Saturday, September 30, 2006

Kinky Boots and Stupid Boys

Cute movie - love the drag queen Lola - he/she is just fah-bu-lous. A nice thing to watch whilst lounging on the couch after a hard day's work. However, the guy at the casablanca (the movie store) was very weird - it was like - he - took - a - huge - long - break - after - each - word.... brutal!

Yesterday, at job #2, this guy (another weird one) was soooo bizarre! First let me tell you that trying to impress me with horror stories of what you do to your eyes with contacts will NOT impress me - in fact it does the opposite, it grosses me out and makes me want to rip out the eyes from your undeserving eye sockets! This guy told me that he, and I quote, "wears his focus night and day (contacts you were for UP TO 1 month straight) for - get this - 3 months at a time!!!!!!!!!" THEN he tells me that he has previously worn his 2 week contacts for almsot 6 months and only took them out because they hurt his eyes - plus he hasn't owned a bottle of solution in 3 YEARS and only came in for the exam because we wouldn't sell him contacts until his eye exam wasn't dated 3 years ago!!!!!

Apparently he has figured out the contact lens scam (?!?!?!?!) whereas the lenses are only marketed with that schedule because the company is trying to scam the consumers. He has absolutely no concern for the fact that the material degrades after a while, not to mention the fact that your eyes deposit ooddles of protein on the lenses every day - disgusting!!!!!!!

I was so appalled with his behaviour that I couldn't even disguise my disgust - normally when patients tell me things that make me want to scream at them I can put the disinterested face on and say "mmmmm" and calmly write it down in their file. This time though I just stared open mouthed at him and just said over and over agian - seriously?!?!.

What an idiot, I hope his eyes fall out.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

So Sad

I am waiting for my Heather to get home with my H & M shopping (thank you Heather!!!) as well as well as waiting for my baked potato to freakin' bake (it's been almost an hour so far!) and I am watching the Barbara Walter's special with Terri Irwin (Steve's wife), and it is so sad. I could never believe that anyone who is watching this isn't moved by what she says - so terribly sad.

In other news, I am very very tired, again - today was day 2 of soup, lots of veggies - hence the baked potato - and that combined with the ionic detox thing from yesterday is making me feel quite ill. But, I perservered, I went to Yoga and Dancing tonight - not bad not bad. Tomorrow is fruits and veggies and soup - I'm getting there.

I can't wait for the banana and milk day! (I'm kidding, it isn't going to be pleasant) If it kills me I will fit into my fress for the ball - I swear.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Let the detox begin...

I am soooo exhausted from yesterday, let me explain. Yesterday after work I rushed over to my mom's brewed up a batch of soup and frantically did my laundry. Then I rushed off to my dancing - and boy was I dancing. There were sooo many people there this week, so we danced and danced and danced, then Rachel and I and my new friend Deanna went over to her house and practiced some more dance moves - wow, it was tiring. In fact I didn't get home until 1 am!

Today, well this morning I was so tired and because of my soup diet I couldn't drink any coffee - damn! Oh well, only one week of this, I can hold in there. After work I raced down to Bridgeland to see my Homeopath Shann, and we did this sort of Ionic Detox thing - basically this machine pulled all sorts of nasty crap from the pores in my feet - and the water was, oh god, disgusting. The colour and ...uh substances.... in it tell you what part of your body the crap is coming from - mine was dark orangy brown with some other things in it, bascially my joints and liver and lymphatic system were detoxed. The next 3 sessions should be better, aka more stuff from my body in the water - gross, I know!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Desperate Sunday

I had forgotten why I liked Desperate housewives so much, and why I love Bree so much. I love that she loves everything to be perfect, and she has the perfect complexion and the perfect hair and the perfect clothing. I just love Bree, but what I do NOT like is the crepey men she is always with - what the hell?

In other news, I had a really lovely tea/coffee party with Mrs. B then we got to rearranging my room and the living room a bit - much much more room in my room. Now all I need is to get my duvet from airmiles in the mail and my duvet cover from Ikea (of course!) and viola - perfection. On that note, last night when I was sitting on my couch reading my new book, I looked up at my doorway into the living room then around the room and had this sudden realisation that - wow, this is my apartment and wow - I love it! Wicked! In fact as I am typing this Heather is basically saying how much she loves our new living room - wierd indeed!

Tomorrow I'm off to do laundry, make some soup (for my new soup diet) and of course every monday -scottish country dancing! Yeah!


Saturday, September 23, 2006

McParty aftermath

Thursday night was fun, we had pizza, cake and of course McDreamy. Funny thing is that somehow we watched the 2nd episode of the season BEFORE the season premiere! Why? I 'm not quite sure, but I hear from oodles of other people that CTV failed to air the proper episode. As it turns out we changed the channel from 3 to 5 at 10:00 so we did in fact get to see the season premiere, and let me tell you, it solved quite a few confusing questions that were lingering after the 9:00 show. Technical problems aside, the shows were great - McDreamy was well, Dreamy, George was adorable (I need my own George) and the rest of the gang were equally as great. I can't believe Addison though, what the hell was she thinking - McSteamy????? Did anyone else notice the steam that followed him out of the bathroom door? I did and it made quite the impresison. And Izzie, poor poor Izzie, I kept my cool throughout the episode, didn't cry for her pain, but I wanted to. In the end my vote goes for McDreamy, McVet is fine, really quite nice, but I've never been a real fan of Chris O'Donnell.

Friday was fine, KQ and I attended the funeral, never been to a catholic funeral, but it was nice and both KQ and I did well, so did our friend - we are both very proud of you! Afterwards we took a trip to the Famer's Market for some urgently needed snacks and veggies - and I got a new yellow ribobn for my car - in fact I got it for FREE! No, it wasn't my charm that did it, it was the defective quality of the first sticker. Then, I attended my very first Mary Kay party. Denise was our lovely host and I got to visit with a whoel wack of people that I haven't seen in a while and get pampered while eating delicious treats - good day!

Saturday, same old same old - work then lounging whilst reading my new book - probably should have cleaned the house up a bit, maybe I'll get my butt in gear and do a spot of organising / cleaning yet tonight. A nice surprise for Heather, no?

That's enough for now - night!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Oh McDreamy, how I love thee!

Thank you Heather - no seriously....without her purchases of seasons 1 and 2 of Grey's Anatomy I would never have understood what the heck she was talking about every monday morning. Anyhoo, I am very much in Grey's Hypermode.

This week alone I have watched season 2 in it's entirety, well most of it, I had seen a few here and there over the summer. In fact, last night I started my session with the episode with the unexploded bazooka shell in the man's chest and finished with the season finale - needless to say I have spent each evening during my marathon week of Grey's Season 2 with a combination off tears, mascara and eye liner running down my face. and I am proud to say I am in love with not only McDreamy, but George as well and even Alex has somewhat redeeemed himself in my eyes. Furthermore, I just love Bailey - and of course the other interns too, Meredith, Izzie and Christina, I've even warmed up to Addison!

In any case, I am very excited for the McParty tonight in my new McLiving Room with my friend McKQ, McRB and McMG.... it should be fun, too bad McHM has to be away, but I'm sure she'll have a similar McParty with her sis.

See you all there.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Real Living Room!

YEAH!!! We actually have a proper living room, with shelves, and if I might say, it looks fabulous, and just in time for my McParty to watch McDreamy on thursday night! Anyhoo, many many hours were spent at Ikea yesterday, we tried on several different couches, chairs and generally pretended like we lived in each exhibit (I think this might be my favourite activity ever..). In the end I ended up with a hefty $450 bill and a very very happy Linda.

Before going into Ikea Cam and I decided to peruse the Jysk store across the street and honestly it felt like I was cheating on Ikea, the store was weird to say the least, they even had some clothing...... very very bizarre.... and some curiously similar furniture, nevertheless we decided to be true to Ikea and walked across the parking lot.

Back to my place to put together all of our loot. My living room is stil a bit disaorganized, but it is slowly coming together in a semblance of real living - Martha would be proud! Now I just need to clean up my bedroom and buy a duvet cover set and hang some more of my pictures. Wow, it feels quite bizarre to be a grown up, but I guess I really don't have any choice in the matter, do I?

I shall leave off here with a promise to have another party so we can all check out the new arrangement in my living room.

Oh, by the way - the aforementioned McParty is happening chez moi on thursday at around 8:30 in case anyone wishes to attend.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My Deepest Sympathies

I just got home from dancing and Heather has informed of of the sudden passing of a dear friend's mother. I don't even know what to say, or what to do. I am just so sorry for the sadness that her family must be feeling.

To her I say that she has my condolences and my prayers, we are all here for you my dear, whenever, wherever, always.

Miss KQ and I will be attending the funeral on friday and will hopefully be able to bring some semblance of comfort to her.

Monday, September 18, 2006


Ah, I almost made it - I thought I had escaped the dreaded cake at the work with the card and everyone singing......unfortunately they didn't forget after all, it was just delayed. I was given 2 very yummy cakes, and of course the card with the gift certificate in it. So now I have soooo much cake in my place - I need some help to eat it all - please help me - I have carrot cake, chocolate ganache and black forest to eat - and soon!

Back in the Saddle again!

Yesterday was truly fantastic.

I haven't been riding for a while and yesterday myself, Miss KQ, Rae and Heather took off to Griffin Valley Ranch to do a bit of riding. Although we weren't able to do much more than a gentle walk due to the snow and mud, I think we still had quite the good time! My horse's name was David and he was lovely with the exception to the fact that every time I had to dismount in order to open a gate / fence and then try to remount he thought it would be funny to start moving while I was 1/2 way up into the saddle. I'm sure this looked hilarious to my riding partners - well actually it was quite funny, and trying to mount a horse who is moving while laughing isn't the easier thing to do. In any case, and despite the discovery of the entrails of a recently snatched (by wolves) pony, it was a great day - follwed by of course some McKay's ice Cream in Cochrane.

Today however I am suffering a wee bit from my escapades yesterday. I have a bruise on my forearm, a bruise on my knee where it was rubbing against the saddle, sore triceps, sore shoulders, and very very sore inner thighs - walking is interesting but somehow I'll manage. In fact I am so enamoured with riding, plus it brings back some really great childhood memories, I just might be a regular at the ranch, although I might upgrade my horse - sorry David! - although in doing so I might not be able to actually get back on the horse if I ever need to dismount..... but I digress.

I'll see if I can find some pics of me on a horse when I was younger - my mom tells me I was a natural, but that remains to be seen!

Tonight I'm off to the 2nd session of my scottish country dancing, hopefully it will be better than last time..... and tomorrow I get to go on a mini shopping spree at Ikea (my 2nd home). Heather and I will finally have more of a real home, with furniture that somewhat resembles each other and some semblance of an organized space - and maybe we can even get the curtains up in the living room!

Oh, one more thing a big thanks to Heather for being so brave and letting me convince her to come riding- you are a natural my dear!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

A redeeming quality

I was at work today and decided that I didn't like the shirt I was wearing that much, soooo I decided to go and get a new one - one that I had seen in a flyer, argyll - one of my favourite patterns - anyhoo I went, bought it, changed into it and wore it for the remainder of the day... However, the reason of this post is to inform all of you doubting thomas' that in fact the now infamous Steve at work said - and I quote -
"Linda, you look rather fetching in that sweater",
So now we can all stop hating Steve for saying such nasty things to me whilst trying to make me feel better.
Bravo Steve, you've redeemed yourself.....

Friday, September 15, 2006

The week after - almost

So almost a full week as a full fledged 25 year old. Much has happened, I went dancing with a man in a kilt, had yummy Don Quijote dinner with a man in a suit, survived my first yoga/pilates class in forever, ate genuine scottish shortbread with an older scottish lad who begged me to come dancing with him next week, and had a Grey's Antamoy mini (disc 1) marathon. Tonight, dinner with Denise (greek this time!), perhaps some more Grey's and tomorrow is another birthday party for Mrs. B followed by some horseback riding with the girls on sunday....and it better not snow!

Phew - what a week, and it pretty much continues in this fashion until next May with some added bonus of classes...yeah!

Oh, and a huge CONGRATS!!!! to Heather on the purchase of her first new car - that's just awesome!!!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Scottish Country Dancing

So Rachel and I donned our dancing shoes and headed out for some good old fashioned scottish country dancing. It was really fun, we even had a gentleman in a kilt - he was great! As we fumbled our way through sets and casts and twirled around in our skirts and cute shoes we had a good work out and a lot of fun. Our teacher Fiona is nice, she seems to be quite patient with my rhythm-less self and I have since put about 5 different books on hold at the library so I can "study" and try to wow them next week. I'm such a geek! But in reality I know it probably won't do much good, I just need weeks of weeks and practice, and then some. The up side is that there are quite a few workshops in the coming months which means I can really get better at it. Plus, if by chance I am ever transported to 18th century scotland (a la Outlander) I will fit in just if only I possessed a time machine......

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Day After - now with Peter's!

I came, I drank, I partied...
Can I just tell you all that I absolutely LOVE my friends....lots of people whom I love came to wish me well (and mix me a drink), and in fact lots of people who couldn't make it despite my guilt trips and warnings. But in any case I had a lovely time, I really did, and to Macleod, Rachel and Rob who bunddled Miss KQ (my snuzzle buddy) and I into my bed at 2:30am AND who cleaned up my living room and kitchen, I am eternally grateful - you guys are wonderful.

But let me start at the beginning. I had to work at job #2, I got up dressed up in fancy clothes (and earings) and went to work. Upon my arrival I found a beautiful cake and card with a giant Happy Birthday Linda on the white board - and of course hung out all day with the girls - good start! Afterwards I raced around buying booze, and party snacks the home to prepare the snacks - which Miss Heather took control of - Thank you! Then I was off to dinner with Mom and the B's (as in Mr and Mrs). Who PS brought me a HUGE cake with - of course - a tiara on it and singing candles...I'm such a princess!!!

Then the party began - loads of hugs and hellos....and loads of drinks. I don't think I ever made my own - probably because I don't really have any skills in mixing at all. As it turned out (realized through a deep discussion with the afrementioned Miss KQ) Miss KQ and I were the only ones who had a few to many. Oh well, it was my party (Heather's too), my birthday and I had a really really nice time.

This morning was a different story. I woke up at 5:51 am, just as Heather was leaving for work - I felt like trash, my biceps hurt like heck (why? why? why? I have no clue, it wasn't like I was lifting all night or something...), my stomach was in poor shape and I couldn't get back to I took some pepto bismal curled back up in bed and awoke at 11:00am with my phone ringing. So KQ and I got up, made the bed, cleaned up the dishes from last night, put on real clothes (complete with jewelry), and headed out for a drop off and some Peters (for me...mmmmmm)

Not bad for the day after huh?

Thanks guys for the great day! I think I'll turn 25 agian next year!

Friday, September 8, 2006

The Day Before

Well well well, I'm almsot there - the big 2 5 - I'm half looking forward to my birthday and half kinda pissed off about it. I know I've done lots of stuff in my life, I know I have a lot to be happy about, but I thought that maybe I would be in a different place by the time I reached the ripe old age of 25. In fact, there is nothing I can do about it, short of lying about my age - cna I stay 25 forever?

In any case tonight is going to be quite fun, the moms (mine and Mrs. B) are going to Spruce Meadows for the Masters tournament - which I love to do. Plus my mom told me this morning that they have a lovely collection of Rembrandt paintings on display, and I just love the international markets. Plus I might swing byIkea (my other home) and pick up a quilt for $20, as my queen size bed currently is sporting a twin sized quilt, not the best look, trust me!

At the momnet I'm trying to lay low at work, I'm pretty sure that they don't know it's my birthday, and as I don't really know everyone, and I'm naturally really shy, I don't want a fuss - 'cuz I'll be embarressed and will have to answer loads of questions, plus I have a tendancy to blush easily and I hate that!

Thursday, September 7, 2006

The weirdest conversation in an elevator

So today, after lunch I was riding in the elevator with this guy, he was probably around 35 -ish, seemed nice. The following is the conversation that ensued....

Him (while starring at my toes intently): WOW!

Me (very confused): Hmmm?

Him: Your toes - they are VERY bright!

Me: Ah, yes they are.

Him: Really, they are, it's a nice colour....

Me: Um, thanks.

Apparently my newly painted red toenails were the highlight of his day. How bizzare.

PS - Birthday party chez moi - moving to Original Joes later on - saturday night..... come one come all -BYOB.

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

A tribute

I've been terribly callous and derelict in my duties with regards to paying hommage to our beloved Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. Let me tell you all that I have always admired his bravenss and true zeal for life. He really lived his life and had so much fun - we could all really take away a great lesson from him, he died doing what he truly loved.

Rest in Peace Steve, you will be missed.

Monday, September 4, 2006

One more thing

Seeing how this guy lives in Moose Jaw -

I'm really putting myself out on a limb this time......For the St. Andrew's Ball I need a date - anyone game?

A Bonny Day in the Rockies!

Well well well, what a lovely lovely day! I reapeat myself because yesterday was really excellent. As it turns out it was just Rachel and I that went to the games, but we had such a blast. In fact we stayed out there all day but sadly didn't stay for the Ceilidh as it was sold out and we needed to be able to drive the 107km home!

Anyhoo, back to the games. There we were amongst many many - perhaps even hundreds of brawny men, of all ages, kilted and resplendid. Honeslty I think I fell in love several times, but as Rachel soon found out I am a huge wimp and have absolutely no confidence in approaching men - even to take a picture - needless to say Rachel is the one who asked Tyson (the highlander I am with in the above photo) for a photo. He was truly excellent, not quite my type, but certainly one of the best dressed there...if you can see my right elbow is being blocked by his sword! - just fabulous!

But also, so many people were there with their highland jewellry, or goods and it was so fun just to browse around and chat with people. In fact Rachel and I will soon be quite proficient in Highland dancing, courtesy of our monday night lessons in prepartion for the Ball we are attending November 18th and the Robbie Burns Night January 13th put on by the St. Andrew's Caledonian Society (we are soon to be members) as well as any event that the Clan Cameron puts on, as I am also a member - I joined yesterday when I found out that MacPhail (my Nana's maiden name) was a sept of the Cameron's.

In any case next year we have planned on making it truly an event not to be missed and will stay for the evening's festivities, drink wiskey and have fantastic time with our bonny bonny scots.

Friday, September 1, 2006

The start of a great weekend

AHHH, almost finished with work (illegal blogging here!), going to pick up a movie - housesitting with a stocked fridge, and some visiting with a good friend.

Tomorrow is the Calgary Highland Games, I'm going to see if I can't a bit before job #2 and even some afterwards if I'm lucky (and drive real fast!)

Sunday however is going to be really fantastic - the Canmore Highland Games are on all day and I have 2 friends to chill with whislt scoping out the beauties in their kilts - I am sooo excited, I can't even tell you.... Maybe if YOU are lucky I'll post some pics of my new scottish friends - maybe I'll have some other news to tell come sunday night...hmmmmmm - I hope!

Anyhoo, I should pretend to do some more work before the bell chimes for 4:30 - Happy Long weekend everybody.

Hey - next weekend is my 25th - that's right a quarter of a century baby! We should do something, maybe a hosue party or another great evening at Original Joe's - they have the yummiest drinks! (I like the cold shower). Any ideas?????