Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Scottish Country Dancing

So Rachel and I donned our dancing shoes and headed out for some good old fashioned scottish country dancing. It was really fun, we even had a gentleman in a kilt - he was great! As we fumbled our way through sets and casts and twirled around in our skirts and cute shoes we had a good work out and a lot of fun. Our teacher Fiona is nice, she seems to be quite patient with my rhythm-less self and I have since put about 5 different books on hold at the library so I can "study" and try to wow them next week. I'm such a geek! But in reality I know it probably won't do much good, I just need weeks of weeks and practice, and then some. The up side is that there are quite a few workshops in the coming months which means I can really get better at it. Plus, if by chance I am ever transported to 18th century scotland (a la Outlander) I will fit in just fine.....now if only I possessed a time machine......

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