Monday, September 25, 2006

Desperate Sunday

I had forgotten why I liked Desperate housewives so much, and why I love Bree so much. I love that she loves everything to be perfect, and she has the perfect complexion and the perfect hair and the perfect clothing. I just love Bree, but what I do NOT like is the crepey men she is always with - what the hell?

In other news, I had a really lovely tea/coffee party with Mrs. B then we got to rearranging my room and the living room a bit - much much more room in my room. Now all I need is to get my duvet from airmiles in the mail and my duvet cover from Ikea (of course!) and viola - perfection. On that note, last night when I was sitting on my couch reading my new book, I looked up at my doorway into the living room then around the room and had this sudden realisation that - wow, this is my apartment and wow - I love it! Wicked! In fact as I am typing this Heather is basically saying how much she loves our new living room - wierd indeed!

Tomorrow I'm off to do laundry, make some soup (for my new soup diet) and of course every monday -scottish country dancing! Yeah!


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