Monday, April 10, 2006

The purple "Death" test

So I didn't get the purple test of death as did my good buddy Heather.... but I did get the yellow test which was equally as hard this time - last time the yellow was a relatively smooth ride compared to the aforementioned purple death test. I'm talking about my SPAN 437 test which was ultra ridiculous.

Allow me to explain.... the test consisted of 2 questions on "theory" from 2 different readings - not really crazy, but we had to link them in an abstract manner to some cuentos that we read. Then we got to pick 3 questions from 6 about some more cuentos (aka short stories in spanish) - still it's an okay (slightly crap) test. The next 2 sections were really stupid though.

- Before I continue with the description let me ask you - What grade am I in???? I was pretty sure that I was graduating from university..... however, the notorious Sanchez must not realize this. Instead she must be under the assumption that we are all in grade 3 and therefore must be treated accordingly. -

The next test section was matching - that's right, matching! Since reading break we have been listening to endless (33) individual presentations about short stories. Now, these stories were not assigned readings - basically we had to listen to the presentations and memorize the 3 or 4 questions (3 or 4 x 33 presentations = over 100 questions!) and their answers at the end, then on the test we were given 7 questions from these 100 and pick 5 to answer. BASURA!!!!!! I tell you - it was ri-di-cu-lous!! We also had to memorize the names and authors of these stories that we have never read (this was the matching part).

I am soooo glad that this day is over - I neglected to mention that I also had a SPAN 571 presentation about Spanish Impressionist Art and a SPAN 505 essay to had in - all in all a stupid long and crappy day - thank god it's over........ now all I have to do is write an SPAN 437 paper (again - for the notorious Sanchez) and a SPAN 571 paper and a SPAN 505 paper and study for an advanced spanish grammar final exam. UHHHHHHHH!


Heather said...

In general, tests of death/I feel like I should have gotten a sticker after completing it.

Linda said...

Maybe Sanchez will pull out the old stamp when she's marking it.... but at least we know for sure that we get candy tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

i'm having purple test of death sympathy pains for you. ITS OVER!!!!! You never have to match another goddamn author with another goddamn title EVER AGAIN. Boo-urns to Sanchez. Boo-ya to being done Spanish.