Tuesday, November 14, 2006

20 Things I Love

Not in any particular order..... and not including people that I love of course.

1. Waking up at 4:00am knowing that I can guitlessly go back to sleep for a few more hours
2. Watching a movie that has so many memories attached to it (ie: Tombstone, Top Gun, or Romeo and Juliet)
3. Re-reading a really awesome book (Outlander)
4. Being truly happy for a friend and letting them know (Cynthia and Aaron!)
5. Laughing so hard that I fall off my chair and can't breath (P&P party - Rachel and her accents!, numerous occasions sitting at the kitchen table with my mom)
6. Having a beer with my fav Mr. B and talking about Europe.
7. Buying the perfect gift for someone and watching their face as they open it (Bama)
8. Having a total stranger pay me a compliment
9. Being so scared about looking at a a paper / test and being totally suprised that I got an awesome mark. (SPAN 407)
10. Overseas phonecalls (Maya, Rupinder, Snoop)
11. The first bite of my Nana's Christmas Cranberry Pudding - complete with ultra delicious sauce.
12. Boarding a plane set for Europe / Having Airport parties before I head off for Europe
13. Using my degree and getting paid for it.
14. Hugs from my Grandma
15. Tax Returns (so I can go to Europe)
16. Getting to dress up for a special occasion
17. Putting on Flannel PJ's and sleep socks then climbing into a bed freshly made with flannel sheets.
18. When the FLAMES win - while wearing my Freddy Braithwaite jersey.
19. Drinking Nog / yummy coffee drinks / eating sweedish meatballs while watching an aforementioned movie / laughing at Seinfeld.
20. Being wrapped in a warm blanket fresh out of the dryer (thanks mom...)

okay....21 things I love

21. Getting fun mail.


Anonymous said...

I can't improve on your list.
In concur in your choices.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda!
I am so happy we made the list and to be #4! How remarkable! We too are very excited for the baby! Thanks for being such a great friend to us! You are fantastic!
We love you!