Friday, April 14, 2006

Thought du Jour - Good Friday

Wednesday after my mad dash to finish my SPAN 437 paper some friends (K and H) and I ditched the homework / studying for my maudit french test to accesorize their BSD uniforms (sadly no BSD for me, I was working...).

We ended up at Canadian Tire looking for rubber boots and tool belts - which was quite fun actually, however it turns out that we need to buy like 8 pairs of boots and 4 tool belts. Picture this - 3 girls laughing hysterically whilst walking around Canadaian Tire with - as Katie put's it - "Armfulls of rubber boots!". It was ridiculous, everyone was staring / laughing at us - I even heard a few guys exclaim laughingly as we passed them - " Did you see the boots?" Not something that I would really want a guy to be saying as I passed by, but I digress...

So it's Good Friday, I'm sure I am suppose to fast, or do something today - not quite sure what - but it'll have to wait, I've got papers to write... and in my books that constitutes a complete disregard for calories, rules and anything that might interfere with getting all of my work finished and off my mind (sadly, chocolate is still the exemption to this).

Anyhoo - it turns out that I got a A- in FREN - not bad, not bad, but at least that's a good 3.7 to the old GPA - it should average out my SPAN 505 Advanced Grammar mark that sure as heck won't be an A- (PS - that's like a 92% or somthing stupidly high for those of you NOT in my ridiculous faculty).

That's it, thats all - no more academic french for me - give me 4 more days and I can say the same about academic spanish - wicked!

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