Friday, April 28, 2006

Lady of Leisure

So now that I am officially fini with school I seem to have quite a bit of time on my hands and have therefore become a Lady of Leisure. This means, of course, that I get to socialize! - and work.

Since sunday I have had a lunch or dinner date every day except one, celebrated a birthday, schmoozed with a contact lens solution rep, watched several movies, read approxamitely 5 novels and worked 3 times. Not to mention the girls night tonight, and the grad dinner tomorrow - Wow! - and I thought my life was hectic at school.

In any case I would much rather be chillin' with my friends than being stuck in the classroom any day. I have to get it all in now though because come september Katie and I will be cruising the halls once again - but this time, there's no doubt as to whose the smartest - We've decided to pull a Heather! (aka not kill ourselves studying and still get the highest grade)


Saturday, April 22, 2006

Holy Crap - It's Johnny on the BIG SCREEN

So - my fabulous friend Maya just informed me that in fact my wrinkly old buddy JOHNNY HALLYDAY has his own film out in France -

FAN - Freakin' - TASTIC!!!

Apparently the film is called JEAN-PHILLIPE and it's about.... (I am quoting Maya on this!)

"a parallel universe where johnny did not exist, or he did, but he never became famous, so he works in a bowling alley (and during the eightites he did a stint in a sex shop)... and then one of johnny's fans searches him out and tells him that really, he's this massive star (at least in HIS world he is) and he HAS to start performing 'cos the world needs JOHNNY!"

A parrallel universe without Johnny?


Hot Damn - I might just have to move back to france..... or maybe it might just comes over here some time soon! - Could I be so lucky?

Friday, April 21, 2006

Oh My GAWD! - Becky look at her ...... DEGREE

HAHAHAHAHA - I am finished, fini, finito.....

Seriously though, I handed in my final SPAN 571 and SPAN 505 paper, returned my last library book - and as I walked out of Craigie Hall for the last time I took note of my suroundings, the way the air felt, the trees around me, the blue of the sky..... how freakin' awesome I felt leaving that god foresaken hole of a building (aka Craigie). AH, to be free - a Lady of Leisure if you will.

I feel bad that some of my amigas (and amigos (novio?) too - you know who you are) are still in the throws of final exam week - I'm thinking of you all and sending out my good vibes for you! But it does feel darn good to be finished.

To all who care to rejoice in their new found freedom- or for those of you who need a blessed break from the stress of finals - Party this saturday!

Wondering what the pic is in reference to? I just thought it looked good - darn good!

GO FLAMES GO! (Lincy I just love your idea - I like my Duck FLAMMIN')

PS - To all mis amigos (et mes amis) in Europe and elsewhere - miss you lots! I hope that everything is going well.....

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Oh Jon,

You know who I love? Jon Stewart that's who..... he is awesome.

I'm telling you this because I just finished my retched SPAN 505 exam and am quasi-relaxing / editing my papers and watching the comedy network, which is re-airing the Daily Show from last night....

The reason I guess why I love him so much (I'd marry him if he wasn't married with two lovely children) is that he combines the things I love the most... funny, intelligent and cute - yes I think he's cute - but it's mostly the funny intelligence.

Also, I really like Stephen Colbert - but he's not as cute, still funny though....

PS - I am THIS close to finishing my unviersity career - watch out!

PPS - Breakfast was great chicas (& Rod) - thanks for the last minute study session!

Monday, April 17, 2006

HAHAHA - it's finshed

Well, well, well I am finished with my horrible SPAN 505 essay - it's 1:06 am and my eyes hurt from staring at the computer for a long long time - but it's finished. All that is left is to re-read it tomorrow evening and make sure I didn't make any sort of ridiculous mistakes. Awesome!

I think I am well on my way to really being finshed on tuesday, even though this essay and the SPAN 571 on Impresionist Spanish Art are not due until later on this week. (sorry to all mis amigos who have other crap to do - I feel for you guys...) I just need to be finished with the U of C (I think we all knew that!) and get onto relaxing for the summer.

Sweet, I think I'll read a few chapters of one of my romance novels and the go to bed - see you girls mañana.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

More free dinner

AHHH, just back from a lovely with the Mr and Mrs B - in one word it was "delish". I got to dress up again, put on my pretty new skirt and my fun jewelry and dine in a charming and cozy atmosphere. Can't get better than that can ya?
So I'm in the middle of my huge 15 pager SPAN 505 essay - right now I'm on page 6 - uhhhh - and I am very sick of writing it. It's not really that hard it's just very monotinous, blah, blah, blah. Hopefully I can finish it off before I go to bed, that way I can start to study for my 505 final exam (advanced spanish grammar - ouch!) on tuesday..... We'll see how it goes

In the meantime, you know what I want to do right now?

Read trashy historic romance novels that's what. Now, I can justify it - give me a chance before you write me off as a lunatic. I figure that during the academic year I have to tailor my reading to that of academic merit - not really that fun. Thus during my downtime I think I am entitled to a little bit of fun, not to mention that I am a hopeless romantic (no kidding!) I am convinced that perhaps I was born in the wrong century - seriously. Don't get me wrong I love the modern conveniences of today's world, my second cup crème brûlée ristretto, a hot shower, cars etc. But there's a part of me that LOVES the idea of brawny society men who act very gentlemen like and /or are scottish warriors (they're my fav). I also like to thought of tooling around on horseback and taking tea in the salon - or wearing really intricate beautiful dresses, with really fun long hair. But I digress, there is no way in which to travel back in time, and I certainly don't think that this kind of man still exists - did they ever - or just in my romance novels...

Anyhoo - I'll just have to settle for watching period romantic films and reading my trashy novels.... too bad I have soo much work to do, otherwise that's what I would be doing right now - it'll have to wait until tuesday night.

I can hardly wait....

Friday, April 14, 2006

Thought du Jour - Good Friday

Wednesday after my mad dash to finish my SPAN 437 paper some friends (K and H) and I ditched the homework / studying for my maudit french test to accesorize their BSD uniforms (sadly no BSD for me, I was working...).

We ended up at Canadian Tire looking for rubber boots and tool belts - which was quite fun actually, however it turns out that we need to buy like 8 pairs of boots and 4 tool belts. Picture this - 3 girls laughing hysterically whilst walking around Canadaian Tire with - as Katie put's it - "Armfulls of rubber boots!". It was ridiculous, everyone was staring / laughing at us - I even heard a few guys exclaim laughingly as we passed them - " Did you see the boots?" Not something that I would really want a guy to be saying as I passed by, but I digress...

So it's Good Friday, I'm sure I am suppose to fast, or do something today - not quite sure what - but it'll have to wait, I've got papers to write... and in my books that constitutes a complete disregard for calories, rules and anything that might interfere with getting all of my work finished and off my mind (sadly, chocolate is still the exemption to this).

Anyhoo - it turns out that I got a A- in FREN - not bad, not bad, but at least that's a good 3.7 to the old GPA - it should average out my SPAN 505 Advanced Grammar mark that sure as heck won't be an A- (PS - that's like a 92% or somthing stupidly high for those of you NOT in my ridiculous faculty).

That's it, thats all - no more academic french for me - give me 4 more days and I can say the same about academic spanish - wicked!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Pre-test update

On my way from the library to my maudit french test...
Creepy Library Man gave me a chocolate egg - ahhhh, how sweet - too bad I can't eat it - but wait, is this a sign - should I eat it - It's a Lindt you know!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hot Damn - Felicitaciones Amiga!!!!!!

Okay so I just got the best call ever on my cell - my fabulous friend just got the job she was sooo looking forward to.

That's the best news I've heard all week, that even beats the 95% I got on the "yellow" death test.



Ah to be finished

So I am forever finished with classes at the University of Calgary - almost - tomorrow I have French class, except in lieu of a final exam we are writing an "in-class" test - well actually it's on the computer - which sucks, but at least I will be officially finished with french forever. Wow, after majoring in physics for the first year, moving to Switzerland, coming home, changing my major to FREN / SPAN and moving to France for a year I am truly finished - very hard to believe.

Last night I frantically tried to write my Borges paper - after 4 nights of trying to come up with something interesting to say about my favorite latin american writer (my voice is just oozing with sarcasm!) I typed the last words at around 1:30 am., and early this morning Claudia proceeded to hack it to shreds - no seriously, thanks for the edting skills my dear!

It seems that I really need the "pressure" of a last minute session to shine. Thus the late late nights, plus the notorious early mornings. Oh, by the way the purple "death" test really was a purple "death" test - when will Sanchez learn that students don't like the death test?

Anyhoo - Enough of the updates I should actually get going on studying for that darn french final.... watch me go

PS - if you are actually keeping track that means after tomorrow's FREN 333 test I have SPAN 571 paper, 505 paper and 505 final - wicked....

PPS - don't forget to watch GOOD EATS tonight.... Dr. Strangeloaf!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I'm so darn Jealous!

I think we all know how much I love going to europe, so in the spirit of travelling I would like to wish my lovely amigo TEILA and her hubby a wonderful, fabulous trip. You two have the opportunity to travel to some of the most beautiful cities in the world and I am so jealous, but also super excited for you both. Have loads of fun, be careful of all those darn gypsies and take the time to soak up all that culture - you won't ever regret it.

BON VOYAGE -and don't forget to call 'Pinder in London town.... be advised she may kidnapp you and not let you return to Canada.....

PS - Jeez - instead of going on a fun trip I get to stay home and write my darn SPAN 437 paper - curse you Sanchez!!!!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

The purple "Death" test

So I didn't get the purple test of death as did my good buddy Heather.... but I did get the yellow test which was equally as hard this time - last time the yellow was a relatively smooth ride compared to the aforementioned purple death test. I'm talking about my SPAN 437 test which was ultra ridiculous.

Allow me to explain.... the test consisted of 2 questions on "theory" from 2 different readings - not really crazy, but we had to link them in an abstract manner to some cuentos that we read. Then we got to pick 3 questions from 6 about some more cuentos (aka short stories in spanish) - still it's an okay (slightly crap) test. The next 2 sections were really stupid though.

- Before I continue with the description let me ask you - What grade am I in???? I was pretty sure that I was graduating from university..... however, the notorious Sanchez must not realize this. Instead she must be under the assumption that we are all in grade 3 and therefore must be treated accordingly. -

The next test section was matching - that's right, matching! Since reading break we have been listening to endless (33) individual presentations about short stories. Now, these stories were not assigned readings - basically we had to listen to the presentations and memorize the 3 or 4 questions (3 or 4 x 33 presentations = over 100 questions!) and their answers at the end, then on the test we were given 7 questions from these 100 and pick 5 to answer. BASURA!!!!!! I tell you - it was ri-di-cu-lous!! We also had to memorize the names and authors of these stories that we have never read (this was the matching part).

I am soooo glad that this day is over - I neglected to mention that I also had a SPAN 571 presentation about Spanish Impressionist Art and a SPAN 505 essay to had in - all in all a stupid long and crappy day - thank god it's over........ now all I have to do is write an SPAN 437 paper (again - for the notorious Sanchez) and a SPAN 571 paper and a SPAN 505 paper and study for an advanced spanish grammar final exam. UHHHHHHHH!

Sunday, April 9, 2006

Sunday's thought

Taking a break from my essay writing / studying I found this link (the canadian petroleum hall of fame). As I am overcome with a wee bit of pride because my family (aka my grandfather) has actually contributed to the world I started to think of my ancestors. Most of you know that I do enjoy learning about history (why didn't I do a degree in that I ask you?). So in speaking of heritage, I thought I would share with you all a little piece of my background. One very boring day whilst in France I had a fun conversation with my mother, we decided to figure out exactly what heritage I had, and thus we came up with:
25% Scottish
25% Norweigan
44% English
6% Blackfoot (native)
However, upon returning to Canada and chatting with my aunt I found out that she has in her possesion a copy of a very large family tree - dating back to the 10th century - wicked! Soooooo, we looked all over it and found that in reality it isn't 6% Blackfoot, but rather 3% Blackfoot and 3% French (aka Metis) which means that I do in fact qualify for Metis status. It really doesn't do much now, except tax free gas on the reserve,which with today's oil prices isn't a very bad idea. Anywho back to the family tree. We also found that way back in the 11th century or somewhere near that time we had a Scottish King - so I guess I do descend from royalty - I knew it!

Saturday, April 8, 2006

Why I hate people sometimes

I work almsot every saturday - for being a student, this is my punishment. I also work tuesdays and thursday, but that isn't the point of my post for today. My point is that people, in general, are stupid. Now, I think I am allowed to say this because I have to deal with people a lot. Most of you may not understand my rantings - unless of course you work in the eyecare / healthcare industry.
  • First - I hate people who are late for their appointments - furthermore, I really get pissed off if you come to my desk pretending that you aren't late and whenI tell you that you are - you don't apologize. What is wrong with you people - I am not here to wait for you forever and when you do finally arrive you must ASK ME NICELY if you can see the doctor - don't assume that we still have space for you.
  • Second - I hate people who don't say PLEASE when they ask me to do something. I am more than willing to help you, but if you don't say the magic word I say screw off! This is my most hated quality in a person - these people disgust me.
  • Thirdly - people who try to scam me - I have a record of all your purchaes, I know when you were last in , what you bought, who you saw etc - so don't tell me that you were made to pay for something when you didn't and then demand that I discount your purchase that amount.
  • Fourth - People who try to come in as I am closing - or better people who after the doors have been locked, the lights are being turned off, we are all wearing our coats, who try to open the door and peer into the store when we are clearly closed yet uses his cell phone to call us and talk to us through the glass - so he claims he's just picking up contacts - easy stuff - but it turns out it was a lie just to get in - he doesn't have contacts on order - he isn't even a freaking patient of ours - what an ass!
  • Fifth - if you are a contact lens wearer: when you put in your last pair of contacts - does this not signal to you that you need more????? Do NOT call me 2 days before you leave the country for months and ask me desperately to get you some more cls. Then when I apologize (my first mistake) you get upset with me because you left it to the last minute- You are an idiot, you should be meant to pay for your ignorance. This is not my problem!
  • Sixth - If I am helping you find a frame and we have tried on I swear 30 pairs and you say "NO I don't like it" please, please give me something to work with - you don't like WHAT? the colour, the shape, the corners, the arms??????????
  • Seventh - why or why do you think that if you call me late in the day or on a saturday in the afternoon, that I will magically have an appointment for you. When I don't you get all upset and huffy- they are called appointments for a reason. We are not a walk in clinic - make a darn apointment.

I didn't have a bad day at work or anything, but seriously I think that most of the time I am a courteous and nice person and some people I think forget their manners.... I am a stickler for manners (as you can tell)

Friday, April 7, 2006

Dejo las cosas para más tarde... again!

Alright, Alright, I know I should be writing my excruciatingly painful SPAN essay - but I am soooo not motivated to start. So I decided to bake some cookies (that's right CYNTHIA I am a HUGE hyprocrite!). Oatmeal cookies to be exact. I found all the proper ingredients chez P's, thus I am procrastinating some more. MMMMMMM - only 6 minutes left 'til cookie time.

Anyways I have some more stuff I thought I would chat about. Kate Winslet - I am a big fan - she is always so cool - and I really like her hair. Thinking of that I am reminded of her movie Sense and Sensability, which I thought was very cool - and on that train of thought I think it is time to another girls old school movie night (aka stories from the 17th 18th etc centuries) So Denise are you free say around the end of the month -say the 21st?

Furthermore - I just tasted one of my super delicious cookies (won 3rd prize at the orange county fair!) and they are delish. So anyone who might see me tomorrow - look out I might have some tasty tasty cookies for you.....

Hasta Luego chicos - and hey Emeril Live / Bob Blumer why don't you reveal your true identity to me - I'm not sure I like this anonymous business.....

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Great Scott!

You know what I haven't seen in a while....

Back to the Future, that's what. Usually it airs somewhere between 50-52 times a year (aka once a week, or thereabouts), but alas, it is no where to be found as of late. Any of the 3 will do - seriously, although I have a special place in my heart for both #2 and 3 - I especially like the hoverboards. Why don't we have those yet? I thought we were suppose to be almost to the flying car stage by now. Hmmmm.

As Cam says - these movies are so near and dear to Canadians hearts that they issue us a copy of each when we are born. Alright, he doesn't quite say it that way, but you get the picture.

So seriously - what do you say Cam, Macleod, Nickler etc.... - shall we have a marathon when you get home?

PS - I still love that darn Delorian!


Did anyone else see House tonight?

It was damn funny - Wilson filed through half of his cane so right at the end it snapped in half and sent House sprawling all over the hospital floor. Priceless

I ask you - Am I wrong to laugh when someone falls down?

Ahh Tuesday

One of my jobs I neglected to mention to all of you is that I am a serial housesitter. I have a host of people who regularly leave the city / country and entrust their homes and little kitty kats to me! Normally this goes quite swimingly - with the exception that my usual home cooked dinners magically turn into salad and anything else that I can cook in record time. Now, don't all go and jump to conclusions - I AM a good cook - I did win the food studies award in High School (no dig on you Devo, I'm sure you can kick mine, and Mrs. Kupsch's ass! ) but I seem to be bombarded with school crap - assignments, essays, presentations, exams and the like, therefore I have very little time left to actually cook something yummy. Not to mention that every few days/ weeks I am ushered into a new kitchen with completely different appliances / lay outs / yet no real food to cook with, usually only sauce. This not only impedes my cooking, but is frustrating as hell when I cannot find a freakin' fry pan, or a gd salt shaker!

Some days I wish I could just have my own place, with my own kitchen , my own groceries.

Anyways, the point of this rambling message is how happy I am that people are in the habit of buying me dinner lately. Tonight I got to rush out of work to dine with a cousin I haven't seen in 20 years and a wonderful uncle whom I love dearly, in addition to last night's dining success I have so far had a fabulous week.

What shall tomorrow bring I wonder?

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Mmmmm Crème Brûlée

Tonight's posting courtesy of my dinner:

So I just came from dinner at The Ranche with Cam's parents and Cam's cousins visiting from Ontario. Dinner was excellent, conversation was lively and I had a wonderful time. The highlight of the night was without doubt the fabulous dessert that I savoured over several minutes. As most of you may have guessed already, it was Crème Brûlée, however - this specific concoction was flavoured with some delectable Bernard Callebaut White Chocolate (I'm thinking of you Denise!) and hazelnuts - ¡Que delicioso! Plus I had a huge bowl of café au lait to top off the evening. My entrée of sablefish was not as spectacular - although still quite delicious.

Lately I have decided that my dining experiences should consist of plates that I believe I could never a) get anywhere else and/or b) not make myself with any relative success. So far it's going quite well.

Conclusions: Yummy dinner and a break from homework - plus I got to wear pretty clothes and fun earings! Free diner and dress-up, my kind of night!

Thanks Mr. and Mrs. B! (yep that's right - after 9.5 years I still call them Mr and Mrs..... its different - I know - but meh)

PS - Has anyone see Jamie Oliver's new show on the food network? - as expected, it's lovely.

Sunday, April 2, 2006

Hot Damn - we're good!

In homage to my fav hockey team - an update on the game last night -

Stickless and still makes the save (25 of them to be exact) - Mikka you are a hockey god!

PS - Kristian Huselius (2 goals in period 2), Daymond Langkow and Andrew Ference (1 goals 1 assist a piece), Regehr and Iggy (1 assist each) you all rule!

Oh my!

I'm just been perusing my inbox and found this old email from Cam - it is a link to an entry on Rick Mercer's Blog about my very own MP - Jason Kenney

- it is in one word HILARIOUS. How can a man so nonsensical be my MP? How I ask you?
Anyways - read it for yourself.

My own Mother

Last night my mom came over to my current housitting locale and as she isn't uber technologically inclined I had to explain what a blog is and show it to her so she could read all about her crazy daughter. Upon reading the posting about my potencial carreer choices and she proceeded to break out in hysterics. Honestly, she laughed so hard I thought she was going to stop breathing. Her explanation as to what exactly was so hilarious -
"well when your job description is written down like that in black and white (refering to the "I help people pick out glasses" part) - it just looks so stupid! Why don't you go to safeway, become a personal shopper and help people pick out lettuce!" Her exact words!

Then when I asked her about what she thought of all my options she said (you guessed it!) - "I think you need more options!"

All the while laughing - she thought I underestimated my abilites at work, that's all. She wants me to emphasize that it is a real job and not a quasi-job as I have previously described it.

Ah, my mother - she's awesome! (really, she is - I'm not joking about that)