Monday, April 17, 2006

HAHAHA - it's finshed

Well, well, well I am finished with my horrible SPAN 505 essay - it's 1:06 am and my eyes hurt from staring at the computer for a long long time - but it's finished. All that is left is to re-read it tomorrow evening and make sure I didn't make any sort of ridiculous mistakes. Awesome!

I think I am well on my way to really being finshed on tuesday, even though this essay and the SPAN 571 on Impresionist Spanish Art are not due until later on this week. (sorry to all mis amigos who have other crap to do - I feel for you guys...) I just need to be finished with the U of C (I think we all knew that!) and get onto relaxing for the summer.

Sweet, I think I'll read a few chapters of one of my romance novels and the go to bed - see you girls mañana.

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Heather said...

I haven't touched my 505 essay since saturday. I hate that damned thing.

Though I AM looking forward to Nellie's tomorrow, whether I'm ready for the exam or not, we're going. Oh yes, we're going.