Saturday, September 17, 2011


An update on the chaos that has happened over the last week:

Last sunday night we noticed the paint where the ceiling and wall connect in the bathroom and our closet was bubbling.

Diagnosis:  3 floors up there was a water leak and it made it's way down to us....this can be fixed, but the unfortunate news is our building superintendent was taken away in an ambulance on monday and hasn't been able to come in to repair it (thank goodness he is ok, just not back at work yet).

The bad news:

  • Because it affects our closet, everything we had in there is now in random locations throughout the bedroom mixing in with all the baby stuff (which there really isn't room for to begin with), plus this makes it pretty frustrating to get dressed in the morning - thank goodness I'm not at work anymore and Pete luckily works from home. 
  • We move into our new house in exactly 2 months so the rest of our apartment is full of packing boxes and we are doing our best to contain the mess.
  • We could possibly have a newborn in the apartment any day now.... because
  • Thursday my doctor discovered that my blood pressure is elevated - normally it's low / normal but when you are 37 weeks pregnant, higher blood pressure is not a good sign.  So, I'm on sick leave and we get to pop into the hospital tomorrow and tuesday to re-check it.  If it remains high that means that we might get to meet our little one sooner than anticipated - hows that for news?
  • When he does come to fix it, we won't have a bathroom for a while, and our bedroom will be a construction zone - all things un-good when bringing home a brand new baby.
  • The longer we wait the higher the possibility of mould - also un-good for a teeny baby (not to mention us)
So there we go... the chaos that is our lives at the moment.  Fingers crossed it all comes together next week.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sister #2

Oops, I am a few days late with this one.  I blame the awesome fun that is the metropolis of Sharon.  In any case - it was my older sister's birthday on Saturday...

Happy Belated Sarah - let's hope the weather held for your BBQ

Note:  Yes, this photo is ridiculously old  (that would be Sarah in the peach shirt and white shorts - Amy is the wee one beside my Dad, and I am rocking the plaid shirt).... but I know she was pretty happy that day, she bought her first horse "Indy" - he was awesome.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sister 1

A big Happy Birthday to my little sister.... I can't be in Calgary to share a toast, or slice of cake with her so I'll have to settle with this awesome pic from our trip to Veags. 

Note: the point of this picture is to illustrate that even though she is not a large person by any right, the "adult" sized shirt in question (from a very popular american retailer) is ridiculously small on her... and I am pretty sure it was a medium or large...

This pic is shamlesly stolen from facebook - a very good friend of hers painted this, I think it's awesome.