Friday, September 15, 2006

The week after - almost

So almost a full week as a full fledged 25 year old. Much has happened, I went dancing with a man in a kilt, had yummy Don Quijote dinner with a man in a suit, survived my first yoga/pilates class in forever, ate genuine scottish shortbread with an older scottish lad who begged me to come dancing with him next week, and had a Grey's Antamoy mini (disc 1) marathon. Tonight, dinner with Denise (greek this time!), perhaps some more Grey's and tomorrow is another birthday party for Mrs. B followed by some horseback riding with the girls on sunday....and it better not snow!

Phew - what a week, and it pretty much continues in this fashion until next May with some added bonus of classes...yeah!

Oh, and a huge CONGRATS!!!! to Heather on the purchase of her first new car - that's just awesome!!!!!


Anonymous said...

oh linda....i always feel so special when you mention me in your blog.... :)

Linda said...

well my dear, I talk about you lots on my blog so go ahead feel special - cuz you are!