Wednesday, December 14, 2011

One and Only?

Echoing this blogger's thoughts - and after an especially hectic morning, having a newborn in a town where you have zero family is less than ideal.  We have a few friends who live in Ottawa (one great couple who live around the corner) and luckily Pete has been working from home and can help a lot, but it is still quite tough.  We are still in the "we can't imagine doing this all over again" stage, so for the time being it seems as though William is likely going to be a single child.  He's been a good baby but is sliding into colic territory and is testing our sanity.  Parents must eventually forget how difficult the first few months are, otherwise I know I wouldn't be here (having 2 sisters).  I just keep thinking about how it would be later in life, only one kiddo running around... and even later - only one to come home and visit.  Although, having only one would mean we could help him have a lot more experiences. Tough decision I think, but I guess we'll have to see how it goes.

Some more fun news - Sunday night my Mom flies over form Calgary (our first Christmas together in 4 years) and Pete's family is coming up for Christmas so thankfully we'll have some help soon.  We even have a babysitter for our anniversary next Monday - a date with my husband, yay!  I think we are going all out this time, sushi dinner and a movie :)  Sherlock Holmes here we comes!

Hopefully I can unpack a bit more between now and Christmas (with my one free hand) - the house is finally looking more and more lived in, and we even had company over for coffee and muffins yesterday!  

Happy Wednesday

Saturday, December 10, 2011