Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Return of the Nog / Ionic Detox Part II

Big day yesterday!

As I was grocery shopping last night I spied something a little special in the dairy case - can we guess what is was? That's right - Egg Nog! Yeah! I used to hate it, really hate it and then I gave in (do we remember Fort Egg Nog?), and now I just love it and even though it is out before halloween I don't mind onw bit - cause this way I get to drink it every day - light version cut with milk of course, it's too rich otherwise.... But yes, egg nog by the glass, in my cereal, in my not really not in the cereal, that is toooo weird, although I wouldn't put it past some people - I think you know who you are!

This morning I didn't get up in time to make myself an aforementioned egg nog latté, but no worries, tomorrow shall be much better.

Before the thanksgiving grocery shopping expedition I arrived at home to find a different surprise in the living room - my comforter and new pillows (note - that brings the pillow count on my bed to 7! and no I'm not kidding!). So I gleefully ripped open the box yanked out the comforter and ran to my room, swept everything on my bed (including the 5 pillows) and covered myself with my new duvet - it was heaven, but then I had to get up and go pick someone up from their office downtown - fun was shortlived indeed. Anyways because I got my new comforter and was no longer in need of the twin sized quilt that was currently doing it's best to cover my queen sized bed, I needed to make a trip to (all together now....) IKEA! for a duvet cover and pillow shams.

Off we went to Ikea and wondered about whilst trying to figure out how to match the duvet cover with the Ikea curtains I already ahd - they are a red colour and I wanted a different cranberry sort of coloured duvet cover - in the end we decided to alter the curatins and just get the cranberry duvet cover set - the brown version was too blah for my beige walls.

Now previous to my Ikea trip I was at the Homeopath's doing my 2nd Ionic Detox treatment - apparently time 2 and 3 are suppose to be the worst - so I prepared for the worst - and Yeah! for me I got it! It was truly sickening I tell you.... the water was DARK green (from my gallbladder) and thickish with orange sludge on top (from my joints) with some white foam stuff and white bits - plus, get this!- black flecks (heavy metals!) - yuck yuck yuck. Oh well, at least it isn't in my body anymore. I'm scheduled for the next on on the 12th so I expect it will be even worse - how lovely!

PS - I'd add more pictures to illustrate my fantastic day but blogger isn't cooperating - sorry!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you like your duvet cover! It's very comfy looking.