Sunday, April 9, 2006

Sunday's thought

Taking a break from my essay writing / studying I found this link (the canadian petroleum hall of fame). As I am overcome with a wee bit of pride because my family (aka my grandfather) has actually contributed to the world I started to think of my ancestors. Most of you know that I do enjoy learning about history (why didn't I do a degree in that I ask you?). So in speaking of heritage, I thought I would share with you all a little piece of my background. One very boring day whilst in France I had a fun conversation with my mother, we decided to figure out exactly what heritage I had, and thus we came up with:
25% Scottish
25% Norweigan
44% English
6% Blackfoot (native)
However, upon returning to Canada and chatting with my aunt I found out that she has in her possesion a copy of a very large family tree - dating back to the 10th century - wicked! Soooooo, we looked all over it and found that in reality it isn't 6% Blackfoot, but rather 3% Blackfoot and 3% French (aka Metis) which means that I do in fact qualify for Metis status. It really doesn't do much now, except tax free gas on the reserve,which with today's oil prices isn't a very bad idea. Anywho back to the family tree. We also found that way back in the 11th century or somewhere near that time we had a Scottish King - so I guess I do descend from royalty - I knew it!

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