Thursday, September 28, 2006

So Sad

I am waiting for my Heather to get home with my H & M shopping (thank you Heather!!!) as well as well as waiting for my baked potato to freakin' bake (it's been almost an hour so far!) and I am watching the Barbara Walter's special with Terri Irwin (Steve's wife), and it is so sad. I could never believe that anyone who is watching this isn't moved by what she says - so terribly sad.

In other news, I am very very tired, again - today was day 2 of soup, lots of veggies - hence the baked potato - and that combined with the ionic detox thing from yesterday is making me feel quite ill. But, I perservered, I went to Yoga and Dancing tonight - not bad not bad. Tomorrow is fruits and veggies and soup - I'm getting there.

I can't wait for the banana and milk day! (I'm kidding, it isn't going to be pleasant) If it kills me I will fit into my fress for the ball - I swear.


Anonymous said...

i cried with her...had to change channel before the was simply heart-breaking to watch...she was so very sad :(

Linda said...

me too, me too...