Thursday, September 16, 2010


So it seems as though I've been in somewhat of a hibernation these past few months..... Perhaps I should update on what's been going on - lets start with where I left off.

Love the Dad glasses

June: From all accounts it was a tough month - From finishing my Logistic qualifications, having our promotions delayed, and then the toughest part of course, was losing my father.  At the funeral we had an amazing slideshow with pictures from when my father was young, to when we were all really young and then the last chapter of his life.  It was a sentimental trip down memory lane that made us all laugh and cry.  My husband, who was able to fly in from CFB Shilo for the day, was grateful to see how I grew up.  Since then I've thought a lot about my childhood and all the fun times we had and have come to terms with the loss.  It still makes me sad some days but I can always be happy that I do have the memories.

July:  I went back to work in Ontario, back in Borden for another few months working away doing neat Log stuff.  Pete was back in Shilo finishing his course - firing big guns and blowing stuff up.   I met a great friend in Borden at work, and got to see another fellow Calgarian as well.  My weekend trips to my in-laws resumed and I was feeling pretty good.

August: Pete finished up on course and we both took 2 weeks off for leave.  As per usual, our leave was filled with driving.  First a birthday party for Pete's Uncle, and a belated birthday party for him, then a few days at the cottage (so wonderful) and then off to Ottawa for round 1 of interviews for Pete.  That weekend was in London for a friend's wedding, and then back to Sharon for some much needed downtown, only to go right back to Ottawa for more interviews, and to meet this darling little girl...

September: Pete is back in Gagetown, I am still in Borden - this time my office was moved and I am now a Company Commander... in charge of 180 recruits and their staff - craziness... I have a lot of ruck sack marches coming up and some teaching to do, plus all my Logistic bits - I think life is going to get rather busy real soon...

Future: Pete should be home within a few months, and then off to School again for 3 months.  I've decided however, that I'll be in Ottawa beginning in Jan, with or without a job - enough is enough and it's time to live with a kitchen again.

So there we go, all caught up, feels better to be back. Ciao