Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Coffee date

I have seen this done a few places around the web and thought I would give it a go.

If we were to sit and have a coffee date I might tell you..

That today I am feeling rather overwhelmed with these two little babies in my life - I felt my patience leave in the middle of the night and it has yet to come back to me.  The 3 hour nap strike this morning by both of my munchkins did nothing to help… it took a very long car ride and a nice latte to calm me down and get them to sleep.  The frustrating thing is that they are normally awesome in the morning and I can have them both asleep for a solid nap before noon.  That coupled with Claire's fussiness last night and William's tantrums (the terrible twos are in full swing here) makes for a noisy and difficult atmosphere.

That I am looking forward to the enormous snow heap in my yard to melt away in this rain so I can plant some veggies and flowers and finally spent time outside.  I walked for 2 hours everyday with William and I find being stuck indoors frustrating.  That, and I cannot WAIT to get back to running… yay for Spring in Ottawa!

That I wish I had some time to myself to read something other than Facebook, Twitter and Blogs….on my phone, and I think the lack of proper book reading is starting to melt my brain.  The time I spend sitting with a (or two) baby(ies) on me, feeding or sleeping is huge.  I usually only have one hand free and sadly that means I can't really read a paperback, but Facebook, Twitter and Blogs.. well, I can scroll through those one handed.  I think I should see if I can splurge for a kindle and get in some reading that way.

That the current decor of my house is getting on my nerves.  Perhaps its the giant train table I have sitting in my living room, or the random other colourful toys scattered about, or the free living room furniture set I acquired in 2006… but I wish I could change up my house.  I popped over to an open house down the street on Sunday.  They have the same model as us (a few changes here and there) but obviously do not have any kids - the house was so serene and clean and not cluttered…

That I have an awesome neighbour who is also on mat leave and has a friend with twins 6 weeks older than my bunch (who live around the corner!) and we are getting a regular play date going.  I didn't have that with Will - for his year at home my closest friend on mat leave was a 45 min drive away however is coincidently on mat leave again but is moving to Colorado Springs in July.   I do still love the military but it really sucks when your friends (or you) move away.

I think that is enough from me - hope everyone is doing well!

Happy Tuesday