Thursday, June 29, 2006


Yesterday someone VERY near and dear to my heart underwent breast cancer surgery and has since been pronounced 100% Cancer Free!!!!!!!
SOOOOOO - I am exstatic with this news, in fact she did so well that they released her today (less than 24 hours after surgery).

To support this I have put a lovely and beautiful pink ribbon breast cancer ribbon magnet on my car - I encourage all us of to do the same (I got mine at compasionate beauty salon south of Mt. Royal College).

Now I have a support the troops on the right and a breast cancer one on the left - I'll post some photos soon of my gorgeous car!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


As you may have already read on Heather's blog - we went on a small shopping trip to Ikea. Now, I'm sure we all know about Ikea, and we definately should all love it as much as I do. In fact I love it so much I went back today and bought some more stuff (curtains and roman blinds for my room and more picture frames). Followed by a small shopping trip on to order a really nice pots and pans set and a steamer (for rice, veggies, chicken /fish etc).

Yesterday however, we pretty much cleaned up during our shopping trip, Heather and I, we bought chairs (with cushions) for our kitchen table, some kitchen textiles (aka a table runner and some tea towels) a Tv stand, curtains (+ rod) for our living room, a rug for the living room, and I got some picture frames for all my french prints - in addition to all Heather's bedroom stuff. Plus, it all fit in my new car (seats folded down of course). Now all that is left is bathroom stuff, towels, bathmat and what have you.

Also yesterday I had a tea party with my grandma - she is amazing this lady... 6 years without her husband (he was away fighting for our country in WWII) whilst raising my uncle, and this Bastille day she turns 92 - plus she still drives! I love her! Not to mention all the cool stuff she gave me from her cabinet - I'll treasure those dishes forever.

Today I went to Pauline's and had a great chat, then I had a lovely starbucks iced latte, THEN I hung out with my friend Jenn and her great kids (her 6 week old baby is perfect, I just love her!).

All in all a great start to my vacation from work, Tomorrow I start to house-sit until the 4th and I will probably spend the days lounging on the deck surrounded by flowers and sunbathing whilst reading some great books / daydreaming about my new apartment - what could be better I ask you?

My mother pointed out something to me the other day - this year alone I have:

  1. Vacationed in Europe
  2. Graduated from University
  3. Bought a new car
  4. Got my own place (in a trendy part of town)

And, it is only the end of June - holy crow! What next I wonder? In any case my point is that I must have doen something really nice to please the fates to have such good luck. Thus, I am very thankful.

Sunday, June 25, 2006


What a weekend - friday was pretty much uneventful, work was well, work - thankfully I was out of there by 5:30, followed by a relaxing evening. I drove (in my new car) down to my mom's and we stopped by our old neighbour's - Karen's - house. While there we skulked around our old house peering into windows etc seeing what they did with the old place. It was the oddest feeling, I felt as though I wasn't looking at the house where I grew up in, but rather a stranger's house. It was quite dissapointing, what a shame.

Saturday was a bit of a gong show at work. We were grossly understaffed, and I didn't get out of there until 4:50 (quite late I can tell you). Thank god I have a weeks holliday! In the evening my mom and I went to the Greek Fest and ate some delicious delicious food...mmmmmm... followed by some fancy dancing and a tour around kensington to show her the house that Hez applied for - it turns out we did not get it. However, my mom (she brings me such luck!) spotted another apartment for rent just in the next block. It turns out to be AMAZING! is completly renovated, new everything and - get this - right in between the #264 legion (a sign no?) and the gelato shop.

Everything is coming up Linda (and Hez of course)! (did you get that?????)

Anyhoo, I have decided that I should volunteer at the legion and hang out with some vets whilst eating gelato..... I am stoked.

Updates, and party dates to follow...

Friday, June 23, 2006


I just wanted to say a big thank you yo all of you guys who emailed, called, gave cards / flowers, or shared a meal with me in celebration of my grad. You guys are just wonderful and I am so happy to have you all as dear friends.

A heartfelt thank you to all!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Keep your fingers crossed!

So here's the update - we've applied to 2 places in the Kensington area, both houses, both 3 bedrooms, but I think one of them thinks it has 3 bedrooms but in reality it is 2 bedrooms plus a large closet. It would be nice to get the 2nd one though (smart Hez - she worked her cute young women routine with the elderly landlord man). Hez tells me that the place is in need of a clean up - 3 guys live there right now, beer cans and crazy posters everywhere....... I think I can clean it up nice - plus Ikea is having their summer sale so I can get pretty curtains and things to accesorize and make it a wee bit girly-er.

The other situation is that it is a bit expensive for only the 2 of us - so Hez might post the extra room at the WJ hanger and recruit someone to live there with us. This is excellent for me because living with 2 flight attendants is awesome, they are there only 1/2 the time and pay full rent. It's like living by yourself with an occasional guest.

Furniture is also coming along nicely - Hez has a couch, I can get a couch plus a love seat(??) and the best part is - it's plaid (which although hidiously tacky - I think we all know I really love). My desk and her kitchen table plus my coffee tables are going to look a bit mismatched, but after all I can't get a new car AND new furniture - that will have to wait. By the way - does anyone have any extra furniture they would love to donate to the "Furnish Linda's house" Camapign?

More updates to follow - stay tuned!


Hot damn they did it - they LOST!!!!!

I am soooo pumped that the Oil did not win the cup - as a born and breed Calgarian it is my DUTY to hate the aforementioned Oilers, as well as the Maple Leafs and also the Canucks. To those of you who decided to "jump on the band wagon" to cheer for those cretins up north you deserve to have any property held in Calgary revoked and given to a TRUE Flames fan - which by the way in essence means that you must ALWAYS cheer for whomever is playing the Oilers.

I suppose that is enough words in all caps - but I think you get my point even though it is a little late in coming. I have been occupied driving around as of late - no pics just yet, but I did however put a beautiful yellow "support the troops" ribbon magnet on my car in addition to a Flames sticker. My decorating job is coming along nicely thus far.

PS - I still love Commodore! (and Stillman) - they will always be Flames to me.....

Sunday, June 18, 2006

HM Queen Elizabeth II

After having watched the program aired on CBC this evening, I realized just how much I really love the Queen. I love her pearls and her hats, I especially love her corgi dogs and love of horses. Her unending stamina and kind words, she is every bit what anyone would think to be a Queen. Over the past 54 years she has reigned over the Commonwealth, and through my 24 years alive I have been proud to have her as my Queen.

Upon re-hearing the speech she made during her trip last year to our fair land, she remarked that during a visit years ago her mother had proclaimed that Canada has always felt like a home away from home, and 60 some odd years later the statement still rings true. Her exact words...

"Ladies and gentlemen, six decades later, it still does, and it is good to be back."

Call me ridiculous, but honestly I had tears in my eyes.

In my life I have had the good fortune of seeing her in person twice. Once when I was only 8 years old. She came to Calgary and was of course staying at the Palliser Hotel. Being that my mother also loves Her Majesty we were able to skip school and be at the hotel for her arrival. My sisters and I were of course dressed up with our hair curled and in ribbons (my mother LOVES her ribbons). We watched in awe as Her Majesty walked through the doors and made her way to the elevators, pausing to accept flowers. A while later she descended the stairs to the lobby on her way to the Oval room. As my younger sister Amy was only 6 at the time, she was tiring quickly and was sitting on the floor playing with her cars, her ribbon was falling out of her hair and her pretty pink dress and petticoats were spread out about her. As she passed us where we stood in the front row, me standing quietly beside my mother and Amy on the floor, she (I'm serious here) gazed at the two of us, winked and smiled. That sealed it for me, I was starstruck. The other occasion was last year at the Saddledome. Although I wasn't as close to her as previsouly, still I saw her.

One other thing that I hold near and dear in my heart, "Raised and trained by the RCMP in Saskatchewan, Burmese was given to the Queen in 1969. It's said that after the horse, which she rode during official events for 18 years, was retired she attended celebrations in a carriage."

Often time I get an email asking who I might have lunch with if I could have it with anyone, past or present. Without a doubt it would be her.

I'm not sure if I have been as eloquent as I could be in this posting, but I'm sure I got my feelings across.

God Save the Queen.

Me at Windsor Castle Feb 2006 (w/ Rupinder)

Friday, June 16, 2006

Dissapointment City!

SO, I went to see "The Breakup" featuring Vince and Jennifer, after work tonight. I had heard that it was quite funny and cute, thus I went.

- However.... anyone who really knows me knows that I am a sucker for a happy ending, a PROPER happy ending. SOOOO needless to say I was very very dissapointed in the end of this movie - and no matter what anyone says, that doesn't count as happy.

I just don't know quite what to say - first I can't have my car until monday, @ 6 pm mind you, then this pathetic ending on what could have been a stellar funny movie. My whole week is shot I tell you! I'm not sure what can possible happen now to repair it........ maybe I'll try folding some laundry (confused? see previous post)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wicked Video!

This is wicked amazing - I am sooo praticing this every laundry day - Amazing

Vrooom Vrooom - Surfs Up!

So as some of you may have guessed - I am now a car owner..... It's true - Linda has bought her first car - and it's new to boot! And I did it all by myself - no parental help needed!

I wanted to wait until I had a sweet picture of me chillin' in my new ride, but alas some holligans decided to WALK over my hood and put a dent in it - so the dealership is now replacing my hood. Originally I was told friday but now it seems as though I must wait until monday. HMMMMM - BOO-URNS!

Anyhoo its a small, black, and quite european looking Pontiac Wave and it's very very fuel efficient, perfect for a first car for a new grad. Plus, I got a sweet gas card, 20 cents off per litre for a year (although I doubt I'll ever max out the 2500 L limit). So next time I'm with you and you need gas perhaps you can bribe me to get you 20 cents per litre off. HAHAHA

PS - it's a huge surprise for my mom - soooo SHHHHHHHH!

Cool (and corny) pics of me to follow.....


I have some news - fun news - but I can't tell just yet..... stay tuned.......

Saturday, June 10, 2006

My biggest fan!

I just couldn't resist - she's just too cute!

Friday, June 9, 2006


Please forgive the weird formating....

After my historic walk across the stage

With Cam

With my Mom

With Cynthia and Aaron

With Claudia

The BA Span Class of 2006

Linda and Cynthia!

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen....It's official!

So, I have now entered the cult of the U of C Alumni.

Yeah for me - I did it and I am now an official U of C graduate. The ceremony was nice - a great big surprise that I didn't in fact have to shake the hand of my old buddy Harvey Weingarten - I did get to shake the hand of the Chancellor instead - who by the way was wearing a great kilt! Plus one of my favorite profs ever - Mme Lohka - was there to give me a hug and some "félicitations" and "bravos".

My mom and Cam's parents along with Cam and Cynthia and Aaron were there to witness my convocation, and as well my friend Pauline made it - and although we never actually got to meet up, the thought was there.....

One thing that was slightly creepy was the fact that my stalker creepy Steve was graduating with me, which normally would have been alright but as there were only 6 of us there from my department, it was slightly awkward.

Afterwards we went and had a lovely yummy lunch at Santorini's - mmmmm Greek Food - plus I treated myself to some Baklava!

Anyhoo, all in all the day was fab.

Sunday, June 4, 2006

A cuppa'll do ya

It is said (often by me I'll admit) that a good cup of tea will rouse your spirits.

Tonight however it just isn't happening.... maybe I need new tea.

Friday, June 2, 2006

For Gertrude

I just love this commercial - the mosters are sooooo funny

- For Gertrude indeed -

that's freakin' hilarious