Monday, September 18, 2006

Back in the Saddle again!

Yesterday was truly fantastic.

I haven't been riding for a while and yesterday myself, Miss KQ, Rae and Heather took off to Griffin Valley Ranch to do a bit of riding. Although we weren't able to do much more than a gentle walk due to the snow and mud, I think we still had quite the good time! My horse's name was David and he was lovely with the exception to the fact that every time I had to dismount in order to open a gate / fence and then try to remount he thought it would be funny to start moving while I was 1/2 way up into the saddle. I'm sure this looked hilarious to my riding partners - well actually it was quite funny, and trying to mount a horse who is moving while laughing isn't the easier thing to do. In any case, and despite the discovery of the entrails of a recently snatched (by wolves) pony, it was a great day - follwed by of course some McKay's ice Cream in Cochrane.

Today however I am suffering a wee bit from my escapades yesterday. I have a bruise on my forearm, a bruise on my knee where it was rubbing against the saddle, sore triceps, sore shoulders, and very very sore inner thighs - walking is interesting but somehow I'll manage. In fact I am so enamoured with riding, plus it brings back some really great childhood memories, I just might be a regular at the ranch, although I might upgrade my horse - sorry David! - although in doing so I might not be able to actually get back on the horse if I ever need to dismount..... but I digress.

I'll see if I can find some pics of me on a horse when I was younger - my mom tells me I was a natural, but that remains to be seen!

Tonight I'm off to the 2nd session of my scottish country dancing, hopefully it will be better than last time..... and tomorrow I get to go on a mini shopping spree at Ikea (my 2nd home). Heather and I will finally have more of a real home, with furniture that somewhat resembles each other and some semblance of an organized space - and maybe we can even get the curtains up in the living room!

Oh, one more thing a big thanks to Heather for being so brave and letting me convince her to come riding- you are a natural my dear!


Anonymous said...

I want a horse soooo bad. And I want to name her Strawberry!!!!!!

Heather said...

It wasn't SO bad, though I definitely feel like I have a stick in a spot where I'm not supposed to have a stick. Sore. Definitely an experience though.