Friday, June 17, 2011

Floor Tiles Stress

Tomorrow morning, we have the much anticipated Interior Designer appointment scheduled.  Since we decided to build this house, I've tried very hard to keep in mind kitchen and bath cabinets and back splash and floor tile colours when I watch anything on TV, go to anyone's house, peruse a magazine etc...  I've even asked nicely for Pete to drive several loops around the community to see all the different stone colours for the exterior of the house (I'm terrible at seeing the "big picture" from a small sample).  So far, Pete and I have been really good at agreeing on the cabinet colours and even the counter colours, but I am really worried about the floor tile situation.  Lucky for us, we aren't suppose to paint for a year so those decisions can wait!

Let's just hope I don't walk into my house and regret anything....  Thankfully we have a professional helping us to pick.

Kitchen colours... however, with more "warm caramel" tones in the counter

Bathroom cabinet colour... maybe with a white counter though