Monday, December 22, 2008

It's been a while....

Yikes, so I guess I haven't been as diligent in my blogging as I would have liked to think but I am here now so lets get on with it shall we?

Happenings in the last few months have been sparse I work, I go to the gym, I eat meals, I visit with people... it's a nice way to live. But seriously, I'm not sure that I am really explaining how much I do enjoy it. When I do go to work (and I say that because military life affords quite a bit of vacation time, and paid vacation at that!) I get to deal with all sorts of problems and people and really get into the thick of it. My training has been so useful, and I do know that if I ever do leave the military, or put it to the side temporarily I can always use the experiences in civie street as they say.

In other ways it can be a bit tough living away, but they do try to help out with perks like extra money to help offset the cost of a plane ticket home - sadly as Calgary is so close my offset money is only $270 so it doesn't quite cover a ticket home at Christmas. This year my Christmas will actually be in Jan, and only for a week, but at least its something.

Last week the course catalogue came out for the reserves and it looks as though my LOG course will be in Quebec City 8 Jun - 31 July. This is great news as I can probably extend my contract here in Victoria to the end of April, or May, whatever I feel is necessary and then look for something in Sept or Aug... I love that the reserves lets me pick and choose what I do next. I might have the opportunity to come back to Victoria to help out with the Olympics in Feb 2010, or find a contract in Ottawa, or really wherever Pete and I end up. Just now its a toss up between the RCMP and the Ottawa Police... I might be persuaded to pick Ottawa Police but in reality the RCMP has phenomenal potential to be a great career and I can find military work almost anywhere in the country, plus I have a few more courses to go on and some French training and University courses to complete before promotions so anything will do really.

Pete was able to come out and visit for a week after his course in Quebec City. He left Thursday morning bound for Toronto and luckily the snow wasn't too bad at that point. It did get much worse though as the weekend came. Funny thing is that the island did get a lot of snow.. almost 3 feet in a week and for crazy islanders it was far too much. I was even having trouble driving as I did not bring my snow tires with me and my car is very little so i slid around a bit and had to dig it out a few times. Pete is due back next Monday, just in time for New Years and hopefully the snow will have melted a tad. We are due for some above zero temps for the next week so I am sure that the island will return to it's green state.

Well, I suppose I shall leave it at that for the time being. I will do my best to report back in a few days with any new happenings. In the meantime, stay warm and play nice in the snow!