Sunday, March 26, 2006

What to do, what to do....

So I'm graduating very very soon. This means that it is time to grow up and perhaps get a real job. Many people whom I have talked to lately have all asked me the same darn question "What are you going to do after grad?" This may seem like an innocent enough question but after the 100th time - it gets very annoying. Courtesy of Katie - I have a very good answer - "I'll probably end up rummaging around in a dumpster behind MacDonalds looking for food because I am broke and have a useless degree". Honestly I know most people don't mean it, but I'm not quite sure they understand just what my degree means. Firstly, it isn't really that simple. My degree combines history, literature, linguistics and languages. That's right - I speak 3 languages and can analyze the crap out of any poem or story, plus I know all about spanish, latin american and french history - and can write a damn good essay about it - in spanish, french or english! HA!

I have a quasi - real job now - Optometric Assistant (aka I do the tests with you and help you pick out glasses / get contacts when you come to see the eye doctor). This may be a good job except, I really like money. There's no way around it. I need something to finance my travel habit. Sooooo, I was thinking of possible carreer choices.

  • CSIS (our version of the CIA) agent (aka spy) - this would be way cool!
  • Land Admin person (I enrolled in the course yet I still have no idea what it entails, I just know it means good money)
  • Foreign Affairs Office (then I could be posted somewhere fun - like Europe!)
  • Military career (I have this ridiculous fascination with the military, and yes I know I already did it and got injured - but I think it is a viable path, plus I look damn good in both Navy blue and Army green!)

  • Flight Attendant (a natural choice with my affinity for travel and mad language skills - arabic is next!)

or for some more student-like life fun

  • Spanish Teaching Assistant (in Spain)
  • French Teaching Assistant (in France) - again!

So there they are - my options - what do you think?


Heather said...

I say go for the dumpster rummaging one...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Heather, except call yourself a refuse recycler. Although Csis would be cool

Anonymous said...

I know all about the useless degree-ness situation. It used to be that when people asked me what I was taking in school I would say "French", then immediately follow it with an explanation that I'm working towards a doctorate, want to teach at a university level, yada, yada, yada. I've since decided I have neither the time nor energy for all of that, so I simply say "French" and watch them squirm uncomfortably while trying to think of a nice way to ask "What the hell for???"

Linda said...

nice - it's soo true, people are very ridiculous I find when you don't immediately explain why you decided to waste a degree on that - why the heck should I have to qualify my decision to be wordly. At least we all know how super cool we are!