Friday, March 31, 2006

Update on the List

We can now officially scratch off:
  • SPAN 571 - Los Caprichos (thankfully we don't ever have to think of all the weirdo scary paintings ever again!)
  • SPAN 437 - Presentation (I came, I saw, I didn't conquer, what more can I say?)
  • SPAN 437 - Foro (just one more to go...)

Next week should be interesting....

El Scam-o Mucho

Here's the deal. I have yet to win at roll up the rim to win -(click here if you don't know what I'm talking about)

I mean seriously, I buy coffee all the time - from march to may I do my best to go to T-Ho's (abbreviation courtesy of Heather) and buy their coffee in hope of winning something great. I even refrain from going to second cup for my beloved and delicious Crème Brûlée Ristretto (I think we all know how much I love my Crème Brûlées!) In previous years I have won the occasional coffee / donut, but this year - nothing, nada, rien, zip, and it sucks!

I am officially declaring it a scam-o-rama

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Los Cap- what -o's

Well, well, it's that time of year again. Final's time! Thats correct - time to work my butt off 24/7 just so that I can catch up and finish all the stuff I have previously neglected and procrastinated on (see previous posting). Yesterday I decided to get organized and make a list (I love lists!) of all the things I must accomplish by april 21st! It turned out to be along list. among the entries are:
  • SPAN 571 paper (x2) -
  • one one Spanish impresionist art (Sorolla) :

  • and one on some weirdo etchings by Goya -called, you guessed it "Los Caprichos" - I've decided to write about this one in particular.

It's titled "You can't escape" (insert scary laugh here)

Creepy no?

  • SPAN 571 oral presentation - not really that hard, but it involves sounding intellectual in front of Master's students (yikes!)
  • SPAN 505 paper (very long) - but on a fun topic (aka French Food) - so here's me writing about french food and trying my best to : a) sound intellecutal when trying to say - it's really tasty and b) try to not get super hungry (good luck!).
  • SPAN 505 paper (x2) - about weird short little stories - more of a nuissance than a perceived difficulty you could say.
  • SPAN 437 paper - I've decided to attempt to understand my good friend Borges (this one's for you Maya) - but I'm not sure it will work.
  • SPAN 437 test - in lieu of a final I have this piece of crap to write the last day!
  • SPAN 437 oral presentation - this friday, should be okay, but again - it's an oral presentation so needless to say - not fun.
  • SPAN 437 foros (x2) - little repsonses I have to post on blackboard about crappy stories.
  • FREN 333 movie analysis - sounds easy, but the prof is somewhat anal about perfection.
  • FREN 333 test - our prof is also notorious for having very very outrageously specific questions that don't reflect the real point to anything studied. (does she even have her PhD I wonder?)

All in all it seems like I should have a very fun couple of weeks (note - I am being sarcastic here)- wish me luck!

PS - Buena suerte a todas mis amigas y (mis amigos también) - Bonne Chance les filles!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

What to do, what to do....

So I'm graduating very very soon. This means that it is time to grow up and perhaps get a real job. Many people whom I have talked to lately have all asked me the same darn question "What are you going to do after grad?" This may seem like an innocent enough question but after the 100th time - it gets very annoying. Courtesy of Katie - I have a very good answer - "I'll probably end up rummaging around in a dumpster behind MacDonalds looking for food because I am broke and have a useless degree". Honestly I know most people don't mean it, but I'm not quite sure they understand just what my degree means. Firstly, it isn't really that simple. My degree combines history, literature, linguistics and languages. That's right - I speak 3 languages and can analyze the crap out of any poem or story, plus I know all about spanish, latin american and french history - and can write a damn good essay about it - in spanish, french or english! HA!

I have a quasi - real job now - Optometric Assistant (aka I do the tests with you and help you pick out glasses / get contacts when you come to see the eye doctor). This may be a good job except, I really like money. There's no way around it. I need something to finance my travel habit. Sooooo, I was thinking of possible carreer choices.

  • CSIS (our version of the CIA) agent (aka spy) - this would be way cool!
  • Land Admin person (I enrolled in the course yet I still have no idea what it entails, I just know it means good money)
  • Foreign Affairs Office (then I could be posted somewhere fun - like Europe!)
  • Military career (I have this ridiculous fascination with the military, and yes I know I already did it and got injured - but I think it is a viable path, plus I look damn good in both Navy blue and Army green!)

  • Flight Attendant (a natural choice with my affinity for travel and mad language skills - arabic is next!)

or for some more student-like life fun

  • Spanish Teaching Assistant (in Spain)
  • French Teaching Assistant (in France) - again!

So there they are - my options - what do you think?

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Mais c'est Johnny......

As most of you know - I have a soft spot in my heart for a certain french singer. Featured in the form of a "lurid T-shirt" in the book "A Year in Provence" (a damn funny read if you ask me), this particular man brings tears to my eyes everytime I see him. Not because of his devestatingly good looks - nor for his incredible talent, rather because of the sheer ridiculousness of it all. I'm talking of course about my withered old friend Johnny Hallyday. To illustrate my point I've posted several pictures of him.....

Now, as you might be able to deduce, he is an older gentleman - his debut as a super star in france dates back to the 50's - you might equate his to a french Elvis and James Dean all rolled into one.... But the really great part is that everyone in France still loves him. He still tours, still releases albums, still rides a motorcycle and has married and had a child with Letitcia - aged 20 something - but I digress....

For some more good old Johnny fun I shall now recount a conversation I had while shopping at a flea market with my friend Edel in Valence ( in France where I used to live). Keep in mind this has been translated in english for your reading pleasure....

ME: Hey Edel, I need to find a record of Johnny's for Cam (this was meant to be a hilarious joke as Cam had just read "A Year in Provence" when he visited me at christmas that year... and we both found him to be particularly ridiculous)
EDEL: I'm sure someone here (at the flea market) has some.....

Meanwhile Edel and I find a man who has records - some priced 6 Euros like U2, Elvis, Michael Jackson etc in one box and Johnny's (sans price) in another...

ME: Excuse me sir - how much are these records (indicating to Johnny's)

MONSIEUR: 9 Euros!

ME: Pardon me?

MONSIEUR: 9 Euros Mademoiselle....

ME: Seriously? But these other ones are only 6 euros - I don't understand....

MONSIEUR: MAIS C'EST JOHNNY [But - it's Johnny] (with a famous french shrug of the shoulders......)

Aparently I had just given this man the insult of his life.......


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Let me introduce you to....

One of my favorite men... no - it's not what you think it is, but rather, a posting dedicated to rambling about a great culinary genius...

If you haven't had the pleasure of watching the tv cooking show "Good Eats"(food tv wednesdays at 20:30 - or sundays 15:00 MST) allow me to introduce you. Good Eats is a cooking show like no other. Hosted by its creator and writer, Alton Brown, the show combines the likes of the History Channel, Discovery Channel, Bill Nye the Science Guy and a pinch of VH1 all rolled into one great half hour.

Not only is he super intelligent, but also hilarious. It's his bizarre way of conducting his show that I love, plus he has the best cookware / ways of using stuff - EVER. Case in point, his measure cups / plunger thingys, and his affinity for creating multitaskers out of all kitchen equipment - after all the only uni-tasker allowed in the kitchen is our friend the fire extinguisher.

In many ways he is the perfect mix of what a guy should be - funny, smart, good in the kitchen, full of suprises (I especially love suprises!), but still loves to play with fire and create wacky stuff. Who else could devote a whole show to peas, keep me interested, let alone make me want to eat all of his concoctions? Who I ask you? Who?
Alton Brown - that's who.... (plus, he uses the word - thusly - I just love it!)

In any case his show is highly entertaining, even the show titles are crazy, he features such classics as: Art of Darkness, Pantry Raid, The Choke's on you, or who could forget the Cookie Raid or the great Deep Space Slime

I think I may have to go on a petit shopping spree and purchase all the wacky fun stuff I can - so I can just like AB (he even has DVDs!)

Happy Cooking to all!

His wicked cool stand mixer
(I love the flames)

His super awesome
plunger / measure cup doodads

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

For the unconverted...

Today's tidbit refers to my love of Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. I would like to share with you the joy for this, my very favorite novel. The funny thing is - it must have a cult - like following, because every time I drag someone over to the G authors in the fiction section of Indigo / Chapters to show them this fantastic series inevitably there is someone who overhears my raving and joins in to recount her own tales of her love for this series - I swear....

Anyways, it really is unlike any other book I've read. Yes - there is some element of time travel (corny - I know), some elements of a romance (also corny - but great) - what would the world be like with more Jamies? much much better, with much much happier women! - but above all it is a true adventure mixed in with very interesting historical happenings.

As many of you have most likely already had to endure my ramblings about this superb literary specimen (and no doubt if you have received a gift from me in the last 6 months - it has been Outlander) - this is not really directed at you, but rather at those of you (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE - CYNTHIA AND TEILA!) who have not experienced the joy of Jamie and Claire - oh how I love them!!

The story revolves around Claire - a fantastic, strong, intelligent women who accidently falls back in time into 18th century Scotland and meets our brawny kilted scottish hero Jamie - who both will no doubt capture your heart! Their lives take them through numerous interesting historical battles (for the men out there) and really explains the scotish way (of the 18th century). What is really wonderful about these books is the fact that it doesn't just recount one event, or even just e few, rather their whole lives...... and what lives!

I could ramble on and on and on for a long time, but I shall spare you. However, if you just follow my advice (read the book!!!!) everyone will end up happy - I promise, trust me - and stay tuned for more Outlander musings.

PS - here's a little excerpt from the book - it is a vow that Jamie makes to Claire - and god, is it romantic......
Gaelic Blood Vow
Is tu fuil ó mo chuislean, is tu cnaimh de mo chnaimh
Is leatsa mo bhodhaig, chum gun bi sinn 'n ar naon
Is leatsa mánam hus an criochnaich ar saoghal.
In English...
"Ye are blood of my Blood, and Bone of my Bone.
I give ye my Body, that we Two might be One.
I give ye my Spirit, 'til our Life shall be Done."

Monday, March 20, 2006

Hours of fun!

I'm sure that all of you have heard of this game - or something like it. I've tried all the obscure characters I can think of, Balki Bartokomous, or Judy from Family Matters (the sister that disappeared), and only once have I stumped it!

I'm talking of course about the guess the dictator / sit com character game.

Try it and you'll see!

Today's thought - Creepy old men

Now, I'm all for compliments - don't get me wrong, especially first thing in the morning when I feel like garbage and I'm wearing my beloved Stanford Hoody (damn NCAA tournament - I am officially boycotting you!) and comfy pants - However, when they come from creepy library man, somehow they don't have the same effect.

For all of those who may not know about creepy library man let me explain....
Basically he is the "security guy" for the books at the library (aka he gets up to check your books / in your bag if you set off the alarm at the McKimmie Library at the U of C). He works in the mornings, and as I am usually in the library first thing in the morning to print off that days plethora of assignments, I happen to see him almost everyday. Therefore, by the laws of all that is bizarro he decides we are best buds and ergo calls me "Beauty" - nice.

For the most part I take one earphone out of my ear and smile politely and say "good morning" and do my best to walk very fast away from him, but last friday (St. Paddy's day) I was accosted. He actual stepped in front of me and demanded to see my green ... yuck! It so happens that I was wearing green (my cool shoes from France), but I did get a rather large pinch on my arm and he did get very close-talker on me.... hmmmmmm. Heather and Claudia can attest to this.

I'm not quite sure what to do with this new series of events, but maybe I should rearrange my library times, or get my homework finished at a normal time so that I can print it out at home without fear of waking all those sleeping in the next room..... or maybe I can use my stealthy spy skills and get into the library without being detected. I'll keep you updated.

Dejo las cosas para más tarde

Can I tell you how much I prefer to daydream about travelling in Europe rather than write a ridiculous spanish paper! I am trying to procrastinate my way through a spanish paper about a weirdo play about a tricyle - or at least I think that's what it's about, I haven't really read it.

Some days I cannot believe that my profs accept the garbage I hand in to them - truly! I basically whip off something that isn't worth the paper it's printed on then hope to god that I get a decent mark. Odd, huh? Thank god I only have 1 more month of this charade - yeah for graduation!!!!!

Anyways - perhaps I shall continue to write my ridiculous paper, wish me luck!


Well, here it is.
Hopefully I can manage to post most days - but depending on school, it may not happen. Anyways... stay tuned for more......

PS - this is me on The TGV - two things (according to the french) that should never be together (Starbucks - and a croissant!)