Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Los Cap- what -o's

Well, well, it's that time of year again. Final's time! Thats correct - time to work my butt off 24/7 just so that I can catch up and finish all the stuff I have previously neglected and procrastinated on (see previous posting). Yesterday I decided to get organized and make a list (I love lists!) of all the things I must accomplish by april 21st! It turned out to be along list. among the entries are:
  • SPAN 571 paper (x2) -
  • one one Spanish impresionist art (Sorolla) :

  • and one on some weirdo etchings by Goya -called, you guessed it "Los Caprichos" - I've decided to write about this one in particular.

It's titled "You can't escape" (insert scary laugh here)

Creepy no?

  • SPAN 571 oral presentation - not really that hard, but it involves sounding intellectual in front of Master's students (yikes!)
  • SPAN 505 paper (very long) - but on a fun topic (aka French Food) - so here's me writing about french food and trying my best to : a) sound intellecutal when trying to say - it's really tasty and b) try to not get super hungry (good luck!).
  • SPAN 505 paper (x2) - about weird short little stories - more of a nuissance than a perceived difficulty you could say.
  • SPAN 437 paper - I've decided to attempt to understand my good friend Borges (this one's for you Maya) - but I'm not sure it will work.
  • SPAN 437 test - in lieu of a final I have this piece of crap to write the last day!
  • SPAN 437 oral presentation - this friday, should be okay, but again - it's an oral presentation so needless to say - not fun.
  • SPAN 437 foros (x2) - little repsonses I have to post on blackboard about crappy stories.
  • FREN 333 movie analysis - sounds easy, but the prof is somewhat anal about perfection.
  • FREN 333 test - our prof is also notorious for having very very outrageously specific questions that don't reflect the real point to anything studied. (does she even have her PhD I wonder?)

All in all it seems like I should have a very fun couple of weeks (note - I am being sarcastic here)- wish me luck!

PS - Buena suerte a todas mis amigas y (mis amigos también) - Bonne Chance les filles!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like a lot of fun. I don't think I could handle all the assignments you guys have, every week you have presentations or papers or quizzes or whatever. Having 100% finals at least lets you slack for 3.5 months.