Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hot Damn!

As I was quietly working at my desk, doing my best to keep out of trouble...I was asked politely to come into my boss' office. Immediately I jumped to the conclusion that I was in deep trouble, only to be confirmed of this by him asking me to sit down and closing the door.....but then he proceeded to tell me that because one of our other ladies is leaving they want me to move into her position. In fact that department had a vote and the voted me as the one they very flattering I thought.

So it turns out I wasn't in trouble at all, I got a promotion and a raise....

Afterwards I took care of the monstruous heap of laundry and ate a yummy home cooked dinner, took a trip to my very favourite store (Ikea of course) and had some nice hot cocoa and listened to old christmas records (that's right - records baby!) with my good buddies Miss KQ and Miss CK - a nice day indeed.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Rory TOTALLY stole my birthday tiara idea- seriously, go watch gilmore girls right now and see what I mean - booooooo!

A poem for you

This poem was just brought to my attention and I love it - funny stuff I tell you...

It's not so much art,
But just counting syllables,
Haikus are stupid

Monday, November 27, 2006

The Saga Conitnues....

So Sunday morning my car miraculously started - after 16 hours of being plugged in of course. After which I promtply went back inside to sit and watch tv and iron all afternoon. In the evening however I had a birthday dinner to attend, to which of course I drove. After a lovely dinner and our goodbyes my car started again - good so far - but funny enough after I left oakridge I was driving down crowchild just at the military museum and voila, my car stalled - ON CROWCHILD TRAIL! Nice huh? I eventually got it started and after a few more stalls and my engine light popping on I made it home and plugged it in. At this point I was so angry, I wanted to blow up my car - stupid car!

Anyhoo this morning I woke up extra early and arrived at the dealership as they opened and demanded they fix my car, it's only 5 months old, these things shouldn't happen. They were quite sympathetic and promised to fix it by the time I finished work - how lovely! But, that is not the end of the story... I got to work and about 1 hour later I got a call about my car - apparently they found the problem- my PCM crashed - which I understadn to be the computer bit of my car - somethin that is potentially veyr expensive to fix, luckily I have a good waranty... and so I don't have my car, but I do get either a colbalt or G6 pursuit to drive in the meantime....

Now, all I have left to do is get winter tires......

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Friends OFF!

With my car that is....until it decides to freakin' work.....thankfully Heather was home to drive me to work this morning or else I would have been quite SOL. As it turns out Steve drove me home from work and tried valliantly to help me start the car. Jumping it didn't work so we amazingly found the plug in for my block heater and sought out a plug in somewhere around my apartment. It turns out we found one in the lobby and voila - 4 hours later and we should have ignition.....I hope.

In the meantime one of my fav movies ever is on.....Top Hat with Fred and Ginger - you know the one where Ginger wears that gorgeous ostrich feather dress....the one on the Ritz crackers comercial and tin.....I just love it. So, I think I'll sit back have some dinner and watch adoringly as my fav dancers take to the stage!

Friday, November 24, 2006


When I first moved into my place in July my Mom aplty named it Kensington Palace (as it is located on Kensington Road) and she would call me speaking with this crazy british accent and refer to herself as Lady Spencer - crazy mom. Anyhoo, I was chatting with my mom today and telling her how much fun I had decorating my living room with all of my Nutcrackers (Heather will be soo impressed) to which she replies....

"OMG - Linda, you live in the Nutcracker Suite........" Get it? Like the Ballet....

- Priceless....she cracks me up....
Speaking of Nutcrackers...I'm still angry at Southcentre for doing away with their giant saluting Nutcrackers on the side of the mall....they replaced them witha creepy Santa Claus hanging over the roof...not impressed at all.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Okay before I start with the weekend update - I'm watching Grey's and OMG Christina is wearing a Stanford Hoody - not exactly like mine, hers is zip up and mine is pullover- but WICKED!!!!! Also, the addorable tim horton's asian father comerical is on - soo lovely!

Anyhoo back to the weekend.

Friday was really fun. I raced home after work to clean up, shower, do my hair and makeup get the cake and race over to pick up Robbie. We made it home with loads of time to spare and we cleaned up my apartment, set up the booze table, and all the wine glasses etc etc.....Then the party started...The guest of honor arrived with a dozen people from the french centre....
More guests arrived - english speaking guests...and then the cocktails started - we had Champagne cocktails, Kir Imperial to be exact and the accents also started up - I love accents!!!!! After that the party slightly split up into the english kitchen party and the french living room party - both super fun....then we moved over to Sam's bar - also wickedly fun. In the end we stumbled back to my place, I changed into my gown for the ball, and people cooked radomn meals in my kitchen and I watched bizarre cartoons on the tv. Finally got into bed at around 4 am - again.....

Saturday was great as well. It started out with a run to the Scottish Shoppe to pick up Cam's kilt and a lesson on how to wear my sash. Then a dash to the housesitting house for a final cleanup and then off to do my hair, which really didn't go well at all. Then an equally as frightening makeup session. While I was sitting in the chair my little sister walked up to chat, after she left the girl asked about her, asked her age and I replied..well I'm 25 so she is 23....and she replied.."OH! you are only 25..I never would have thought you were that young..." well, how very nice...I look old...that plus the hair disaster made me feel very very special....

Grey's interlude....George is being a piece of crap right now......

Anyhoo, back to saturday.. After the makeup session I raced back home, got dressed and helped Cam with the final touches of the kilt outfit....he looked very very nice....and as the saying goes..."A highlander, no matter how old or haggard looks splendid, however a brawny young highlander in full regalia is positively resplendent" and it is true, very true. And we were off.

We arrived just before the head table was piped in and rushed to our seats. The dinner was delicious, the speaches were amazing, Lynne's tribute to our fair land brought tears to my eyes and the toast to "the homeland" was extremely moving. After the dinner various people tried their best to convince Cam to either join the pipers, the dancers, or whatever other scottish things they could think of. The dancing was so great to watch, my dress was far to long (it hit the floor with 3 inch heels) to dance and of course Cam doesn't know any of the moves so we watched. During the intermisison we had the pipers come out and pipe a few songs while the highland dancers performed - it was the nicest thing I could have ever heard.

All in al the evening was a success....and onto sunday. I woke up to find that my father had been admitted into the hospital - some complications due to a broken foot and some heart troubles...anyhoo off to the hospital with the fanciest car magazine I could get my hands on - and then a run around the city to gather various bits of stuff that I had strewn across the city.

After that my week went to hell - but there's not a damn thing I can do about it. Tomorrow is friday, thank god, although this weekend there isn't much planned, maybe I'll just chill chez moi.

Well, it doesn't seem like my explanantion lived up to what I thought it could be...maybe I am forgetting something.

Meh, that'll have to do - adios!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

No weekend updates yet - yesterday was 10 years and I spent the evening by myself decorating my pathetic zellers tree with all of my lovely Ikea decorations.

Quite the day I think

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I know I know - still no post about the weekend, but I will do something tonight- I swear...

In the meantime - I just arrived back from un petit lunchtime Ikea excursion. Nothing, well almost nothing, cheers me up and makes me happy like Ikea. I have no idea why i love it so much - but really why don't I work there again?

Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday morning

Sooooo tired.....didn't sleep last night.....florescent lights hurt the eyes....and to top it all off, people in calgary who drive where I drive to get to work are all idiots.....especially those in large trucks or those who take their freakin' time going through a turn light.....

stay tuned for a weekend update - it was a great weekend....

Friday, November 17, 2006

Return of the Mack

One day, very long ago I was sitting in the food court at Southcentre on my lunch break and the funniest thing seems that a very young (I'm thinking 16ish) guy named Darryl actually got up the nerve to come over and tell me that I was very pretty and that although he was dressed in his A&W uniform that he would very much like to get my number and call me.....I was flattered of course but because I couldn't bring myself to tell him that I couldn't go out with him because I was at least 2 years older that him and not single so I gave him a fake number....I know, I know, he probably called that number and got some crazy old man named Murphy or something but...anyways, why am I telling you this? Because last night on my marathon errands running escapade (aka picking up fancy ingredients for the party drinks tonight) I ended up at Willow Park Liquor store and lo and behold - there he was.....and I even had to face him and ask him where to find a specific bottle.....I'm not sure if he recognized me - it was 6 years ago, but still - a blast from the past nonetheless.

In other news - Victoria Secret is coming to Canada!!!!


As if it took them this long to figure out that we Canadian women will be spending ooddles of money in their all I need is a Bath and Body Works and a H&M in Calgary and I'm set!

See you all tonight!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Party on Wayne....

There is nothing like freshly dyed hair - I finally took matters into my own hands and got rid of that damn blond streak that has been there since february....although the shower looked like I murdered someone in it, my hair turned out quite nice - dark, very dark, but nice... at least now I have fancy hair for the Ball - now I just have to find a way to do my hair for the Ball....I'll think of something...

Anyhoo - the main purpose of this post is to announce yet another party at - you guessed it - chez moi..this time it is for Rachel's Birthday....her Chanpagne birthday in fact....starts around 7:30 - moving to Original Joe's at 9:30ish....come one come all, there will be cake and fancy birthday cocktails...and of course me on the ground laughing my head off as I try to keep it together as I expect to see you all there.....

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

20 Things I Love

Not in any particular order..... and not including people that I love of course.

1. Waking up at 4:00am knowing that I can guitlessly go back to sleep for a few more hours
2. Watching a movie that has so many memories attached to it (ie: Tombstone, Top Gun, or Romeo and Juliet)
3. Re-reading a really awesome book (Outlander)
4. Being truly happy for a friend and letting them know (Cynthia and Aaron!)
5. Laughing so hard that I fall off my chair and can't breath (P&P party - Rachel and her accents!, numerous occasions sitting at the kitchen table with my mom)
6. Having a beer with my fav Mr. B and talking about Europe.
7. Buying the perfect gift for someone and watching their face as they open it (Bama)
8. Having a total stranger pay me a compliment
9. Being so scared about looking at a a paper / test and being totally suprised that I got an awesome mark. (SPAN 407)
10. Overseas phonecalls (Maya, Rupinder, Snoop)
11. The first bite of my Nana's Christmas Cranberry Pudding - complete with ultra delicious sauce.
12. Boarding a plane set for Europe / Having Airport parties before I head off for Europe
13. Using my degree and getting paid for it.
14. Hugs from my Grandma
15. Tax Returns (so I can go to Europe)
16. Getting to dress up for a special occasion
17. Putting on Flannel PJ's and sleep socks then climbing into a bed freshly made with flannel sheets.
18. When the FLAMES win - while wearing my Freddy Braithwaite jersey.
19. Drinking Nog / yummy coffee drinks / eating sweedish meatballs while watching an aforementioned movie / laughing at Seinfeld.
20. Being wrapped in a warm blanket fresh out of the dryer (thanks mom...)

okay....21 things I love

21. Getting fun mail.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


In order to welcome Megs to the Blog world properly, I decided to post a photo of her when she and I took a trip to YYZ last october (2005) for some shopping (at H&M of course!) and the best ever crème brûlée ristreto....

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Lest we Forget

Dedicated to my grandfather, George Hartford Gould, and to all who fought and continue to fight for our country.

Thank you.

In Flander's Fields

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flander's fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, tho poppies grow
In Flander's fields.

Liet. -Col. John McCrae

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Let the Incrimination Begin...

As I write this I am praying that noone from job #2 reads this.....or if they do that they completely understand my reasons for doing what I did.....

Yesterday in the midst of my crap ass tuesday at work I get this one phone call - one phone call that would completely change my day - it was Cam...... this is how the conversation went....

ME - Good afternoon, Linda speaking...

Cam - Hey - are you working tonight (@ Job #2 he means...)

ME - yep I am - why?

Cam - 'cause I was just offered Flames tickets! - wanna go?

ME- Holy crap - I'm calling in sick..... ( note that there was absolutely NO hesitation on my part in response to his ticket offer...) (please also note that I have a perfect attendance record at work...for 2.5 years - never ever ever called in sick, not even when I was acutally sick!)

Cam - really? okay....

ME - Yeah - I'll call you right back....

So I called in sick to the aforementioned (KQ) job #2 and then proceded to grin ear to ear for the remaining hour of work.....

I got home asap - had Heather drop off the BEST jersey in the world (Freddy Braithwaite #40 if you were wondering...) and jumped into the shower only to be wisked away to the game @7. It turns out that these tickets were from a certain Partner who decided that Cam was deserving enough to have use of his tickets for the evening. And boy were they ever awesome tickets!

ROW 8 BABY!!!!! ROW 8!!!!!! (now do you see why I called in sick????)

We were right at Kipper's glove for the first and third periods and got to watch Andrew Ferrence's fight right before our very eyes! Thrilling I tell you!

In the end we kicked Dallas' ass - 3 to 1 and I remembered how much fun it was to go to a Flames game.....

Today was not nearly exciting, unless you count almost dying 14 times on the drive home (the 10 minute drive home) from yoga and grocery shopping.... But I did decide that I have another new boyfriend.....I'm not sure what it is about him (maybe he reminds me of a certain Jamie?) but I just love him....... ladies and gentlemen I give you ....Rhett Warrener

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

The Tuesday Blues

Holy --------- (insert your own 4 letter words here) - I cannot freakin' believe that it is only tuesday! I feel like a truck ran me over , backed up and ran me over again. The past 2 days have been very crappy. Nothing really happeend that was the breaking point I just feel like in general most things have just been below par if you get my drift. Last night dancing was okay, before that I had dress alterations which are never very fun. Tonight is Job #2 and homework, albeit easy easy homework, but homework nonetheless. Tomorrow's forcast seems to be much the same as the last 2 days.... yoga - nothing too negative about that - and a meeting of the SACS - I depserately hope that my fav talkative lady keeps her chattyness to a bare minimum - maybe I'll sneak my iPod in.....

I guess I feel like I have a bazillion things to do and am too busy every night adn I never sleep - although that isn't really any different is it? - why did I do this to myself? Because I am stupid. Next semester doesn't look like I'll get very much relief - 2 more courses and still with the dancing - yoga may have to suffer on account of my laziness....ughhhh.

Later on this week I have to make food for my entire office (its my fat friday) which may consist of crepes (both savory and sweet) and scones....afterwards I have to race home to make shepherds pie and set up the party for the evening - thank god I get to at least drown my sorrows in super delicious special tea that I am serving at the party to go along with the delicious Mr. Darcy.

Ughhh, I cannot get out of this slump......I wonder what the radio conversation is today? Maybe that will perk me up...

Sunday, November 5, 2006

The morning after.....

As predicted the party for KQ was a gong show - my apartment was a disaster, it has since been cleaned but holy crap what a mess...... and holy crap it was fun!

It turns out that the girls actually convinced me to go to the bar - why did I go? Because I was guilt-tripped into going, but in credit to KQ and HM it was fun...... danced so much I can hardly stand today without groaning in pain......drank so much that I am not feeling like doing much more than laying on the couch..... slept so little that I can hardly keep my eyes open as I type this...... and talked so much over the loud music that the pineapple juice that I drank this morning burned as it went down.

Note to self - go to bed before 5 am - you will thank yourself later.....

Saturday, November 4, 2006

Meet My New Boyfriend

As we all know I am very easily influenced by media - and I have no problems admitting to this. If you think about it, it makes my life really quite interesting.

Anyhoo, as you all know I have this thing for all things miltary and just recently I watched the movie Annapolis - (which for all you non-military people out there is the US Naval Academy). Needless to say I was enthralled throughout this masterpiece of film and have therefore decided that James Franco is my new TV (well movie actually) Boyfriend. I don't know why I am in love with him - really I have no clue.....maybe it's those cheekbones.....but in any case I love him and have dedicated the next little while to a) buying a copy of Annapolis and b) buying a copy of Tristan & Isolde (he was in that too of course).

It's perfect really - they satisfy 2 needs - the need to see my new TV Boyfriend and to see movies that have happy endings - well Tristan & Isolde isn't exactly happy per say, but it'll do.

Friday, November 3, 2006

What the Hell????

My signature colour/ fabric is pink chiffon - apparently this is what Tickle thinks I am - but honestly, can anyone, anyone who knows me see me in pink chiffon - ever? Most days my outfits consist of 60% black - at least! - I hate rainbows and clowns, and with the exception of a strong hatred for non happy endings I am generally a very melancholy person and thus not a pink chiffon person.

Other weird things that happened today - Knickers and Lace should carry more of a selection of undergarments made to be worn under a black (of course) crepe halter top dress. I went shopping on my lunch hour and my first stop was the aforementioned store - very dissapointing indeed. I ended up heading to the mall to La Vie en Rose to buy a black bustier for my dress - my other one is nearing 8 years old and no longer does the job. Now all that needs done are the alterations for my 18 sizes too big dress - monday I think.

Oh, and the radio saga continues - yesterday the topic was how you lost your virginity. All sorts of people called in - some good stories, some very very bad stories...some just plain weird. Why would anyone want to discuss this on the radio is beyond me - I wouldn't.

Now I am settling in for a night of cake baking and a movie - military theme of course - resting up for the gong show that will be tomorrow night - KQ"s party - well, thats all for right now - TGIF!

Thursday, November 2, 2006

So Damn Jealous

So Mr. McFebruary is off to Europe for a 7 week tobogganing tour - and I am so damn jealous. I LOVE Europe (a fact which I'm pretty sure we are all well aware of) but I'm not sure I would want to go as part of a sledding team. I'm just not that into sledding - but hey, I can't knock it unless I've tried it right?

In any case I am sitting at my desk dreaming about a trip that I can take to get me the hell away from mortgage processing....that and the fact I constantly get emails from friends in all sorts of fun places- and by fun I mean NOT Calgary! I am for sure going to leave sometime soon - after my courses are fini, so I guess that means mid April - But hey Springtime in Paris is lovely and I do have a certain hankering for some ham sandwiches plus I need some more scarves (hey Denise!)

- Now watching McDreamy - and George just did the cutest McString of McWords - adorable, I love George....who doesn't really?

Class was over early today - I ROCKED the township system tonight - wicked! Now, just one more class to go and I'm free again until january.....

K - gotta go pack for housesitting - hasta luego...