Monday, September 22, 2008

Living in the Big House on the Hill

Firstly, my apologies for the long wait - I've been awaiting my Internet to be installed chez moi and the Internet cafe was all the way downtown... and it's rather tough to park downtown sometimes. But enough of my excuses.

Here's the update: I moved back to Victoria as part of a contract with the Navy that was drawn up for me to help me fill time until I have a course in Quebec City. This wasn't quite what I had in mind, in fact most of us thought I would be back in Calgary working at the ship's office, but here I am. My current position involves Port Security and my tasking is to Coordinate the BASF or the Base Auxiliary Security Force - a daunting task for someone with only 6 months in, but I am trying to do my best.

Other than work I try to keep my time occupied with eating - mainly at the fancy dancy dining room downstairs - complete with white linen table cloths and silver cutlery... a rather posh place reserved for officers. It's nice, but a bit scary as I am usually the lowest rank in the room and are therefore very careful how I conduct myself. Not that I don't have any manners, but sitting in the same room as 5 different 4 bars (Navy Captains) is a bit scary at times. After the meals, which quite honestly are pretty tasty, I usually zip off to the gym on base. It's nice, and the cardio theatre is well equipped but I have yet to visit the weight room as it is filled with hulking Navy boys who although are most likely extremely sweet their muscles are larger than my head! My solution to this problem is to transfer my membership from my Calgary gym to one in Victoria - that will be a task for next week I think. The reason for my crazy workout regime is that I have somehow agreed to run a half marathon next May... another scary task but I have something like 36 weeks to prepare so hopefully the mild weather this winter will allow me to train outdoors for most of the season.

On the friends front, I have several buddies from basic who are still in town waiting on their next course to start as well - these peeps however are all reg force MARS officers (think the guys who drive the ships). Luckily for me they are all really awesome people and I love to spend time with them. On a timeline note I think I may be here until June, unless I can convince the CF to offer another Logistics course next year, keep your fingers crossed!

Alright, I'm getting sleepy and I have to be off to work tomorrow morning. I have a Sig Sauer shoot on Tuesday so I am sure that I will have some fun things to tell you then.
Good night!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


So I am all moved in in Victoria now... it was quite the wait but I've checked into my wardroom room - aka my hotel room, eaten my meals at my fancy dining room, checked in at work, got my desk, found out I am the Coordinator of a Emergency / High Profile Security Force... and have finished my "In-routine"... I feel rather like a real life Navy person now... saluting all the way from my room to my office and having people to coordinate.. it is all very scary though!

This poor blog has been quite neglected in the last few months but I have called Shaw and they are coming out to install my internet on Thursday. SO that means that I can start to regularly update you all on my life... yeah!