Saturday, April 22, 2006

Holy Crap - It's Johnny on the BIG SCREEN

So - my fabulous friend Maya just informed me that in fact my wrinkly old buddy JOHNNY HALLYDAY has his own film out in France -

FAN - Freakin' - TASTIC!!!

Apparently the film is called JEAN-PHILLIPE and it's about.... (I am quoting Maya on this!)

"a parallel universe where johnny did not exist, or he did, but he never became famous, so he works in a bowling alley (and during the eightites he did a stint in a sex shop)... and then one of johnny's fans searches him out and tells him that really, he's this massive star (at least in HIS world he is) and he HAS to start performing 'cos the world needs JOHNNY!"

A parrallel universe without Johnny?


Hot Damn - I might just have to move back to france..... or maybe it might just comes over here some time soon! - Could I be so lucky?


Anonymous said...

Sweet -- I can't wait for the rest of the series -- Johnny goes to Hollywood and Johnny saves Christmas. Those french sure have weird pop stars -- remember Elodie (sp?), star of L'Orange?

Go Flames

Anonymous said...

MAIS C'EST JOHNNY on the big screen! best news I've heard all day! Hope everything is going well... talk you soon ma belle!