Saturday, January 22, 2011

Six Things Saturday

Because it's all the rage...
  1. Microwaved Grapenuts cereal is delicious, and amazingly fast to make and eat, as in overnight oats with yogurt.
  2. Rome and Spartacus are my newest TV addictions, also Rogers on demand is great for catching The Big Bang Theory when you are at work every Thursday night
  3. Having your bestest military friends just happen to be attending conferences in your new city for a week and a half is amazing and I wish they could come back more often! (fingers crossed for February!)
  4. Living along the Rideau Canal is fabulous and beautiful... my husband makes good housing choices in my absence
  5. The Devil Wears Prada has now become my life
  6. I actually do miss seeing my in-laws every week - good thing they are visiting this weekend!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Life as an Ottawan - Month 1

Things have progressively gotten better since moving here, meaning that we are finally on the homestretch to changing all our addresses, and my ID into my new married hyphen name (yes, I am one of those people... ) and my new province.  Truth be told, this was one of the most heinous things I could have done.  I have ended up swearing profusely at the Ontario government for their ridiculous procedures and rules, and becoming terribly depressed when I had to hand over my beloved and treasured Alberta licence to the evil women at the Ministry of Transportation.  I just wish that Ottawa could be it's own entity, like Washington DC - because honestly, it's better than Ontario and it really shouldn't have to be part of the craziness that this province is... pardon the Anti-Ontario sentiments... but I really, really miss Alberta.

In any case, it's Friday and I for one am THRILLED that I am *this* close to finishing the work week.  The new job (onto week 3 now!) has slowly become the norm, the office and it's people have become more familiar and I think I narrowly avoided a "Devil Wears Prada" moment with my boss and the other office ladies... fun, fun times.  Navy work has been interesting too... just got to the new unit, already was called out on parade to accept something for a department I didn't know I was in charge of, found out that the former Divisional Officer didn't do hardly any work, and I've inherited a mess - plus we have an inspection in 2 months - awesome!  Guess I get to put in some overtime after my day job to straighten out the mess.  But hey, extra money is always nice to have, and the experience is welcome.

Last week was a whirlwind of two jobs and friends in town and staying over.  Luckily, all roads lead to Ottawa when you are in the military, and for this reason we generally have friends in town every month.  This month many happened to come into town the same week.... so we were kept busy playing host and visiting with people each evening.  This week was much quieter on the visiting front but busier on the work front.  Tonight, however, the in-laws are arriving tonight for a quick weekend visit.  They are bringing up some armchairs for our living room (the blow up mattress just isn't cutting it anymore) and Pete's wonder road bike and a spinner so he can cycle indoors.  We plan on showing them the lot and the model house for our newest acquisition, delivery date to be November 2011!