Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Scotland here I come

No seriously - I have this incredible desire to move to Scotland. I don't know why, but all I know is that I NEED to go.

SO, this is my plan. To all my friends in the Uk and Europe - do any of you have any connections that I may utilize? Preferably ones who live in or near a really wicked castle.

If I could go for just a few months I think I could be happy. I'll keep you all posted with my progress......

Sunday, May 28, 2006

My first lulu

AHHHH - to be in the lulu club - all the BSD bitches would be proud I think.
Today after my lovely experience with donating my blood - They DID have cookies, and they were goooood - I went for lunch with Megan - very yummy- then onto shopping at Southcentre which yielded some fun lulu lemon-esque pants (bought at La Senza - for 1/2 the price) and a really beautiful lulu lemon top - the whisper tank infact (mine is black - of course)- very very perfect. I swear I look 10 lbs lighter and really great in my new shirt. Maybe I can try to create an entire wardrobe of lulu - wouldn't that be nice? Let's all think of that for a minute, how comfortable would we all be....... mix that with our very own Jamies and voila - heaven.....

Anyways back to my day..... after our shopping trip we went to see a movie in the cheap theatres... Failure to launch. It was really quite cute, I was surprised - and as my mom put it, Matthew was delicious.

Tomorrow promises to also be very exciting - Dim Sum with Ronnalie and some realxing in the pm - perhaps we can attend the Lilac Festival - hope it doesn't rain....

Friday, May 26, 2006

Another week....

Ho hum, another week. Nothing big happened, had to unpack my crap - it still is in a suitcase, more or less, and I think I finally got the stale smoke smell to somewhat dissipate.
Oh, well there is one thing.... my friend - from the good old DB days who now works with me here - and I have decided to do a mission (not the religious type) to a deserving country to dole out free eye exams and glasses. This is somehting I have wanted to do for many many years and I think it may finally happen. We have contacted both the CVC and VOSH - and are awaiting the replies.
Now everybody cross your fingers!

This weekend I have absolutely nothing to do - for three days - nice - but really, what am I going to do? I do have an appointment tomorrow to give blood, another thing I like to periodically do - plus they have cookies - it's a win win sitution.

Anyhoo, this was a very randomn and weird entry - sorry I'll try to be more interesting next time........

Friday, May 19, 2006

My Life is Over!

Oh dear me - my as of this morning my life is seriously over. I had the WORST day EVER and honestly I dare anyone to try to make it worse. I shall explain....

First - I woke up a wee bit late - that always sucks
Then I went to get a coffee to relax and try to amke my day at work some fun and lo and behold when I walk into the Signal Hill Second Cup I discover that in my absence they have redone the menu and GASP left off my beloved Crème Brûlée Ristreto. I frantically look over at the barista and ask with a sqeak in my voice "Um, exucse me... do you still have the Crème Brûlée Rsitretto?" to which she replies... "well yes but (to my horror) we are discontinuing it!"

HOLY HELL and GREAT SCOTT!!! - (this went though my mind as I tried not to cry)

Upon further investigation I discovered that they still have some syrup left and can therefore make me one for today - but that will run out soon - I even tried to suggest that they hide the syrup and only to be used if the customer produces the correct code password, something like "the crow flies at midnight" would be good I think... I'm not sure I convinced her....

Anyhoo, when I arrived at work I made the mistake of answering the phone - all morning - and to my surprise it was problem after problem - which sucked - but to make it worse - all off the problems were for patients that I had nothing to do with.. but since I answered the phone I was now the person that had to fix it and therefore took the brunt of their frustrations. GRRRR.

What the heck... now I sit in my housesitting house with my kitties and almost all of my clothes strewn around me trying to pack them up somehow so I can move them.... plus there isn't any yummy things in the house and TV sucks tonight - BOO-URNS!

Perhaps tomorrow will be better - no wait I have to work (for the 6th day in a row) and its the long weekend and I am stuck in Calgary.

Well at least yesterday was good - I got a postcard from mi amiga Teila who is in Europe, I got a really funny letter re: my course in the fall which read and I quote:
"Most courses will provide you with enough time to complete any assignments with the time designated for that class. If you do not complete assignments in the provided time, you will be REQUIRED to so so outside of class time."

NO WAY! I have to do homework outside of class time - Crap - there goes my social life!(this is sarcasm if you weren't sure)

Give me a break, is this a joke?

OOOH - also I won a camera from the Foothills Hospital Home Lotto - WICKED it's a samsung 4.0 MP digital camera

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Ahh Summer

The past 2 days have been uber-fun. First, friday was a day off for me (yes, yes I know what you're thinking - day off???) and I went and got my hair done - not just cut, but with fancy colours - red and very blond to be exact - yeppers, loads of highlights (and lowlights), plus she crazy curled my hair with a straightening iron - cool! Then because I looked so hot with my new hair I thought to myself -

"Hey self, you should go out for lunch and show off your cool hair"

- but unfortunately I don't have anyone's numbers as they are all trapped inside my cell phone which is at the moment sans batteries so I settled for putting my hair in super cute pig tails and painting the fence - wicked!

Anyhoo I painted the fence, polished my shoes - and did a darn good job, like mirrors I tell you, MIRRORS! (the military was good for something!) and had a nice cup of tea - two actually.

Then today I got arrived at work with a super yummy Crème Brûlée Ristretto - of course - and as it was saturday it was quite slack and casual , and then, THEN my favorite aunt came to visit and take me to lunch - free lunch mmmmmmm.

Tomorrow I get to do another airport run - love it - and then some relaxing time -

OOH , almost forgot - my fabulous friend Jen and her hubby Chris had a lovely baby girl - what a great thing to happen on such a great weekend - HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM and Jen and all my friends with little kiddies!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Gotta love ebay

AHHHH, so as per my plans of maxing and relaxing I have motored my way through many of my romance novels (yah yah, I know I should read REAL literature), and I have decided to become addicted to eBay. This way I can complete my collection of Julie Garwood novels (that's right Denise, I'm following in your path and I'm proud of it!).

Currently I am winning on 2 aucitons that would in fact complete my collection, as well as waiting on a delivery for another book in my Julia Quinn collection - wicked!

After this little marathon I think we all know what I will start on next - Outlander of course, that is if I can manage to scrounge up all my copies, I do believe that most of the 6 book series is out on loan - but I'm not complaining. If I can spread to love of Jamie around I'm a happy girl!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Day 4 and counting

Alors, so today marks the end of day 4 sans mobile phone. It seems as though Cameron has absconded with my cell phone charger and I am now forced to be cellphone-less. Can I tell you how nuch it sucks? Silly Cam, mistaking my charger for his. The worst thing is not being "in touch" but rather the fact that all my numbers are stored in the phone and silly me I don't have then written down elsewhere - OOPS!

Anyhoo, sunday is the glorious day when I shall have my phone back and my life will be in order - except for that whole moving out thing... Oh did I forget to tell you? It seems as though I must find an apartment to live in - now there is some confusion as to exactly where I should live, down south or downtown / kensington - I'm still undecided but really I think it's about time that I made up my mind...... don't you?

PS..... This also means only 4 more days to the fantabulous H&M / Bath and Body Works Lotion fest I will be having on sunday afternoon. Aparently he spent a "while" in the store (H&M) with 4 salesgirls finding an outfit for me - all together now AHHHH!

Thursday, May 4, 2006


Brutal - that's all I can say!


In other news - I am super jealous of my Cam - he gets to spend the week (and a bit) hanging' in the NE US, Boston, NY, DC and the like - but I think we all know what that means - lotion (I think this time I'll go for White Tea & Ginger) and H&M stuff for me - wicked!

No seriously - I hope he has a blast, this really is his dream trip, Fenway Park (the Green Monster), Yankee Stadium (Go Yankees!), and just hangin' with the boys.