Friday, September 1, 2006

The start of a great weekend

AHHH, almost finished with work (illegal blogging here!), going to pick up a movie - housesitting with a stocked fridge, and some visiting with a good friend.

Tomorrow is the Calgary Highland Games, I'm going to see if I can't a bit before job #2 and even some afterwards if I'm lucky (and drive real fast!)

Sunday however is going to be really fantastic - the Canmore Highland Games are on all day and I have 2 friends to chill with whislt scoping out the beauties in their kilts - I am sooo excited, I can't even tell you.... Maybe if YOU are lucky I'll post some pics of my new scottish friends - maybe I'll have some other news to tell come sunday night...hmmmmmm - I hope!

Anyhoo, I should pretend to do some more work before the bell chimes for 4:30 - Happy Long weekend everybody.

Hey - next weekend is my 25th - that's right a quarter of a century baby! We should do something, maybe a hosue party or another great evening at Original Joe's - they have the yummiest drinks! (I like the cold shower). Any ideas?????

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