Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Real Living Room!

YEAH!!! We actually have a proper living room, with shelves, and if I might say, it looks fabulous, and just in time for my McParty to watch McDreamy on thursday night! Anyhoo, many many hours were spent at Ikea yesterday, we tried on several different couches, chairs and generally pretended like we lived in each exhibit (I think this might be my favourite activity ever..). In the end I ended up with a hefty $450 bill and a very very happy Linda.

Before going into Ikea Cam and I decided to peruse the Jysk store across the street and honestly it felt like I was cheating on Ikea, the store was weird to say the least, they even had some clothing...... very very bizarre.... and some curiously similar furniture, nevertheless we decided to be true to Ikea and walked across the parking lot.

Back to my place to put together all of our loot. My living room is stil a bit disaorganized, but it is slowly coming together in a semblance of real living - Martha would be proud! Now I just need to clean up my bedroom and buy a duvet cover set and hang some more of my pictures. Wow, it feels quite bizarre to be a grown up, but I guess I really don't have any choice in the matter, do I?

I shall leave off here with a promise to have another party so we can all check out the new arrangement in my living room.

Oh, by the way - the aforementioned McParty is happening chez moi on thursday at around 8:30 in case anyone wishes to attend.


Anonymous said...

The McLiving Room sounds McAwesome... see you tomorrow night


Linda said...

THAT is my most favourite comment ever...bravo McKQ!