Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Goals update

Update time.... Back in February I listed a few things that I was working on.  I've found that if I have a list of things that I am working towards I get a lot more accomplished that just winging it.  Let's check up on how things are going


    • Finish the 60 days (Insanity )challenge; 
      • Done and done.... Oh my God... this was tough.  I won't lie - during that second month I was MISERABLE.  I lost a lot of my motivation, I had to really push myself to finish but finish I did.  Things were a bit more challenging at home which I think added to my misery but I finished nonetheless.
    • Lose one more pant size;
      • Also done and done... thank you Insanity.  I am at least 10 lbs lighter than I was pre-pregnancy.  The upside, I am smaller, fitter and can see my abs again.  The downside... almost all of my clothes no longer fit.  These days I wear a lot of lulu lemon-esque clothes.  But even those are getting baggy -  not really something I am complaining  about but it will cost a lot of $$ to replace all my office work clothes.
    • Beat my pushup record;
      • I have yet to try this one yet due to my Insanity commitment... I will tackle this one soon.
    • Run at least one race - no distance specification as of yet
      • nothing yet, although Pete and I are taking a week off from Insanity before we start up again and this week will involve a lot of running - yay!  ( I miss listening to my music)

  • Save at least half my pay cheque each month (towards travel to Calgary and other vacations, property taxes, and things like weddings); 
    • I have been very good at saving these days.  I think it helps not living near stores and having a husband that takes the car away to work every day.  Although we do have a Giant Tiger and Booster Juice :) pretty much within stroller / carrier distance so I can pop out for some milk / smoothy if the mood strikes me.
  • Invest some $ for Will.
    • yet to be deposited but it is there... in my account

Pete gets to go back to university in May - I am not quite there yet.... there is hopefully an MBA/ MPA  in my future, but for now I would like to:

  • Finish one more OPME (military) course (for a total of 4/6)
    • Still working on this one
  • Re-test my French profile for a CCC (I am currently at a BBC)
    • not even close to re-testing... should really watch some french tv and start Will on some french lessons.


  • Volunteer at the YMCA and / or the Legion in town
    • application handed in... almost there
  • See Niagara Falls
    • Maybe in June with the goal below.
  • Finally wear my wedding dress and celebrate the fact that we got married over 2 years ago (living apart and not knowing where we will be in the near future does not help one to plan a wedding)
    • Booked for 9 June in Toronto... Calgary date TBA.
  • Buy another car - one car in a smaller town without public transit is tough 
    • This should be decided in a month or two.

2 months into my goal commitment and I feel like I have made some progress.... still many things to tackle, but a start at least.