Thursday, June 6, 2013

Three Things Thursday

It's been a while, and this seems to be the trend, Three Things Thursday that is.  So here we go....

1. Work is excellent these days.  The pace lately has been perfect, the subject matter very interesting and I am getting promoted on the 18th - YAY! Also, my boss asked me to write an article on my job, it got picked up by a local, national and branch specific publications.  My boss also declared last thursday spa day, so we all went to Le Nordik for "team building"  How sad am I that she is retiring in August (at the age of 43 no less!)

2. On the fitness front - I've really been enjoying spin classes at the gym at work and running the canal lately.  I get 1 hr a day to workout during work hours and my new regime has been really fantastic - thanks to Pete for creating my new routine.  I have also tried the new Barre3 fad - it is really challenging and I like sneaking in a class at night after I tidy up after Will goes to bed and Pete hits the gym.

3. There is a medieval festival at Upper Canada Village this weekend.  I have always wanted to visit the village and medieval stuff sounds fun.  We have been picking one new touristy type thing to take Will to each weekend - museums, parks, festivals etc.  It gets us out of the house after the gym and swim classes and Will has fun running around.

I'll leave you with 3 of my favourite photos from the last month.

  Will - doing his laps in the park.

 The boys at the Tulip festival

Just like Daddy.