Thursday, June 22, 2006


Hot damn they did it - they LOST!!!!!

I am soooo pumped that the Oil did not win the cup - as a born and breed Calgarian it is my DUTY to hate the aforementioned Oilers, as well as the Maple Leafs and also the Canucks. To those of you who decided to "jump on the band wagon" to cheer for those cretins up north you deserve to have any property held in Calgary revoked and given to a TRUE Flames fan - which by the way in essence means that you must ALWAYS cheer for whomever is playing the Oilers.

I suppose that is enough words in all caps - but I think you get my point even though it is a little late in coming. I have been occupied driving around as of late - no pics just yet, but I did however put a beautiful yellow "support the troops" ribbon magnet on my car in addition to a Flames sticker. My decorating job is coming along nicely thus far.

PS - I still love Commodore! (and Stillman) - they will always be Flames to me.....

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