Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy (Leap Year) Birthday!

To one of my dearest friends Denise - I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!  
Give those adorable little twins a big kiss from me!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Goals v. 2012

I've been home from work for 5 months now.... what have I accomplished in that time?  Not too much. Yes, I have a new addition to look after, and yes, it's been hectic and trying, and one of the most difficult things I've ever attempted, but I feel like I need some proper goals to work through, to keep me from becoming one of those "helicopter moms".

When I lived in Victoria I had a rolling list of goals that I was set to accomplish by the 9th of each month. Finances, fitness, education - you name it, I had a goal for it.  It really helped to keep me motivated and accountable.   It seems as though I've slowed my effort to create and meet my goals.  Now that Will is *mostly* over his colic (I say mostly after the horror that was last night), I think I can put some time towards thinking about myself a bit.

Now for the 2012 goals:

Pete and I have started the Insanity fitness system.  We tried the P90x way back in Victoria and liked it, but this one is a bit easier to do daily and actually a lot more enjoyable.  The best part is, although Pete is crazy fit and I am just getting back into a fitness routine after a rough delivery and unfortunate c-section, we can both get a lot out of this system.

  • For my fitness goal:
    • Finish the 60 days challenge; 
    • Lose one more pant size;
    • Beat my pushup record;
    • Run at least one race - no distance specification as of yet
Although being on Mat leave and having a new house that needs furnishing and eavestroughs makes saving tougher,  the goal here is to:

  • Save at least half my pay cheque each month (towards travel to Calgary and other vacations, property taxes, and things like weddings); and 
  • Invest some $ for Will.

Pete gets to go back to university in May - I am not quite there yet.... there is hopefully an MBA/ MPA  in my future, but for now I would like to:

  • Finish one more OPME (military) course (for a total of 4/6)
  • Re-test my French profile for a CCC (I am currently at a BBC)


  • Volunteer at the YMCA and / or the Legion in town
  • See Niagara Falls
  • Finally wear my wedding dress and celebrate the fact that we got married over 2 years ago (living apart and not knowing where we will be in the near future does not help one to plan a wedding)
  • Buy another car - one car in a smaller town without public transit is tough 
Those are the goals that I have on my mind for now - I'll likely add some more as time goes by, but for now that's good.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Diamond Jubilee

In Honour of Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee, I snagged a few pictures that show her true beauty.  Also, this list of 60 facts about Her Majesty is quite an interesting read - especially # 27.

 Such a beautiful young Queen

A caring Mother

Official Portrait for the Jubilee