Monday, September 4, 2006

A Bonny Day in the Rockies!

Well well well, what a lovely lovely day! I reapeat myself because yesterday was really excellent. As it turns out it was just Rachel and I that went to the games, but we had such a blast. In fact we stayed out there all day but sadly didn't stay for the Ceilidh as it was sold out and we needed to be able to drive the 107km home!

Anyhoo, back to the games. There we were amongst many many - perhaps even hundreds of brawny men, of all ages, kilted and resplendid. Honeslty I think I fell in love several times, but as Rachel soon found out I am a huge wimp and have absolutely no confidence in approaching men - even to take a picture - needless to say Rachel is the one who asked Tyson (the highlander I am with in the above photo) for a photo. He was truly excellent, not quite my type, but certainly one of the best dressed there...if you can see my right elbow is being blocked by his sword! - just fabulous!

But also, so many people were there with their highland jewellry, or goods and it was so fun just to browse around and chat with people. In fact Rachel and I will soon be quite proficient in Highland dancing, courtesy of our monday night lessons in prepartion for the Ball we are attending November 18th and the Robbie Burns Night January 13th put on by the St. Andrew's Caledonian Society (we are soon to be members) as well as any event that the Clan Cameron puts on, as I am also a member - I joined yesterday when I found out that MacPhail (my Nana's maiden name) was a sept of the Cameron's.

In any case next year we have planned on making it truly an event not to be missed and will stay for the evening's festivities, drink wiskey and have fantastic time with our bonny bonny scots.

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