Thursday, June 22, 2006

Keep your fingers crossed!

So here's the update - we've applied to 2 places in the Kensington area, both houses, both 3 bedrooms, but I think one of them thinks it has 3 bedrooms but in reality it is 2 bedrooms plus a large closet. It would be nice to get the 2nd one though (smart Hez - she worked her cute young women routine with the elderly landlord man). Hez tells me that the place is in need of a clean up - 3 guys live there right now, beer cans and crazy posters everywhere....... I think I can clean it up nice - plus Ikea is having their summer sale so I can get pretty curtains and things to accesorize and make it a wee bit girly-er.

The other situation is that it is a bit expensive for only the 2 of us - so Hez might post the extra room at the WJ hanger and recruit someone to live there with us. This is excellent for me because living with 2 flight attendants is awesome, they are there only 1/2 the time and pay full rent. It's like living by yourself with an occasional guest.

Furniture is also coming along nicely - Hez has a couch, I can get a couch plus a love seat(??) and the best part is - it's plaid (which although hidiously tacky - I think we all know I really love). My desk and her kitchen table plus my coffee tables are going to look a bit mismatched, but after all I can't get a new car AND new furniture - that will have to wait. By the way - does anyone have any extra furniture they would love to donate to the "Furnish Linda's house" Camapign?

More updates to follow - stay tuned!

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