Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Day After - now with Peter's!

I came, I drank, I partied...
Can I just tell you all that I absolutely LOVE my friends....lots of people whom I love came to wish me well (and mix me a drink), and in fact lots of people who couldn't make it despite my guilt trips and warnings. But in any case I had a lovely time, I really did, and to Macleod, Rachel and Rob who bunddled Miss KQ (my snuzzle buddy) and I into my bed at 2:30am AND who cleaned up my living room and kitchen, I am eternally grateful - you guys are wonderful.

But let me start at the beginning. I had to work at job #2, I got up dressed up in fancy clothes (and earings) and went to work. Upon my arrival I found a beautiful cake and card with a giant Happy Birthday Linda on the white board - and of course hung out all day with the girls - good start! Afterwards I raced around buying booze, and party snacks the home to prepare the snacks - which Miss Heather took control of - Thank you! Then I was off to dinner with Mom and the B's (as in Mr and Mrs). Who PS brought me a HUGE cake with - of course - a tiara on it and singing candles...I'm such a princess!!!

Then the party began - loads of hugs and hellos....and loads of drinks. I don't think I ever made my own - probably because I don't really have any skills in mixing at all. As it turned out (realized through a deep discussion with the afrementioned Miss KQ) Miss KQ and I were the only ones who had a few to many. Oh well, it was my party (Heather's too), my birthday and I had a really really nice time.

This morning was a different story. I woke up at 5:51 am, just as Heather was leaving for work - I felt like trash, my biceps hurt like heck (why? why? why? I have no clue, it wasn't like I was lifting all night or something...), my stomach was in poor shape and I couldn't get back to I took some pepto bismal curled back up in bed and awoke at 11:00am with my phone ringing. So KQ and I got up, made the bed, cleaned up the dishes from last night, put on real clothes (complete with jewelry), and headed out for a drop off and some Peters (for me...mmmmmm)

Not bad for the day after huh?

Thanks guys for the great day! I think I'll turn 25 agian next year!


peopleweallknow said...
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peopleweallknow said...

It was super awesome fun, Linda!

Linda said...

I had a wicked time too!!!! But I'm sure you remember more than I might!