Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Oh Jon,

You know who I love? Jon Stewart that's who..... he is awesome.

I'm telling you this because I just finished my retched SPAN 505 exam and am quasi-relaxing / editing my papers and watching the comedy network, which is re-airing the Daily Show from last night....

The reason I guess why I love him so much (I'd marry him if he wasn't married with two lovely children) is that he combines the things I love the most... funny, intelligent and cute - yes I think he's cute - but it's mostly the funny intelligence.

Also, I really like Stephen Colbert - but he's not as cute, still funny though....

PS - I am THIS close to finishing my unviersity career - watch out!

PPS - Breakfast was great chicas (& Rod) - thanks for the last minute study session!


Anonymous said...

........uuuuhhhhhh Jon Stewart isn't cute....no way!!.....he's HOT!!! his wife is one lucky chicky. and he is one of the smartest people on TV. i also really like his smile...it's just a little 'devilish'.

and i agree about Stephen Colbert (with a silent 't' of course) too. he was my favourite guy from the Daily Show. i'm glad they gave him his own show. But i really miss his skit about 'this moment in God'...or something like that. The other guy sometimes does it now but it's not the same as when Stephen does it.

i try really hard not to miss either show!!! i even watch the reruns.......i don't even do that for Oprah! hahahaha!

Linda said...

nice - I completely agree (of course!) I also miss this week in God - he needs to do it on his show.
Looking forward to the 28th!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

no comment on the looks issue, but of course I think he is one of the better things on TV. Although, not a huge Stephen Colbert fan, just seems like he was better as a correspondent, and now he is trying to turn 3 minutes of funny on the Jon Stewart show into 30 minutes of funny on his own show and it isn't working (kind of like how none of the movies made about SNL skits are funny, with the exception of Wayne's World).

Also, the best guest that Jon Stewart has on the show is Lewis Black -- Back in Black is awesome.