Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Ah to be finished

So I am forever finished with classes at the University of Calgary - almost - tomorrow I have French class, except in lieu of a final exam we are writing an "in-class" test - well actually it's on the computer - which sucks, but at least I will be officially finished with french forever. Wow, after majoring in physics for the first year, moving to Switzerland, coming home, changing my major to FREN / SPAN and moving to France for a year I am truly finished - very hard to believe.

Last night I frantically tried to write my Borges paper - after 4 nights of trying to come up with something interesting to say about my favorite latin american writer (my voice is just oozing with sarcasm!) I typed the last words at around 1:30 am., and early this morning Claudia proceeded to hack it to shreds - no seriously, thanks for the edting skills my dear!

It seems that I really need the "pressure" of a last minute session to shine. Thus the late late nights, plus the notorious early mornings. Oh, by the way the purple "death" test really was a purple "death" test - when will Sanchez learn that students don't like the death test?

Anyhoo - Enough of the updates I should actually get going on studying for that darn french final.... watch me go

PS - if you are actually keeping track that means after tomorrow's FREN 333 test I have SPAN 571 paper, 505 paper and 505 final - wicked....

PPS - don't forget to watch GOOD EATS tonight.... Dr. Strangeloaf!!!!!!!

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