Friday, January 20, 2012


Starting from Day 1.... it goes so quickly.

1 Day - with his poor little squished head

3 Weeks

 1 Month - the colic begins

 2 Months - it's almost Christmas

 3 Months - a smile!

And yes, my husband is a HUGE Leafs Fan.... clearly I need to get some more Flames gear.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

12 years ago

12 years ago I woke up in the sweet Swiss village of Avully .. I was hired to be a nanny to 3 poorly behaved children - fast forward 12 years and now I have my very own.  Time really does fly.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Like most people, the past few days  - or rather weeks... this post is slightly late.....I looked back at how 2011 shaped up.  It was certainly one of my busiest and most dramatic years to date...

  • Began the New Year on the right foot with a Resolution Run, actually it was on New Year's Eve, but that's almost 2011... 
  • Started a job at the President's office of a Government agency.  It turned out to be somewhat like "The Devil Wears Prada" but was a very interesting kick off to the year.  I learned how particular the President was with his coffee, how to print documents and hand deliver them to someone sitting 10 feet from my desk (please note the sarcasm), but hey, it paid the rent, so yay!
  • We started building our house!  Well, we put money down to buy the house and signed the contract, the construction didn't begin until June....
  • Ended said "Devil's Wears Prada" job and started my dream job at the logistical support command of the Military.  It was nice to be back in uniform on a daily basis and get paid a lot more, but the learning curve was STEEP.  Suffice it to say, I was in a wee bit over my head.
  • I also found out I was pregnant shortly after starting my job... yikes!  Cue morning sickness, joy.
  • I made it back home to Calgary to see my friends... passed on the fun baby news :)
  • Missed out on a military ORCA trip to Victoria, boo :(
  • Pete and I had a lovely weekend out in Mont Tremblant.  Very romantic and the best Spaghetti Carbonara I've ever had... yum!
  • Made it back to Sharon for Pete's family Easter celebration, and had a special afternoon tea at the Old Mill
  • Cruise time... first time on a cruise, first time to the Caribbean - very, very fun.  Maybe next year we can hit up the Baltic?
  • Still on the cruise, trying desperately to stretch out the week.
  • House construction begins!
  • All the way at the end of the month a few friends and I headed out for a shopping trip to the outlet's outside of New York - amazing deals!

  • Last trip to Calgary with Pete before the baby arrives!  Spent the week showing Pete the wonders of the Stampede and Spruce Meadows... he's a good sport :)
  • A trip to Kingston to attend the Baptism of our darling God Daughter... so cute!
  • Pete turned the big 3-0!
  •  Baby Shower!  My fantastic sister in law threw me a lovely baby shower.  All of Pete's female relatives were there and we had such a great time.
  • I turned the big 3-0!  Yikes!  
  • My last day of work.... a week early as it turns out.  My blood pressure was up and down, and up and down, and up and down.... so my Dr decided it was best to rest at home.
  • Continued to be in and out of the hospital with the threat of induction.... at the end of the month we still didn't have a baby yet... boo
  • More hospital time... and finally on the 17th of October after 44 hours of (mostly back) labour, and an emergency c section, we had our darling baby boy.  I can't say it was a wonderful, easy, magical experience - it was awful, excruciatingly painful and one of the worst things I have ever had to endure.  Thank goodness he is the cutest thing I have ever, ever seen.... 
  • Cue the flood of relatives to our TINY apartment... I was very thankful for the help, how do single parents do it???
  • Busiest month by far.... never again will I have a newborn, move into a new house with furniture coming from across the country and more furniture from the apartment, with your husband working.  However, once we were in the house, we were good to go.
  • Hosted the Sands' family Christmas with my Mom at the new place.... busy, busy, busy, but awesome and the extra hands to help with our colicky baby was more than welcome.
So there we go, 2011 in review... typed as fast as I could while Will sleeps... Happy New Year!