Sunday, May 31, 2009

Food for thought

Why Are Humans Different From All Other Apes? It’s the Cooking, Stupid

Published: May 26, 2009

Human beings are not obviously equipped to be nature’s gladiators. We have no claws, no armor. That we eat meat seems surprising, because we are not made for chewing it uncooked in the wild. Our jaws are weak; our teeth are blunt; our mouths are small. That thing below our noses? It truly is a pie hole.

I found this article and thought it was interesting... (the title is the link)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ode to Vic

As of today I have pretty much 2 weeks left here in Vic. I'm not really working too much - with the exception of this very last night shift right now - basically my out-routine and packing, oh the packing... I recall slightly mentioning before that I wanted to be as minimalist as possible and clearly this has not panned out very well. Currently I have filled 3 large Rubbermaid tupperware type containers and still have some to pack in my suitcase for the car. Ugh, I'm trying to reason out what to keep from my wardrobe - am I going to have an office type job where a uniform isn't required? Not sure..... most likely not, but I do have to dress up to eat meals at the mess so keeping them is justified. I do think though that all my non clothing items should really be thinned out a bit, that will be tomorrow's chore.

As for missing things here, despite the fact that I live in the ghetto side of the city (and on base) it's been really great. I've been able to visit a lot of friends from BOTC, even the reservist guys from BOTC made it out before I left, and now I get to see the rest of them in Quebec City. Not too bad, plus Pete has been here since January and even though we share essentially a hotel room and work shift work with very random sleeping schedules, we haven't even begun to get on each other's nerves.

I will really miss being so close to a lot of my navy friends. They really made the year here and I am sad to say adios for the time being. I will also miss the yummy sushi here, I don't think I even made it to all the restuarants, and of course my car, I will miss having my car, although the gas prices here are getting pretty awful ($1.07!) I think one of the only things I will miss about my job here is the view. My office has a great view of the harbour and all the warships, very large and cool looking warships... and on a night like tonight where the sun is just setting and everything has a warm glow it is quite beautiful!

For the drive home we had originally decided to depart on the Saturday, overnight in Vancouver (all you can eat Sushi and Korean BBQ) and then again in Kelowna and then onto Calgary for a few days before we both head east. However, Pete has surgery scheduled for the 10th, and won't be out of hospital until the 14th or so, plus now the poor guy can't fly home from Calgary but has to train it from Edmonton..... Yep, almost 3 days on the train - yikes! Well this way his lung won't collapse again and he can have all sorts of crazy fun in Gagetown throwing grenades, and shelling stuff without worry.

Anyhoo, I should get back to the harbour and my paperwork. Night!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tree hugger?

Being that I am in the new "Green Navy" and living in BC for the past year I feel a bit more in tune with environmentally friendly practices. Not to say that I wasn't like this in Calgary, I recycled as much as I could, but it is nice to read something like this... bravo Alberta, Green looks good on you.

On a completely unrelated note, I ran my first 1/2 marathon today. A month ago I ran my first 10 km therefore this was quite the leap. Originally I made a 2 hours 45 minute goal for myself and I am happy to report I made it in 2 hours, 30 minutes., give or take a few mins. It was awful, the two hills in the last km almost killed me but I did it and now feel a lot more motivated to run the 15km staircase challenge in Quebec City in a month, and even more so for the half marathon in September. Pete also kicked butt... he ran 1 hour 49 min, and on a newly repaired collapsed lung which prevented him form actually training for this thing... he is amazing and I'm uber proud of him - Good Job Pete!

I'm pretty sure, inspired by dooce also ran a race this weekend, and Heather has a sprint triathalon next weekend... so well done / good luck to the them!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Survey fun on a sunday night

4 goals I have in the next 5 years:
1. Make Lieutenant(Navy)
2. Own a house
3. Run a marathon
4. Become uber organized

4 places I will visit someday:
1. Scotland - to walk the Great Glen Way and research my roots
2. Russia - to see the history
3. India
4. Vietnam

2 interesting places I've been
1. Sahara Dessert
2. Turkey

4 of my favorite foods:
1. Indian anything
2. Afternoon Tea
3. Veggie Platters
4. Christmas Pudding (ala Nana)

4 jobs I've had:
1. Aupair - most spoiled and misbehaved children I've ever met
2. Optometric Assistant - it helped me get to Africa and paid
for university
3. Teacher - grade 10 boys are awful
4. Anti-terrorism Officer of the Watch

2 places I've lived:
1. France
2. Montreal

2 places I'd like to live:
1. Ottawa
2. Anywhere else in Europe

4 things I'd do with my spare time, if I had any:
1. Learn another language - Arabic I think
2. Read more history books
3. Learn how to swim (or rather learn how to swim properly)
4. Perfect the art of conversation

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So since I last posted I've been getting into my running, mostly because Pete has encouraged me to sign up for races. Also because, for the moment, I live in Victoria and can run outside most days of the year.

I managed to get through the Times Colonist 10km run - after a night shift no less - which did make me feel pretty happy. Although running with 11,000 other people was awful, and all those people who started before me and walked from the beginning were frustrating to navigate around, I did feel like the run went well.
Fast forward a month and I am running my first 1/2 marathon. Not sure if this was the smartest move, having only a month of extra training in between the two but I have come up with a plan. I originally was going to run it as a 10km and then walk run the rest until I was finished, however now I think I'll do a 2km run then 1 km walk and see how that goes. Pete is also running this one, not beside me, but he will be on the route roughly around the same time. He is running on a newly repaired collapsed lung but I have no doubt he will be just fine, he lives for this stuff.

I have another race in the fall to train for which I assume I will be more prepared for. Plus I am spending the summer in Quebec City and one of my classmates has decided that we are going to be running this exciting race..... so who knows I might just do well.