn't make its way into the courier bag for this afternoon - plus I was so quick I even got to have an iced coffee - mmmmm. Then I went to my Ionic Detox session (#3) and it was gruesome - no seriously - much like #2 was but more so and with more liver this time - yuck! Glad to be rid of all that nasty garbage from my body.

On my way home though, something terrible happened. I was driving on 5th, right by Queen E High School and right at the intersection the car beside me had stopped at the crosswalk - so of course I stopped assuming that there was a mom with her stroller and kids crossing the street (there were various of the aforementioned people milling about the area) - HOWEVER, that was not the case...I didn't see anyone crossing so I inched my car up a bit to see around the car beside me and what do I behold in the crosswalk????? A mangy old coyote! In broad daylight! He was darting back and forth, which was odd, and I was thinking that he was after a mom and kids or someon'es dog - not cool by me, in fact I was ready to jump out of my car and help anyone to kick the crap out of him (ps - I HATE coyotes!!!!). Anyhoo, I inched the car closer and oh my god - it wasn't a dog he was after, but a BUNNY!!!! A cute fluffy bunny - and he grabbed the bunny right in front of me. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE bunnies and as soon as I saw him grab my bunny friend and run off away down the street - I gasped audibley and covered my eyes and mouth - I was shocked! God Damn Coyote - pardon the swearing but I friggin' hate the damn creatures!!! I rushed home and proceded to call several people to report what had happened - I'm still in shock reliving the memory. After I had calmed down I watched a bit of Smallville to relax before my blood donation appointment. Next up was the actual blood donation appointment - I really enjoy doing this, it's like my good deed of the next 56 days. Anyways - I get there all excited to donate - get my finger pricked and blood dropped into the blue solution stuff - and guess what? I fail - I freakin' failed it - so she tried a more sophisticated test - I failed that as well - the first time EVER I failed. Man I felt so embarrassed. I even had to go into the little room and chat with the nurse about my "hemoglobin" problem. Brutal! So now I am branded for life - damn female hormone crap - I am "anemic" and am off to Safeway to buy cream of whaet and raisins.

Arriving at Safeway I am trying to find all my required groceries but a) am talking on the phone with my mom and b) trying to get some milk from the bottom shelf - this nice older man (what's with me and older men?) was trying to help me - quite nice indeed...then I found my cream of wheat (it had loads of iron in it) and was off to try to find raisins - thus I went to the baking aisle - no luck and I ran into my milk guy. We walked up and down several aisles looking for these damn raisins and same up dry - where the hell are the raisins? After leaving my milk guy I venture to the produce section and proceed to ask the produce guy where I may find the raisins...he promptly ushered me to the apporpriate section and off to the checkout I went - and voila I find my milk guy there as well - he was so nice.... and I just realised I never got his name.

Quite the eveing indeed - now I kickin' some butt on Jeopardy and then later - thank god I have Grey's.

A Pick-me-up of sorts

Yoga last night was terrible, I was ultra shaky and weird - not sure why...but I feel like crap about it - and then I had to go to my St. Andrew's Caledonian Society meeting which lasted for-ev-er. Every month there is this lady there and all she does is talk and talk and argue. Everyone else and I were exchanging horified "holy crap is this lady ever going to shut the hell up?" looks during her tirade about mailing out a questionaire about the approval of the group's crest. Last month it took almost an hour to get the wording corect for the motion to give some calgary tartan fabric to a dance school to make mini kilts. Brutal I tell you - brutal!

The only saving grace of the evening was the yummy yummy snack we get at tea time after the meeting (remember these folks are scottish - and therefore make the yummiest snacks). During tea time I got to talking to the husband and wife team that teach dancing on wednesday nights. Now, before I go oon let me explain that they are an older couple - in the 70's at least and are SUPER scottish and adorable. Knowing that I can continue explaining my conversation. We were discussing the fact that the tartans one wears to a Scottish Ball do not have to match (you and your escort) which was news ot me because previously I had thought it a huge faux pas to intermingle the tartans....anyhoo the conversation steered around to the fact that I was wearingmy yoga pants tot he meeting as I had just finished yoga and my dance teacher (his name is John) encouraged me to wear them to dancing to. I explained that they were too long to dance in (we dance in gillies or ballet slippers) and that I would trip and fall. His wife (Jessie) replied that I should roll them up over my knees, to which I laughed and said I would look awfully funny. John pipes in just here with his adorable scottish burrr and explains that he is very excited about the prospect of spying some leg (remember that he is older). I laughed at this and suggested that maybe next weke I should show up in my mini kilt! Needless to say he was very excited about that suggestion. Old scottish men are so cute - I just love them!

After this I went home to make up some vegetable quiche cups to go for my breakfasts and didn't actually make it asleep until after 12:30, thus this morning when I pried my eyes open at 6:45am I almost cried because I was sure I hadn't slept yet. However, here I am at work struggling to funciton despite the yummy eggnog latte that I made myself and dimly thinking of the detox, and blood donation that I must attend ot after work - but at least it's thursday and thus Grey's is on tonight. YEAH!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Damn gloves

I think I may have over did it....

So last week I invested pair of really neat body shop scrubby gloves for the shower - to exfoliate - and thus every time I am in the aforementioned shower I scrub so as to be all nice and shiny and soft all over. Tonight however I may have over done it. I scrubbed really really hard and now I am very dehydrated, and my skin feels about 2 sizes too small. HMMMMM, not so good. Now I'll admit I think I went over board on the scrubbing, oh let's face it, I often go overboard on most things, but I am itchy and I hate that I must lotion my whole friggin body, or else deal with it all night - and in my new improved bed.

Now why I am telling you all of this I ask you? no idea, but I'll thought I should share. I think I need a drink.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fin de semaine d'action de grâces

What a weekend. Friday I loaded up on meat (jerkey and yummy sausages) with Ronnalie and then we watched Sliding Doors (an old obscure Gweneth movie)....very fun

Saturday was more work - quite boring, with laundry and Legally Blonde 2 in the evening.

Sunday was a) Starbucks to see Heather and get a lovely coffee, then wicked fun Dim Sum and a walk around chinatown with Ronnalie (what can I say, she's too fun for jsut one day) followed by a trip to Costco - note to self, never ever go the sunday before thanksgiving, it was wickely busy. Later on that evening I finished the aforementioned laundry, watched Desperate Housewives, took the best shower ever (at the hosuesitting house, they have a huge rain shower head, ahhhhhh)

Monday, more Starbucks (in preparation for the spectacular dinner I was about to make) and then cooking cooking and more cooking. In the end I made a bacon wrapped 15 lb turkey on the BBQ, a green bean casserole (I created the recipe), glazed carrotts, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce (okay it was canned) and mashed potatoes - well I had lots of help from Cam, so props to him for the stuffing and potatoes.... Then we feasted, and it was a feast... in addition to all that food my mom brought the sweet potatoes - mmmmmm - and Cam's mom made pumpkin pie cheesecake - delicious! Afterwards I cleaned out my car and brought all sorts of goodies into the apartment - much to Heather's chargrin. in fact I was going through my grandfather's WWII stuff and trying on all his uniform parts as Heather sat on the couch and watched me like I was a lunatic - but meh, it was fun!

AHHHHHH, today I am still quite full despite my walks yesterdaay but happily I tried on my "skinny" pants that I bought in Avignon when I was in France a few years ago and hooray for me - they fit - even after that gigantic wekeend of eating.

Tonight brings job # 2 and a clean up of my messy messy room, then tomorrow I have Yoga / Pilates and dancing - thursday is Ionic detox session #3 and Blood donation - won't the lucky person who gets my blood be happy that I detoxed just for them! and friday - nothing, so far, thank god, I am a wee bit booked these days!

Friday, October 6, 2006

TGIF now with Old El Paso

Thank God it's friday.....I have slept in everyday since I got my duvet - which also could be attributed to the fact that I also did my 2nd Detox session that day, but meh, TGIF.

Last night Grey's was good, I am not too impressed with the edition of McSteamy into the cast. I am loyal to McDreamy and am therefore made to hate McSteamy for his adulterous betrayal. Also, I am so not enjoying this watch one episode of Grey's and wait a whole freakin' week for another one - but I guess that's what I get for watching like 6 episodes in a row for seasons 1 and 2.

As for today, it is fat friday at work which means that today Serrine is bringing tacos!!! Now I love tacos as much as the nex guy, but at 10:00 am? - whatever, we all know I'll enj0y myself.

One more randomn thought - on my drive to work this morning I was listening to the radio report the hockey scores from last night - and no I don't want to talk about it, GD Edmonton, what a hole of a city.... - and I realised that you can in fact watch 3 major sports at this time of year - the aforementioned (did you get that KQ?) Hockey, Baseball playoffs (Go Yankees!) and Football (the Northamerican kind).

On the schedule for this weekend firstly today I have work - yuck - but then I get to go to TJ's Sausage Kitchen and pick up some fantastic beef jerkey and sausages and then chill with my pal Ronnalie - saturday brings more work and an open evening - for once... Sunday is more Ronnalie and dim sum this time plus more relaxing in preparation for the gigantic monday thanksgiving feast. Cam and I are making dinner by ourselves for his parents and my mom - hopefully I'll conjure up some mad award winning food studies skills from high school. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Return of the Nog / Ionic Detox Part II

Big day yesterday!

As I was grocery shopping last night I spied something a little special in the dairy case - can we guess what is was? That's right - Egg Nog! Yeah! I used to hate it, really hate it and then I gave in (do we remember Fort Egg Nog?), and now I just love it and even though it is out before halloween I don't mind onw bit - cause this way I get to drink it every day - light version cut with milk of course, it's too rich otherwise.... But yes, egg nog by the glass, in my cereal, in my coffee...no not really not in the cereal, that is toooo weird, although I wouldn't put it past some people - I think you know who you are!

This morning I didn't get up in time to make myself an aforementioned egg nog latté, but no worries, tomorrow shall be much better.

Before the thanksgiving grocery shopping expedition I arrived at home to find a different surprise in the living room - my comforter and new pillows (note - that brings the pillow count on my bed to 7! and no I'm not kidding!). So I gleefully ripped open the box yanked out the comforter and ran to my room, swept everything on my bed (including the 5 pillows) and covered myself with my new duvet - it was heaven, but then I had to get up and go pick someone up from their office downtown - fun was shortlived indeed. Anyways because I got my new comforter and was no longer in need of the twin sized quilt that was currently doing it's best to cover my queen sized bed, I needed to make a trip to (all together now....) IKEA! for a duvet cover and pillow shams.

Off we went to Ikea and wondered about whilst trying to figure out how to match the duvet cover with the Ikea curtains I already ahd - they are a red colour and I wanted a different cranberry sort of coloured duvet cover - in the end we decided to alter the curatins and just get the cranberry duvet cover set - the brown version was too blah for my beige walls.

Now previous to my Ikea trip I was at the Homeopath's doing my 2nd Ionic Detox treatment - apparently time 2 and 3 are suppose to be the worst - so I prepared for the worst - and Yeah! for me I got it! It was truly sickening I tell you.... the water was DARK green (from my gallbladder) and thickish with orange sludge on top (from my joints) with some white foam stuff and white bits - plus, get this!- black flecks (heavy metals!) - yuck yuck yuck. Oh well, at least it isn't in my body anymore. I'm scheduled for the next on on the 12th so I expect it will be even worse - how lovely!

PS - I'd add more pictures to illustrate my fantastic day but blogger isn't cooperating - sorry!

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Walkers for Knockers

Today was the CIBC Run for the Cure. Our fearless team leader Heather did a wonderful job organising us and made it a great experience despite the rain and cold and the fact that the people forgot to print our team name on our t-shirts (Best Team Name EVER!!!!!).

It really was a great turn-out, oodles of people came out to walk / run, oodles of people in Willowpark decorated thier lawns and homes to support all of us walkers - as well as tributes / memorials to grandma's, mom's, wives, sisters, aunts, and daughters. It was really touching.

I haven't gotten around to loading the pics from my phone but I plan to do so quite soon and I will do my best to share them with you!

Bravo to all that donated, participated and supported everyone affected - good on ya!