Thursday, May 11, 2006

Day 4 and counting

Alors, so today marks the end of day 4 sans mobile phone. It seems as though Cameron has absconded with my cell phone charger and I am now forced to be cellphone-less. Can I tell you how nuch it sucks? Silly Cam, mistaking my charger for his. The worst thing is not being "in touch" but rather the fact that all my numbers are stored in the phone and silly me I don't have then written down elsewhere - OOPS!

Anyhoo, sunday is the glorious day when I shall have my phone back and my life will be in order - except for that whole moving out thing... Oh did I forget to tell you? It seems as though I must find an apartment to live in - now there is some confusion as to exactly where I should live, down south or downtown / kensington - I'm still undecided but really I think it's about time that I made up my mind...... don't you?

PS..... This also means only 4 more days to the fantabulous H&M / Bath and Body Works Lotion fest I will be having on sunday afternoon. Aparently he spent a "while" in the store (H&M) with 4 salesgirls finding an outfit for me - all together now AHHHH!

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