Wednesday, June 27, 2007


As you guessed it this post is about manners - I was watching Ellen tonight and she had a manners expert on, and she was great, not to mention that on the Big Breakfast this morning the was a expert to teach men the proper manners that they should have when it comes to ladies....

It brought something to mind that most people, I don't think, do not seem to pay much attention to.

We've all heard of companies putting their execs through a manners course - table manners, meeting manners, general proper ways to behave in public... and I'm sure the ladies out there have heard of the Kate Spade manners book - p.s. it's a great read (KQ you know what I'm talking about)..

But seriously - proper manners are important, very important - let's all remember that shall we....

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's almost over

KQ and I attended our very last lecture of our painfully boring LAND class... and tonight of course was no exception - buuut, in our defense we did in fact stay until the end of the class - something which you all know has been something of a rarity low these last weeks.

After our quick exit a la fin de classe I made my way home - checked facebook - of course and saw a new map application where I could map out my travels / where I used to live and indicate where I wanted to go in the future - so much fun....

Now, I'm looking at the freakin huge pile of laundry that I did last night, thinking that I need to start ironing... and perhaps clean up a bit around here - it's a bit of a mess....

What else to tell you - oh, saw a house for the second time last night - with the mom and the in-laws - still love it... oh, and lunch today with Denise and Eleni at Sushi Ginza - we didn't eat sushi, but it was very yummy.... I really need more time to visit with Denise - less than an hour is not in any way enough.

K, gotta tackle that pile of clothes.... bon soir!

Monday, June 25, 2007


Oops, I knew I was forgetting something about Wednesday last week... I went for a footbath with Lani and Eleni and then we had a great walk around the resevoir..... it was fun, I can't believe I forgot about it - shameful!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

In which I recount the week

I've had a bit of an epipany tonight - I've decided that I really do in fact enjoy ironing... It calms me, destresses me - weird I know, but meh - at least this way I'm always presentable, and by presentable I mean not wrinkled, and we all know how much I detest wrinkled clothing...

What else to tell you all.... had a gathering of sorts last night - yummy food, ridiculous friends trivia - I really need to buff up on my friends watching I think - and great times had by all - yeah!

Work has been interesting this week. I moved over to the broker team, went to class with KQ , did something on wednesday that I can't remember just now, Saw 9 different homes on thursday - a few that I really like (I'm becoming more of an adult each day) and then the fete.... today was Job #2 of course - I am not feeling the happy work groove there anymore.... I'll have to think about that one...

After work was fun, met Lenny and Carl at Starbies in Kensington, walked over to the Rocket to pick up the t-shirts for Lenny's B day Pub Crawl (I know, I know - me at a pub crawl..... ) the design will have to grow on me - and now I'm chillin on the couch, just finished ironing, and watching Finding Nemo on tv - he's so cute, reminds me of Lani, well actually Dori reminds me on Lani..... good times!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


K, so I'm watching this thing - this Mindfreak show on A&E - and he is walking down the side of the building at the Alladin Hotel in Vegas.... seriously, seriously????

WTF??? - is he really doing this stuff?

Also, he walked through glass.. and performed quite the card trick.... I don't know, I want to believe, but really? really?

What do you guys think?


Well yesterday I had an appointment about a certain friend I like to call George, or rather a certain friend that I was under the assumption that he existed but, sadly, I am mistaken.....

It all started waay back when I was in Tunisia... everyone got sick, including me, but we all got better - not exactly 100%, but better... anyhoo on my return to Canada I still felt a bit odd, stomach pain, etc etc... so after jokingly blaming my sickness on my newly acquired tunisian parasite friend - George - I finally decided to check it out once and for all...... aaaand low and behold - there is no George - so we're still wondering why I feel like garbage...... however, my test results did show though that I am anemic (ps - that means low on iron for those not in the know)....

Now, I get to take lovely iron pills everyother day - with vitamin c of course..... fantastic!!

In other news, I got another promotion at work - this time to the broker team who are "grooming me" for the law firm later on... not too shabby for a languages major right? At least this time my desk has a window which I can gaze out and dream of better things to do with my time - no, just joking (about the better things to do part, not the window part - that's true!)

Ok my lovelies, I gotta run and finish my damn homework assignment before I start my real job.... yuck! (to the homework, not the job)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Ah Zut

OOPS - I missed posting about Jenn's birthday.... and I had it in my outlook calendar all week long... BRUTAL!!!! anyways -

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JENN - I hope you, the hubby and all the kidlets enjoyed the big day together... Let's do lunch again super soon!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Queen of HPLOC no longer....

During one of my team members review our boss described the demeanor of our team as "Gregarious"....hmmmmmm, interesting - so basically he was trying to shut the hell up - but nicely.... thennnn he asked me to come into his office... ahhhhhh.... I thought I was sooooo in trouble - but really my department RULES - we always get so much work done despite the fact that chat incessantly - but meh, I guess it was time to face the music. In any case when I sat down my boss had a smile on his face - so I did too... and what did he have to tell me????

He pulled me into the office to tell me that I was requested to move to the Broker Team - a promotion - because he wants me to move up in the company...wicked!! So as of Monday I am in a different desk, doing different stuff... When I left his office I told my fellow teammates, and I don't think they took it too lightly.... poor team... Buuuut I did tell Eleni that she needs to continue the Linda legacy and beat my processing record... someone has to.

That night I got to come home and chill with Cynthia and Aaron - aaaaand Samantha - they came to spend the night so I could take them to airport this morning - yeah!!!!! All night with my darling little samantha - well, she's isn't really mine, but I want to keep her....

Tonight after work however, I went for another ionic footbath session - it was pretty gross as I hadn't been since october - and then I took care of some more errands - busy night... Oh I definately need to extend my congratulatory remarks to Miss Crystal - newly graduated (convocated, conjugated or congregated ... whatever word tickles your fancy)


Monday, June 11, 2007

Walk the Walk / Made you say underwear

I've neglected to mention over the past week that Eleni and I are the new queens of charity runs. The weekend previous to last we participated in the Super Cities Walk for MS... a cause that I am sure is near and dear to a lot of people's hearts.... Our team walked the entire 16km... something that no other team seemed to do, so basically we kicked some major butt.. and raised over $1200. That week we suffered through blisters and sore muscles but suited up again on the saturday night for the Underwear Affair for Cancers below the waist.

This time the team had more work people on it - and there was an option for a run, but Eleni and I have already dedicated ourselves to walking for cancer so there we were, kicking some more butt, doing a few more laps around the Prince's Island Park. I think we raised for than $5000 and had oodles of fun..

I wonder what walk we can do next weekend...but in the meantime - Eleni and Crystal and I headed over to Ikea for some much needed shopping therapy. We spent about 2 hours there chillin' sitting on couches, looking at kitchens, eating hotdogs etc etc.. Good times had by all and now it's time to chill chez moi in my pjs.

Tomorrow brings more class - I'm considering not going actually, what else is new? Then wednesday I've got a St. Andrew's meeting and Cynthia and Aaron and Samantha will be in town to chill... life is good.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

And we'll call it Linda's Ark

So, my life is finally back to normal.... after my last post I am sure you are all quite intrigued by my mention of a flood and yes indeed it was a flood...... let me explain
- went to work
- went to school with KQ
- half way through class KQ and I decided that it was BS and we needed to leave asap.... so on the intermission ay 7:30 we made a break for it (we are such deadbeat students) and quickly realized that the sky had opened up above the school.... and our cars we a good 400 m away from the building.... so we got completely drenched as we attempted to get home...
- on the way home I decided that I should stop by my apartment and pick up a red t-shirt to wear the next day (it was D DAY by the way!) - weird thing was that I am housesitting across town and really shouldn't have been at home for another few days, and Heather wasn't due home until Thursday..... but yet fate made me come home....spooky - ooooooooh!!!!
- parked the car in the back as someone was in my parking spot again!
- figured out that my remote key for my car doesn't work in an electrical storm... interesting...
- walked into my apartment, stepped into a puddle, heard lots of water hitting the floor and slowly peered around the corner of my fridge very very scared to find out what on earth was making that noise....
- saw a waterfall of water flowing out of my sink onto my floor..... said a very bad word and ran into the hallway to see what else was occuring in my absense....
- stepped in another puddle, looked in horror as a river flowed out of my storage room and directly into my room (I guess that means that my aparment slopes back into my room - how lovely!)
- ran into all storage room gasped at the tower of water spurting out of the air intake pipe.....
- called my landlord, figured that the damn storm was interfering with the cell networks
- called Cam's parents, yelled into the phone that "OMG, my aparment is flooded - help, I don't know what to do, make it stop, MAKE IT STOP!!!!!"
-called my mom, called Cam screaming the same thing.......
-called Heather, left a funny message in a surpisingly calm voice " Heather, it's Linda, umm, I don't know where you are but bad things are happening, the apartment is flooded, you should come home........"

Basically, at this point in time, I ran around - all ready soaked to the bone from the downpour outside, covered in new yucky back up sewer water spewing from various locales in my house - gathering up everything I could throwing it somewhere higher, cleaning out closets as water soaked everything in sight, answering my phone in a panic as numerous people tried to call and ask if they could help - I'm sorry I yelled at all of you, but I was a bit stressed....

My landlord also showed up, and as he walked through the door and sloshed his way to the hallway, I stood in my hallway, mop in hand and said
"Dean, my apartment is flooded, please do something!"
He helped to clear out the inches of water that took over my room, hallway, bathroom and kitchen....In the end I stopped the water going into my room and Heather's with towels, emptied out a 75L rubbermaid container and tried valiantly to re-direct the water flow into the container, which worked and thankfully the water taped off as the water level reached the rim of the container.

I spent the rest of the night with Cam's parent's, my mom, Cam and my landlord clearing out water... the next day I spent cleaning and disinfecting every surface of my household with bleach water.... and now everything is back to normal, smelling like a swimming pool, but not infested with nasty sewer water and microbes......

I heard at work that my boss informed the office of my predicament by walking into the office and inviting everyone to my hosue as I now have an indoor pool.... yeah!!!! No, really, it could have been a billion times worse. All in all I lost some magazines, some school papers (I luckily saved the yellow death tests from Sanchez.... can't ever loose those!), and my beautiful Ikea rugs..... but really, that is nothing compared to what other people lost....

Quite the fun I tell you.... quite the fun......

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


sorry, I'll post more later... just mopping up from the flood last night chez moi.... not good times.....

Friday, June 1, 2007


A lovely Happy Birthday to Karen (my old neighbour) who took me on a wicked fun joy ride in her new Mustang tonight....

Thanks a million Karen, and hope your birthday was great!!!